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Chapter 1107

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The Legendary Man -As the spirit warrior passed Avery by, a fire started burning atop its

Just as the Precelestial Realm spirit warrior tried to touch the flame, it was instantly incinerated.

The dancing flame multiplied several times in a flash. Additionally, the moment the Precelestial Realm
spirit warrior exploded, infernal balls spread toward its nearby comrades.

At that moment, the spirit warriors around the Remdikians were packed very tightly together.

As the flame landed on the spirit warriors, they struggled agonizingly. The fire burned the spirit warriors
continuously as though it had found nourishment.

In just a few minutes, the fire had turned hundreds of spirit warriors into ashes.

Moreover, the flame was rapidly spreading through the army of spirit warriors.

Avery stared at Joshua, extinguished the fire on his fingertip with a snap, and left.

No words were uttered, yet Joshua clearly understood Avery’s provocation.

“Spirit warriors, retreat!” Troop Summoner had already been returned to Joshua. With the help of the
Holy Blood, he didn’t need to be tended to by others anymore, though he still wasn’t back at full

He used Troop Summoner to command the spirit warriors to retreat.

Ever since Avery’s inferno started dispersing, Joshua had learned its special characteristic from Troop

The fire burned on spiritual energy.

In order to avoid all the spirit warriors he summoned from perishing in the blazing sea, Joshua had no
choice but to abandon the central area, which had roughly five thousand burning spirit warriors.

Additionally, he requested the spirit warriors in the outer ring to withdraw. However, that also meant
giving the Remdikian cultivators a chance to escape.

If the spirit warriors had held their ground, Karl and the others could’ve continued to entangle with the

Unfortunately, the spirit warriors near the Remdikians had all died in that eerie inferno. With no one
blocking their paths, the Remdikians departed to the north.

“What do we do?” Hayden gritted his teeth.

Joshua, holding Troop Summoner, shook his head resignedly. “We’ve lost the opportunity to stop

While the others weren’t happy to hear that, they sighed with relief in unison.

Even though Asura’s Office and the others temporarily gained the upper hand thanks to the spirit
warriors, they understood that they had barely held on. They were lacking in numbers and combat
strength necessary to secure a victory.

They would be fine in the short term, but if the war dragged on, they might very well be the loser.

“These motherf*cking Remdikians are so difficult to deal with!” cursed Hayden as he watched Avery
and the others leave.

Then, he turned around and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Clearly, he had suffered severe damage from the battle earlier.

In response to seeing that, Joshua offered the last few mouthfuls of Holy Blood to Hayden. “This is the
medicine Ksana gave me. How about you give it a try?”

A dazed look settled on Hayden’s countenance as he accepted the Holy Blood and stared at its blue

“It seems a little creepy—” Before he could end his sentence, the others turned their sights toward the

From afar, two extremely powerful auras arrived above them in the blink of an eye.

It was Ivanov and Jonathan.

Despite the former dropping from the sky at high speed, his momentum reduced drastically when he
was less than a meter above the ground. Suddenly, he was floating like a feather.

Concurrently, Jonathan landed gently in front of Joshua and the others with clasped hands.

“Divine Realm!” The group stepped backward without delay. They didn’t have the nerve to approach
either Jonathan or Ivanov.

The group was only temporarily working with each other. Thus, they were worried about getting killed
by Jonathan. He could wipe them out in an instant if he wanted to since he had reached Divine Realm.

Additionally, Divine Realm cultivators commonly utilized the power of Pryncyps. They could hurt others
with only their auras and nothing else.

The closer someone’s cultivation level was to Divine Realm, the more pressure they would experience.

Therefore, Joshua and Winston were having a very bad time.

One of them was focused on strengthening their body while the other was on spells and restraining
barriers, but both had touched the edge of Pryncyp.

So far, they hadn’t comprehended even a broken Pryncyp.

That was because they were stuck in the middle phase God Realm cultivation level. Hence, based on
what they had already comprehended about their own Pryncyp, it would be easy for them to
comprehend a Pryncyp once they became an advanced phase God Realm cultivator.

In any case, people with lower cultivation levels, like Ksana and Hayden, only felt slightly
uncomfortable when facing Ivanov and Jonathan, even though they also experienced the pressure.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Winston felt as if they were carrying two collapsed mountaintops on their
backs. Without delay, they retreated hundreds of meters away and stared at the battlefield as cold
sweats broke out on their body.

“What’s going on? Why is Jonathan a Divine Realm cultivator?” wondered Joshua in a hoarse voice
while wiping the sweat on his forehead.

It wasn’t just him. Even Winston, who always thought he understood Jonathan very well, was

While Divine Realm and God Realm seemed only separated by a mere cultivation level, in reality, the
difference was vast.

If Jonathan was truly a Divine Realm cultivator, then the eight respectable families would start treating
him differently.

In fact, they would have to acknowledge Jonathan’s Asura’s Office as a unique existence, independent
of the respectable families within Chanaea.

The only person who wasn’t astonished by the revelation was Ksana.

Back in Remdik, she was on the verge of death when she and Jonathan were surrounded by nearly
two thousand werewolves. However, Jonathan forcefully snatched her life back from the grips of the
Grim Reaper with life force.

Moreover, he healed all her wounds. It seemed like a miracle from her perspective.

From that point onward, Ksana started treating Jonathan like a god.

Even if Jonathan told her that he had ascended into godhood at that moment, she still wouldn’t doubt
him. At most, she would just be shocked for a moment, nod, and said, “That’s what you should’ve
been, Master.”

Therefore, the fact that he had become a Divine Realm cultivator didn’t faze her.

Standing on the battlefield, Ivanov released a colossal amount of spiritual energy into his surroundings
and examined the spirit warriors in detail.

“Precelestial Realm…” Narrowing his eyes, he swept his gaze past the battlefield.

Moments later, his line of sight landed on Joshua. “It’s you!”

Through the assistance of Pryncyp, he expeditiously found the connection between the Troop
Summoner in Joshua’s hand and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The spirit warriors are only
Precelestial Realm because the caster’s cultivation level isn’t high enough. I’m sure of it. If I had used
Troop Summoner instead, these spirit warriors would’ve been at least Superior Realm! I must obtain
that magical item!

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