Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1110

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The Legendary Man -Mr. Quintus?

Upon hearing the Leesons’ words, Joshua and the others turned somber.

As the wind and sand settled, a thin figure emerged from the aftermath, catching the attention of
everyone present.

The elderly man’s figure was slightly hunched, his frame seemingly fragile. Yet, as he stood there, an
aura of unyielding determination and invincibility emanated from him.

Despite the man’s age and the icy environment, he was merely wearing a thin green robe.

With the cloth shoes adorning his feet, as well as the flowing white beard and hair, he resembled an
ancient deity from fantasy stories.

When he heard Winston and the others, he quickly lifted his hand and smiled at them.

“Yes, yes, as always, the Leesons have impeccable manners, unlike those unruly brats over there who
seem to have forgotten the importance of respecting their elders,” Quintus merrily said as he patted
Winston’s arm in satisfaction.

Karl, Hayden, and the rest were still dumbfounded as they wondered, But we’ve got to know who you
are before we can even greet you!

Nonetheless, they kept those words hidden in their mind. They would never dare to voice them out

After all, no matter how kindly a Divine Realm cultivator looked, their hands were stained with blood.

To them, killing a God Realm cultivator was akin to crushing two ants to death, a task of minimal
significance and effortless execution.

Thus, it was best for Karl and the others to not draw attention to themselves.

At that thought, they sheathed their weapons and stood in respectful silence, fully aware of the
consequences of provoking Quintus from the Leeson family.

However, there was an exception—Ksana.

Ksana, being from a warrior lineage, possessed an innate fearlessness within her.

In fact, she even ran over to the Leesons when she saw Quintus.

“Mister, are you here to help us out?” Ksana asked in accented Chanaean.

Quintus narrowed his eyes and turned to Ksana.

“You… This girl isn’t a Chanaean, is she?” Quintus asked, turning to Winston.

As Winston supported Quintus, he muttered, “Yes, Mr. Quintus. This girl is called Ksana, and she’s a
Remdikian. I don’t know why, but she thinks of Jonathan as her master and has been fighting on behalf
of Asura’s Office.”

“Fighting on behalf of Asura’s Office?” Quintus smacked his lips before nodding. “Not bad, not bad.
Those who can forsake darkness and embrace the light, regardless of their country of origin, are our
comrades. What a pity her hips are too small, and she won’t be able to bear a son. Otherwise, I
would’ve introduced her to Sidney…”

The mention of Sidney’s name brought a sigh to Quintus’ lips. He then took Winston’s hand as a sense
of melancholy washed over him.

“Winston, do you know how much I dote on my favorite grandson? I wished I could give him everything
that is good in this world. Yet, he’s almost thirty, and he’s still not looking for a spouse. I’m waiting to
hold my great-grandchildren, and I wonder how many more years I can live until my dream comes

Karl and the others could only stare at the elderly man, bewildered and at a loss.

Why are they talking about family matters all of a sudden?

Winston promptly cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Ahem. Mr. Quintus, let us talk about Sidney’s marriage matter when we’re back. We’re… in the middle
of a war.”

Quintus was momentarily surprised by the younger man’s words. Then, he gazed blankly at the people
around him until his eyes finally settled on Joshua.

“The boy from the Whitley family?”

When Joshua realized that Quintus’ gaze was on him, he quickly made a small cut on his thumb and
tapped Troop Summoner.

While Troop Summoner had already displayed impressive power, it had not yet revealed its full
potential. If Quintus were to confront him, Joshua was determined to unleash the true might of Troop
Summoner, regardless of the consequences.

Upon noticing Joshua’s determination, Quintus shook his head.

“Don’t worry. You’ve helped Asura’s Office in fending off the enemies today despite the relentless
attacks from the eight respectable families. The Leesons won’t put you in a difficult spot anymore, but

that is all we’ll do. I don’t know what you’re looking for in Delisgar Ridge, but that is the Leeson family’s
territory. We won’t let you leave so easily if you’re trying to take something from us.”

Quintus’ words let the others sigh in relief.

The eight respectable families have been searching for the last descendant of the Whitley family for
more than a decade, and now, Joshua was right in front of the Leesons. Everyone was terrified that
Quintus would come after Joshua.

“Thank you, sir.”

After a moment of hesitation, Joshua kept away his Troop Summoner.

However, the faintly flickering white light on his chest was a sign of him still being on his guard.

Quintus then turned to look at Jonathan and Ivanov.

“Who said that the eight respectable families of Chanaea don’t pay attention to world affairs? How dare
you wreak havoc in Chanaea? Do you have a death wish?”

Quintus’ voice was a mere whisper, but his Pryncyp ensured that his words resounded in everyone’s

As Quintus’ words reached the ears of the demoralized soldiers of Asura’s Office, a wave of confusion
swept through their ranks, and they glanced around in bewilderment.

Most were ordinary people. Even if they were cultivators, they were only Precelestial Realm and
Postcelestial Realm cultivators—they could not sense Divine Realm cultivators’ power.

Hence, they had no idea what just happened. All they knew was that someone else had appeared and
was confronting the Remdikian cultivator.

Still confused, the soldiers turned around, hoping to move to the front to find out who was speaking.

But Quintus took a step forward at that moment.


A powerful gust of spiritual energy surged outward on the battlefield with a deafening roar.

“Divine Realm cultivator Quintus of Doveston’s Leeson family is joining the battle.”

The simple sentence brought silence upon the Eastern Allied Army. A few seconds later, the thundering
cheer of the people reverberated in the space.

Winston whipped his head to look at the cheering soldiers behind him with wide eyes.

The original intention of requesting the assistance of a Divine Realm cultivator from the Leeson family
was to minimize the devastating impact of the war on their family.

He never anticipated that the elder of the Leeson family would become the source of morale for the
soldiers of Asura’s Office.

Quintus fixed his gaze upon Ivanov, his eyes brimming with vicious fighting spirit.

“You have ten seconds to leave this place. If you don’t, then you’re going to die here.”

However, Ivanov’s gaze toward Quintus remained cold and detached. With a slight sway of his feet, he
reappeared right beside Quintus.

“Those who stand in my way shall die!”

With a powerful punch, Ivanov unleashed a devastating force that reverberated through Quintus’
surroundings, causing the land within a radius of over ten meters to collapse as if struck by an invisible,

heavy hammer.

Quintus sunk with the ground.

“Retreat!” Winston yelled to the soldiers, but he was still affected by the shockwave of the two Divine
Realm cultivators’ attacks.

His shield flew, and Winston coughed out a mouthful of blood before dashing forward.

Meanwhile, Seboxia had discreetly landed behind Ivanov. Extending his palm, he delivered a powerful
smack directly to Ivanov’s chest from behind.

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