Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1105

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The Legendary Man -The word “terrifying” couldn’t even begin to describe the scene at
that moment.

Everyone, whether they be the retreating soldiers from Asura’s Office or God Realm cultivators fighting
to the death, was bewildered by the green ghosts on the battlefield.

Earlier, everyone was wondering what the heck Joshua did to suffer such an immense Pryncyp

However, at that moment, everyone understood what had transpired. Joshua was snatching vita from
Heavenly Pryncyp.

Following the emergence of those spirits, the crowd on the battlefield noticed the surrounding spiritual
energy was being drained fast.

Karl tried to unleash a spell by forming hand gestures, but before the spell could take shape, an
incomplete spirit had already absorbed the spiritual energy he was using.

“This is…” Astonished, Karl watched a spirit warrior materialize at high speed.

“Only Precelestial Realm spirit warriors? These are men from my Eastern Army,” he muttered chokingly
as he stared at the spirit warrior’s clothing.

Joshua, who was hundreds of meters away, had become so weak that he needed Zachary to help him

“I endured a Pryncyp backlash in exchange for draining all spiritual energy within a hundred-mile
radius. Among the one hundred and ten thousand mortal soldiers from Eastern Army who had
perished, I return sixty thousand Precelestial spirit warriors to you all. Take my Troop Summoner. Find

someone full of spiritual energy to keep it operational. They’ll be able to control these spirits for at most
three hours.” Upon handing Troop Summoner to Zachary, Joshua lost his remaining energy to stand
and collapsed to the ground.

Zachary tried holding up Joshua’s body with spiritual energy, but the moment he did, the energy would
instantly be sucked away. Resignedly, he held Joshua up, placing the latter’s arm around his neck.

A few figures landed next to the group, one after another. Karl and the others had returned to Joshua’s

“What’s going on?” Winston questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

Andy briefly repeated Joshua’s words and turned to Karl.

While they didn’t know Zero was the previous Prince of Diyouli, only Karl was a genuine core member
of Asura’s Office in comparison to the other present God Realm cultivators.

Additionally, Jonathan personally asked Karl to helm the Dark Special Forces, so they thought he was

“No one has richer spiritual energy than a God Realm cultivator. You should be the one to use Troop
Summoner.” Promptly, Zachary handed the magical item to Karl.

Then, he ordered the Eastern Allied Army to stop retreating and cooperate with the spirit warriors to
retaliate against Remdik’s forces.

Meanwhile, Karl didn’t expect he’d regain the opportunity to command Eastern Army in that manner.

Even though it had only been months since he faked his death, he felt as if an eternity had passed.

Moments later, he spoke into his communication device. “Freddie, I’m the leader of Dark Special
Forces, codename Zero. I’m temporarily taking over the command of the Eastern Allied Army.”

“I’ve received your message, Zero. Dark Special Forces’ Intelligence Unit will do its best to follow your
orders,” replied Freddie.

As the Dark Special Forces’ leader, Karl had absolute power over Freddie. Thus, they faced no issues
when working together.

In a few short seconds, Freddie had already ordered his subordinates to send every bit of intel they had
gathered on Remdik to Karl’s and the others’ computers. That intel would be used as a reference for
the next strategic deployment.

“Remdik’s troops have already crossed River Onxy. They’re only around eighty miles away from us.”

“There are more than six hundred thousand troops in Remdik’s eastern allied forces. Medved Army is
taking charge, and they’re about to arrive at observation point 109…”

“Both flanks of Remdik’s united forces intend to spread east-west…”

Karl was bombarded with one intel after another, causing a scowl to form on his visage.

As he injected his spiritual energy into Troop Summoner, he raised his head and saw Avery’s group on

“Spirit warriors, kill them!” The sixty thousand spirit warriors were only in the first stage of Precelestial
cultivation level. Therefore, they were only slightly more powerful than ordinary people.

The best way to utilize the spirit warrior army was to make them charge toward Remdik’s allied forces.

An army of soldiers solely constructed from spiritual energy and unafraid of bullets would be enough to
shred Remdik’s allied forces’ vanguard completely.

However, Karl understood that the number of deaths of mortal soldiers in the current war was not the
focal point of the battle.

Instead, it was all about competition between high-level combat prowess.

If they could kill Remdik’s God Realm cultivators, then the tides of victory would turn to Eastern Allied
Army’s side. When that happened, Karl and the others could completely turn the whole war around.

As Karl used the Troop Summoner, a sea of seemingly endless green warrior spirits crashed into
Remdik’s troops.

“Retreat!” roared Avery before sprinting far away.

Behind him, a Remdik cultivator shot a ball of spiritual energy toward a spirit warrior. However, the
remaining Heavenly Pryncyp caused his spiritual energy to be sucked into the spirit warriors the
moment he waved his hand.

It was then the Remdikians realized the truly terrifying thing about the spirit warriors.

If they tried to use any spells with spiritual energy, not only would it do nothing to the spirit warriors, it
would even replenish the spiritual energy of those ghostly creatures.

While they could defeat the spirit warriors with weapons, they couldn’t kill all sixty thousand of those
things in that manner.

Even if the spirit warriors stood still, allowing the Remdikians to kill them, the latter group would likely
die of exhaustion first. Furthermore, Karl and the others were also chasing after the Remdikian troops

with vicious scowls.

In conclusion, the Remdikian cultivators were once again forced to flee.

Next to Zachary, Kane carefully propped Joshua up and poured a blue liquid into the latter’s mouth.

It was Holy Blood that Ksana had given Joshua.

The fluid could greatly regenerate one’s spiritual energy and vitality, which was perfect for the
overexerted Joshua.

However, Ksana forgot to mention the most important thing about Holy Blood. While its effects were
incredibly powerful, it was very addicting to cultivators.

Ksana had been drinking it since she was a child, so while she was aware of the drawbacks, she had
already grown accustomed to it.

Meanwhile, Joshua didn’t know any of those. The only thing he was certain of was that he could trust
her, for she was Jonathan’s pretty little servant.

Besides, he was on the battlefield at that moment. He’d do anything to restore his ability to fight as
soon as possible.

After a few gulps of Holy Blood, Joshua finally seemed better.

He was shocked by Holy Blood’s potency. “What is this? How is it so effective at treating internal

Meanwhile, Seboxia and Ivanov had discovered something wasn’t right.

That was because the spiritual energy within a hundred-mile radius of Troop Summoner had been
siphoned. Both of them were affected, even though they were Divine Realm cultivators who didn’t need

spiritual energy to fight.

That was especially the case for Seboxia, who was borrowing Jonathan’s body at the moment.

The depletion of spiritual energy was already significantly affecting Seboxia’s ability to cast spells.
Joshua never could’ve imagined his Troop Summoner would unintentionally affect the battle between
the Divine Realm cultivators.

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