Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1102

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The Legendary Man -0All the major forces in the world had received news of Ivanov’s
advent and had shifted their attention to the battle at River Onxy.

Although only a small number of countries and influential parties could view the ongoing battle at the
scene using advanced technology, the situation at Doveston could alter the movements of many forces,
such as West Region and Jetroina.

Those two countries had never given up their schemes to occupy Chanaea since ancient times.

Now that the situation at Doveston, Chanaea was tense, it was predictable that once the Remdikian
army invaded Chanaea via Horbah, Jetroina and West Region would seize the opportunity to dispatch
troops to Chanaea.

With Asura’s Office holding the line, those two countries couldn’t win against Chanaea in a direct
confrontation, but they certainly wouldn’t let slip the chance to gain some benefits while Chanaea was
in turmoil.

The few Chanaea’s respectable families were also observing the turns of events on the sideline.

Although the entry of the Remdikian army into Doveston had a significant effect on the seven
respectable families, the impact wasn’t extensive. After all, even without the interference of Remdik, the
Leeson family had been in control of the area. Hence, the other seven respectable families had never
really been able to exert their influence on Doveston.

Even so, they still needed to be well-prepared. In the event of a full-scale war, the seven respectable
families would have to make adjustments accordingly.

Those families had survived for more than a thousand years and experienced countless changes in the
ruling class, so they had their own ways of dealing with impactful, history-altering events.

As for the other ancient sects and hidden clans, including the small countries surrounding Chanaea,
they were constantly probing the latest state of affairs of the war.

Those minor forces were incapable of weathering such great disturbances. If Chanaea was
substantially affected, their survival might be jeopardized, so they needed to prepare in advance.

West Epea Alliance and even Anglandur, situated on the opposite side of the earth, also paid attention
to the war.

However, their focus wasn’t on Chanaea but on Remdik.

West Epea Alliance and Anglandur had been targeting Remdik with various means for almost a
hundred years.

This time, with the full mobilization of Remdik’s Eastern War Zone’s personnel to invade Chanaea, if
Chanaea’s Asura’s Office could hold back Remdik’s Eastern War Zone’s forces, it was likely that the
West Epea Alliance and Anglandur, two global organizations not weaker than Remdik, would join
forces to pressure and crush Remdik from both east and west.

Moreover, the expression of their opposition to annexing provided the two organizations with a
justifiable cause to deploy their troops.

If things escalated to that point, that matter wouldn’t be just a localized war issue.

All the relatively influential countries in the world would be forced to take sides among the major
powers, leading to a new round of world war.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the war at Doveston had reached an inflection point.

An upheaval would befall the whole of Aploth and Epea if Asura’s Office lost.

On the other hand, if they managed to hold their ground, a chain reaction would be triggered, likely
ushering in a new era.

As for winning…

Judging by how over one hundred thousand people from the Eastern Allied Army had died in less than
a day, no one believed Asura’s Office could win the war.

At that moment, Avery and the others finally caught up with Joshua and his party.

Joshua and his people didn’t leave. Instead, they returned to the Eastern Allied Army’s base to
exchange information with the acting commander, Yosef, and finalize their withdrawal plan.

Some might think that retreating at this juncture was cowardly, but only those who had come face-to-
face with a Divine Realm cultivator could understand the rationale behind this decision.

Such a powerful cultivator could hardly be threatened by any weapon other than special missiles.

If the Divine Realm cultivator were to gain on the Eastern Allied Army, there wouldn’t just be a war—
only a downright massacre would take place.

Unfortunately, relocating hundreds of thousands of troops was not an easy task. Before the army could
set off, Avery and his group had already caught up.

Initially, Joshua and the others wanted to leave since the battle had evolved to a stage beyond the
participation of God Realm cultivators, but recalling Jonathan’s last words before he fell into the ground
with the portal formation, Joshua picked up Troop Summoner in resignation and charged northward.

“Joshua, I finally gained clarity. You must be insane!” Hayden cursed while treading on Joshua’s heels.
“Nevertheless, I must admit Jonathan’s Asura’s Office is indeed righteous. I may never reach you and
Jonathan’s Realm in this lifetime, but I’m still as courageous as the next man!”

As Hayden spoke, he drew his long sword and dashed forward. “Joshua, I’ll cover you. Summon your
warriors at will to kill these Remdikian b*stards!”

After Hayden finished his sentence, Ksana and Karl sprinted past Joshua as well.

Although they didn’t say anything, Joshua fathomed their intentions with a simple exchange of glances.
They’re trying to protect me.

Behind them, Remy looked at Winston. “Winston, Asura’s Office’s defeat is inevitable. What should we

Winston narrowed his eyes at Joshua and the others ahead of him. Then, he spat the stub of his
cigarette onto the ground.

“What else can we do? You two go and protect Joshua. Help him stave off the Remdikians.”

“We’re still helping?” Remy asked in bafflement.

Winston gazed at Remy coldly. “If you don’t want to help, you can die in front of me now.”

The latter was slightly taken aback, but he ultimately yielded at the sight of the billhook in Winston’s
hand. “Fine. I’ll help. There’s no need to get testy.”

Remy and the other God Realm cultivator from the Leeson family leaped into the fray.

Meanwhile, Winston took out a brick-like satellite phone and dialed a number. “Hello? Hello? Can you
hear me, Ashton? Things are not looking good here. Remdik sent a Divine Realm cultivator here. Yes.
It’s that Ivanov. That’s right. We can’t win. If we keep fighting, the Eastern Army will definitely be
annihilated. Send reinforcements. We cannot lose Doveston. Otherwise, the Leeson family will lose our
foothold in Chanaea.”

With that, Winston hung up the call solemnly before putting away the device. It will take at least twenty
minutes for reinforcements to be teleported from the Leeson family’s ancestral land to the closest
teleportation point here and rush over. I can only hope the elders of our family can reach here faster. If
Ivanov catches up with us, not to mention twenty minutes, he could slaughter all of us a dozen times in
two minutes. Human efforts can only bring us so far. I can only leave the rest up to fate now. This is the
extent of what the Leeson family can do.

Winston took a deep breath as he shook off the bloodstain on his billhook. The next instant, he had
already dashed fifty meters ahead.

An enemy brought down a giant axe on Joshua’s head, but the man remained unfazed and unmoving.

Behind him, a billhook sliced a few strands of the hair on the top of his head as it narrowly slammed
against the giant axe.

“Joshua, get a move on. What’s the point if you summon the warriors after all of us are dead?” Winston

Immediately afterward, he engaged in a fight with the Remdikian cultivator before him.

At the same time, the Troop Summoner Joshua wielded was already glowing red.

“I offer my blood essence to appease the spirit of war. To the souls of the undead and those who failed
to cross into the light, may your undying battle intent exert power to kill even gods. Spirit converge!”

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