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Chapter 1108

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The Legendary Man -“You’re Joshua Whitley?”

Creases formed on Ivanov’s forehead as he looked at Joshua, who stood over a hundred meters away.

However, Joshua could hear Ivanov’s words as clearly as if the latter had said it by his ear.

Even though the two were in different factions at that moment, Joshua didn’t dare to delay his

Despite his curiosity at Ivanov’s sudden call, Joshua was no idiot. He suspected it was related to the
summoned spirit warriors.

Joshua bowed and replied respectfully, “Yes, I’m Joshua Whitley. What is it, Mr. Ivanov?”

“You know me?”

Joshua’s answer surprised Ivanov. He didn’t expect Joshua to know his name.

Even though Ivanov could be considered the true holder of the decision-making role in Remdik and
was leading half of the nation’s military defense, only Remdik’s upper echelon knew about his prowess,
while the outsiders were oblivious to his identity.

It was the same as Asura’s Office keeping Jonathan’s identity a secret. After all, the safety of the one
holding such vast resources in his hands was extremely important.

In history, there was more than one cultivator who was schemed against and murdered, despite being

Looking at Ivanov, Joshua bowed formally again.

“Although I was under the control of the eight respectable families when I held reign, I still paid extra
attention to Remdik’s intelligence.”

Ivanov nodded at his explanation.

He might not have been interested in Chanaea’s internal dispute, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t aware
of them.

The eight respectable families had plenty of God Realm cultivators. Remdik only knew the estimated
number, and their main focus was on the eight respectable families’ Divine Realm cultivators.

However, Remdik paid special attention to the four God Realm cultivators who grew between the gaps
of the eight respectable families on the vast land of Chanaea.

Joshua, Jonathan, Wilbur, and Karl.

Those four were the new generation of God Realm cultivators who grew swiftly despite being in a high-
pressure environment.

On the vast land of Chanaea, it was exceptionally challenging to meet the criteria of becoming a God
Realm cultivator if one didn’t belong to the eight respectable families or wasn’t their extended kin.

The four aforementioned, however, had wilfully grown to that stage on their own.

Jonathan had established Asura’s Office while Karl held reign to the special missile launch facility in

Wilbur and Joshua held control over the Yaleview Army and frequently caused havoc under the nose of
the eight respectable families. Their behavior was provocative, to say the least.

Luck, chance, temperament, cultivation method, skills, and techniques…

The necessary conditions to become a God Realm cultivator were much harder for Jonathan and the
other three.

Yet, under such a tough environment, the four still persistently paved their way in Chanaea.

Even the tsar had mentioned the four of them more than once.

He lamented if the four of them were born in Remdik, Remdik would have no fear of internal nor
external dispute for a century to come.

Chanaea, however, kept trying their best to obliterate the four of them. It was irony at its peak.

Hesitance flashed across Ivanov’s gaze as he looked at the faraway man.

“As Remdik’s Eastern War Zone commander-in-chief, I’m currently inviting you to be a citizen of
Remdik, Joshua. As long as you agree, Remdik shall fulfill all your cultivation needs and even provide
any accommodation you want. Your status is only secondary to mine. Are you willing to convert?”

No one imagined Ivanov would blatantly poach talents from Chanaea.

The talent being Joshua with a unique identity, nonetheless.

Hayden turned to Joshua and said through gritted teeth, “Joshua, he looks sincere, and his conditions
aren’t bad. Are you interested?”

Joshua rolled his eyes at Hayden’s question, whirled around, and bowed at Ivanov.

“Mr. Ivanov, I desperately want to know why you think I’ll accept your invitation?”

“With your cultivation level and temperament, I’m sure you won’t be any weaker than I am in the
future.” Ivanov added, with a smile, “If we’re in Remdik, cultivators like you will gain the aid of the entire
Gomez family. Alas, you’re in Chanaea, where the eight respectable families want nothing more than to

slaughter you. I truly don’t understand. Dispute between respectable families happens in every country,
but only the eight respectable families in Chanaea can feign ignorance of their nation’s invasion as
though nothing is happening. If Remdik suffers an invasion, all of our respectable families will give it
their all to fight against the invaders. A country like that which only knows how to hide behind the eight
respectable families and ancient sect isn’t worth your and the Asura’s Office’s protection.”

Ivanov words rendered the site to fall silent.

Regardless if it was Hayden, a direct victim of overworking by eight respectable families, or Karl,
Zachary, or the others, even the three members of the Leeson family lowered their heads.

Ivanov’s voice echoed across the battlefield and fell onto the ears of a few million soldiers.

His words weren’t directed only at Joshua. It was aimed at all the soldiers of Asura’s Office.

The eight respectable families had both manpower and resources, but in a fight against Chanaea’s
invasion, only the Leeson family had deployed three God Realm cultivators.

The nation’s interest or love for their motherland wasn’t their reason for doing so. Instead, they were
scared Doveston would fall into Remdik’s hands, and they would be impacted. That was the only
reason they interfered.

The most despairing fact was even if members of the Asura’s Office had won the war and protected
Doveston against Remdik’s invasion, the eight respectable families would still keep their status and
authority. They didn’t have to make any effort to stand above everyone else and continue to be in
charge of the nation’s laws.

“Yeah. What the h*ll are we doing?”

“I, too, don’t understand what we’re fighting for.”

“Of course, it’s for the sake of your family and friends! Why are you—”

“I know it’s for the sake of my family and friends, but why do the eight respectable families get to prevail
over the rest of the country when they do nothing at all?”

“That’s right! If that’s the case, what’s the point of us fighting the war?”

“We put our lives on the line on the battlefield, yet in the end, the eight respectable families are the
ones who reap all the benefits.”

“If that’s the case, we might as well surrender and let the Remdik army invade the country! Nobody will
be living their best lives then!”

“That’s right!”

The murmurs were getting louder and louder. Some men even tossed down their guns and weapons
onto the ground.

Joshua’s and the others’ expressions turned grim.

“It’s a hex! Have them cover their ears!” Joshua shouted at Zachary and the others.

However, Zachary’s and the others’ expressions were dour, for they already knew they were too late.

Although their cultivation level hadn’t reached God Realm, they were, nonetheless, excellent
commanders on the battlefield.

Asura’s Office’s final goal was to obliterate the eight respectable families. Instead, the families had
become the beneficiary of the deaths of soldiers who gave their all.

What was more, a few simple words from Ivanov had undeniably torn an opening in the hearts of
Asura’s Office’s soldiers.

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