Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1104

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The Legendary Man -Self-destruct? Joshua widened his eyes at the werewolves upon
hearing Zachary’s words.

A violent fluctuation was spotted around the werewolf warriors, trapping the God Realm cultivator as
their bodies rapidly expanded.

Meanwhile, Kane and Andy grabbed Joshua’s arms and leaped backward.

Zachary raised a spirit shield in front of them and protected Joshua behind him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The trio brought Joshua hundreds of meters away while a series of explosions occurred.

Each explosion was accompanied by violent spiritual energy fluctuations.

Joshua’s eyes reddened.

He knew each detonation represented the sacrifice of a Grandmaster Realm werewolf cultivator.
Dozens of them self-destructed merely to save me!

Vigorously, Joshua freed himself from Kane and Andy.

Before Zachary could speak a word, Joshua pushed him aside.

Joshua staggered as he stared at the blasts occurring hundreds of meters away.

Then, he pointed at Zachary. “Is it just because they’re your soldiers that you’ll sacrifice their lives with
a single command? Are you telling me this is Asura’s Office? What kind of organization have I been
risking my life to protect? Or Jonathan with his?”

His heart was filled with despair at that moment.

Over a decade ago, the Whitley family was attacked by the eight respectable families. They faced a
force nearly five times the size of theirs. In order to ensure their kin escaped safely, a number of them
chose to self-destruct and took their enemies down with them.

From them on, Joshua knew what to do.

He told himself that he could only hope to exact revenge if he stayed alive. Even if he had to grovel
before another, even if he had to serve the eight respectable families as their lapdog, he was going to
keep on living.

For the past ten years, he had endured plenty of humiliation and tests that the eight respectable
families put him through, either openly or secretly, to gain a firm foothold.

Joshua wasn’t even disturbed when Wilbur betrayed him because, from his perspective, he had
nothing else left to lose.

However, at that moment, when he saw Asura’s Office’s cultivators sacrificing their lives to extend the
life of a stranger they had never met before, something inside him snapped. This looks exactly like the
scene from more than ten years ago. I clung to life for over a decade so I could have my revenge, yet,
today, the nightmare I’ve failed to remove from my mind is replaying before my eyes. I don’t know how
to… How am I supposed to accept this?

Suddenly, Joshua felt someone placing a hand on his shoulder. Just as he tried to shove the hand
away, he was numbed by a jolt of electricity.

When he turned around, he saw it was Kane.

Kane grinned at Joshua. “Joshua, open your eyes and take a good look at the team behind you. Every
one of us here is an irreplaceable member of Asura’s Office. We won’t just ask our subordinates to
sacrifice themselves in cold blood. The only reason we aren’t joining them right now is that we still need
to relay commands. When it’s our turn, the three of us won’t hesitate to die in front of you, either. You
should leave. The outcome has been decided. Eastern Allied Army has lost.”

Upon finishing his sentence, he nodded at Joshua with gratitude and stood together with Zachary.

Andy, who was at the side, sighed.

“Kane’s right. We’re the commanders. It’s easy to see how the battle’s going to end. There’s no hope
for victory by this point. Joshua, do you know, for the past three years, I, Kane, and Terrence, who’s not
here right now, have been scheming to eliminate Yaleview Army? I never thought you’d be the one by
our side as we enter our final battle.”

Taking a deep breath, he stared at the northern side of the battlefield. “We’ve just received news that
Remdik’s army has started crossing River Onxy and is heading toward Doveston. There’s no need for
any of you to fight against the Remdikian cultivators to the death. This is originally Asura’s Office’s
battle, after all. “

Slightly dazed, Joshua stared at the trio before him. Including the unconscious Tiger and Hades, I’ve
met five of the Eight Kings of War during this battle. The remaining three are Jeremy, Western King of
War; Dorian, Excalibur King of War; and Terrence, Cardinal King of War. They’re guarding Chanaea’s
northwestern, southwestern, and southern coastline. Asura’s Office has practically deployed all their
available troops to River Onxy’s battlefield. They’ve truly done their best.

Gritting his teeth, Joshua stared at Zachary, Andy, and Kane. “Asura’s Office must pay back what it
owes me in the future!”

As he spoke, he aimed his left hand at the battlefield and closed his palm.

Hundreds of meters away, a stream of green light flashed across the sky before landing in his hand.

At that moment, Troop Summoner was no longer blank. Instead, it was inscribed with countless names.

Without delay, he read the names written on the Troop Summoner out loud.

With each name he uttered, Joshua’s countenance grew redder.

After stating more than fifty names, his face had turned purple-red, looking as though it would bleed at
any moment.

Additionally, there was an unusually intense grimace on his countenance.

Zachary, Andy, and Zane opened their mouths wide as they stared at him.

It was because plenty of names Joshua read aloud were people they knew.

All of those people were, without exception, commanders selected by their respective armies. They
were secondary and tertiary reserves for commanders in Asura’s Office, second only to the Eight Kings
of War.

In fact, the trio was very familiar with some of them because they personally cultivated those people.

Additionally, all of them shared a common characteristic, which was that they were already killed by
Remdik’s bombardment earlier.

However, thanks to Joshua, those dead warriors reemerged before the trio as green figures.

Zachary called out the name of one of the green, nearly translucent men.

With a trembling voice, Joshua clarified, “It’s no use. They’re already dead. I’ve merely collected their
vita, which hasn’t dispersed yet.”

Holding out his right hand, Joshua moved his finger that was on Troop Summoner and bellowed, “Go!
Summon your soldiers! The war has only just begun!”

Silently, the remaining vita of over fifty commanders dispersed in the wind before reappearing on the
charred battleground.

Next to the dead commanders’ remaining vita, balls of green light levitated from the ground and
gathered before the group.

The warriors who died in the bombardment rematerialized on the battlefield, covering the entire space
in a flash

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