Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1103

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The Legendary Man -Following the utterance of the last two words, Joshua roared in

A large amount of blood was discharged from his mouth and spilled onto Troop Summoner with bits of
golden light.

A ball of pure energy above Troop Summoner absorbed all of the blood Joshua expelled.

The golden blood was then rapidly swallowed by Troop Summoner.

Joshua slapped Troop Summoner with both of his hands as his body flew backward.

At that moment, Troop Summoner had utterly detached itself from Joshua’s control and was floating in

The surrounding spiritual energy began gathering around and pouring into Troop Summoner as if the
magical item was a black hole.

Then, Joshua sensed something and turned his sight to the sky while pulling out his Formation

“Unity formation!” He swallowed a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills, endured the pain in his circulatory
system, and poured a ridiculous amount of spiritual energy into Formation Crusher.

Moments later, Formation Crusher flew over a dozen meters above the ground.

In an instant, dozens of layers of restraining barriers and formations were established on the ground
below Joshua.

Even with those formations, he was still worried. Subsequently, he summoned five spirit shields from
his storage ring to protect his head.

The golden blood is the blood essence that the Whitley family condensed through a special cultivation
method. Even a few drops of them were extremely precious.

What Joshua used earlier was also a forbidden technique of Troop Summoner.

Once unleashed, one’s Kore would be depleted. Additionally, they would be rejected by Heavenly
Pryncyp, and they would suffer Pryncyp backlash.

Despite being some ten meters above ground, Troop Summoner was still ascending to the sky.

At that moment, energy ripples could be seen spreading outward from around the Troop Summoner.
The sight was visible even to the naked eye.

It contained an extremely cold aura. Anyone a few hundred meters away from the object could still
sense the chill.

At that moment, Winston, Karl, and the others spotted what was going on.

As for the Remdikian cultivators, they instantly stopped fighting. After all, Joshua was their enemy, and
the aura emitting from the book he pulled out had attracted their attention.

Despite the apparent threat, Avery and the others didn’t believe Joshua, a God Realm cultivator, had
an ultimate technique they should be wary of.

However, they were curious to learn what Joshua was trying to do. Based on the latest situation,
Remdik’s victory in the battle between God Realm cultivators was basically guaranteed as long as
Ivanov remained relatively unharmed.

Therefore, the skirmish involving over a dozen God Realm cultivators was halted because of a book.

Everyone gazed at the book floating in the air, including Joshua, who was on full alert.


Following a soul-touching whisper, two Heavenly Pryncyps descended.

The first Heavenly Pryncyp landed on Troop Summoner. The object’s spiritual energy immediately
exploded, transforming into an indescribable icy aura that was fanning outward at high speed. In the
blink of an eye, it had already touched the edges of the sky.

When the people on the battlefield detected the energy pulse, they felt a strange sense of uneasiness.

At that moment, they were focusing their gaze on Joshua.

The five spirit shields protecting Joshua’s head, which was right under Troop Summoner, had silently
turned into dust.

Meanwhile, the ground within a ten-meter radius of Joshua had transformed into dark-red lava.

While the earth within three meters of Joshua hadn’t been charred, it had turned black.

A bright white light in his chest had protected his life.

Everyone was stunned, regardless of whether they were on his side or Remdik’s.

A magical item capable of protecting oneself from the Heavenly Way backlash was highly sought after,
even for a Divine Realm cultivator.

“We must have that magical item!” Aidan spoke in a small voice, yet everyone heard it.

A few Remdikian didn’t react to what they had just heard. Instead, they simply affixed their gaze on

There was only one magical item. Even if they obtained it, how were they going to split it?

Furthermore, who would want to share it with others upon snatching it?

A magical item capable of canceling a Pryncyp’s backlash would be immensely useful in blocking the
attacks of Divine Realm cultivators who only comprehended a Pryncyp on the surface level.

The allure of such an item was too great for anyone to resist.

“Hey! Mask man!” Hayden shouted at Karl. “What did that son of a b*tch say?”

Karl tightened his grip on his long sword. “They want to kill Joshua and snatch his magical item!”

“Magical item?” Slightly stunned, Hayden turned to Joshua before he noticed the white glow in the
latter’s chest.

Upon waving the daggers in his hands, Hayden strode toward Avery.

“Like heck I’m going to let them do that! Die!” Promptly, he dashed toward Remdik’s camp, leaving an
afterimage behind as he did.

Meanwhile, it was as though the Remdikian cultivators had come to an agreement as they attacked in

However, their targets were no longer Karl and the others. Instead, it was Joshua.

“I didn’t die, huh?” Joshua stared at the sky weakly and threw more pills into his mouth with great effort.

The pills mitigated his wounds, replenished his spiritual energy, channeled his vitality, and did various
other things.

Joshua stuffed nearly ten pills into his mouth like they were popcorn.

Remdik’s side had two more God Realm cultivators than Chanaea’s. Even though Karl and the others
did their best to intercept the Remdikians, there were still hostile cultivators charging toward Joshua.


A howl was heard before a giant werewolf over three meters tall leaped across Joshua’s head. Then, it
landed on the edge of the lava to face an approaching Remdikian God Realm cultivator.

“Die!” the Remdikian cultivator barked as he swung his long sword, cutting the werewolf’s spirit shield
and body in half.

Just as the werewolf’s blood was spilled into the air, dozens of figures flashed past Joshua’s head and
landed around the Remdikian cultivator. Swiftly, they surrounded the Remdikian in three layers.

The mightiest werewolf circling the Remdikian was only an advanced phase Grandmaster Realm

Joshua struggled to climb up and face the Remdikian cultivator. However, he had lost half of his
combat prowess after losing blood essence and being damaged by the Pryncyp backlash.

While the dozens of werewolf cultivators were intimidating, Grandmaster Realm cultivators were no
match for God Realm cultivators.

Before the Remdikian cultivator, the Grandmaster Realm werewolves were nothing but lambs waiting to
be slaughtered. At most, they could only stall the Remdikian cultivator from reaching Joshua.

The next instant, three figures landed next to Joshua. It was Zachary and the other two who had exited
the battlefield earlier.

Grabbing Zachary’s arm, Joshua shouted, “Quickly, ask them to stop! A battle against a God Realm
cultivator isn’t one they should participate in!”

However, Zachary merely stared at his opponent frigidly. “Alpha Warriors, self-destruct!”

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