Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1101

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The Legendary Man -In the space at the deepest recesses of the consciousness field
right then, Jonathan was sitting cross-legged in the snow-white world, making sense of the battle out

That was the authority given to Jonathan by Seboxia after he had taken over the man’s body. He could
watch the battle outside but had no right to intervene.

At that moment, he felt like he was watching a holographic movie. He could see the entire battle
between Seboxia and Ivanov clearly.

A battle of the Divine Realm had done away with the limitations of spells completely.

In the blink of an eye, the battle between Seboxia and Ivanov kicked off.

Although Jonathan had remnants of Seboxia’s life force in him back then, he merely regarded it as
something that ensured his continued survival. When he engaged in battle, he still used his own
cultivation level.

However, Seboxia granted him an understanding of the terrifying might of the Pryncyp of Life then.

In the whole world, the Pryncyp of Life could dominate everything.

Seboxia bestowed new life on the seeds and rhizomes around him before putting them to use.

Even a leaf and grass seed in the forest around him obtained new life under the deluge of life force,
transforming into lethal weapons.

Following his manipulations, countless plants shot toward Ivanov.

It was as though innumerable knives intended to slice the latter into ribbons.

Only then did realization dawn upon Jonathan that the miracle of plants blooming to life with every
single step Seboxia took was no myth by the later generations.

Instead, it was a true sight that happened in reality.

Ivanov, who was across from the man, employed far more domineering methods.

He used the Pryncyp of Strength.

It was a Pryncyp Jonathan had never imagined would ever exist.

A Pryncyp with such rules had gone beyond his scope of comprehension. In fact, even Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique contained no records about the Pryncyp of Strength.

It was a Pryncyp that could control local gravity. A point of the finger from Ivanov had the flourishing
plants shatter, yanked down by gravity.

“Your methods are ineffective against me, Seboxia!” Ivanov declared coldly.

When the plants fell to the ground, all the plants within a hundred-meter radius promptly turned into
green mud as though having been pressed down by an invisible disc.

In the next second, Ivanov’s figure flashed across the stretch of mud.

On the heels of that, his face appeared before Seboxia. With a terrifying force centered on his fist, he
punched Jonathan in the chest hard.


A soft thud sounded, and a gaping hole formed in Jonathan’s chest. His pulverized flesh, courtesy of
the Pryncyp of Strength, turned into blood and spurted from his back.

Nonetheless, Seboxia remained standing there motionlessly. On top of that, he even wore a smile on
his face.

“You were aiming to kill, Mr. Ivanov.”

Watching such a scene, Jonathan was already shocked to the core, at a loss for action.

After all, his body, chest, and circulatory system were currently completely destroyed. In normal
circumstances, he would be dead for sure.

It was only the presence of someone powerful like Seboxia that kept him alive. If it were anyone else,
that person would most likely perish right then and there, even if he were a Divine Realm elite.

Extending a hand, Seboxia reached for Ivanov’s shoulder. The movement appeared slow, but he
actually moved like lightning.

All around Ivanov, dense Pryncyp of Strength gathered. When Seboxia’s outstretched hand
approached the man’s vicinity, the flesh split and fell to the ground, yanked away from the bones by
strong gravity.

Even then, his finger bones that were stained scarlet still came into contact with Ivanov’s shoulder.

It was nothing more than a light tap. Yet, Ivanov frantically backed away as though having been

Dozens of meters away, he ripped his shirt off, revealing a palm-sized patch of skin that had turned
black on his left shoulder.

There were even a few necrotic spots marring it, looking exceedingly terrifying.

The light touch earlier had actually robbed a patch of Ivanov’s flesh of life.

If he had not beaten a hasty retreat, the consequences would have been disastrous once Seboxia
attached his entire arm to him.

Ivanov reached out and tore off the dead skin on his left shoulder, panting heavily.

While it had only been a short time, he had already exchanged hundreds of moves with Seboxia in
various aspects. Unfortunately, the latter did not show the slightest signs of defeat.

Indeed, his punch earlier shattered Jonathan’s circulatory system. However, Seboxia mastered the
Pryncyp of Life and had restored things to pristine condition by then.

Although he could not fathom why Seboxia would take over Jonathan’s body, it was practically
impossible for him to kill Jonathan that day if the man’s capabilities were to remain at the current level.

He straightened, the gravitational force field around him intensifying endlessly. Beneath his feet,
innumerable plants tried climbing up him, but they were all crushed by the gravitational force before
regenerating again.

At the sight of the greenery that appeared like mud underneath his feet, Ivanov regarded Seboxia icily.

“Seboxia, you escaped the ravages of time and are my elder. I can’t figure out why you’re helping
Jonathan. Is there anything special about him that makes him worthy of your protection? Or do you
need him for a particular reason? No matter what it is, you can tell me about it. I think I can be of far
more help.”

Jonathan’s rise had always been a mystery. But after it had been ascertained that an ancient creature
lived within him, everything could seemingly be explained.

If he had a Divine Realm cultivator guiding and teaching him at the back, it was not an impossibility to
attain God Realm within a little over three years though difficult.

As a cultivator who had lived more than a thousand years, Seboxia could not possibly have no ulterior
motive to expend such effort to guide a mortal.

For that reason, Ivanov believed that the man would definitely defect to his side as long as his offer
held greater temptation.

Ultimately, benefits were the main concern for Divine Realm elites in their entire life of cultivation.

Right then, Jonathan was already fully recovered. Seboxia gazed at Ivanov across from him with his
hands clasped.

“It goes without saying that I’m helping Mr. Goldstein for my own reasons, Mr. Ivanov. That aside, he’s
irreplaceable. As you know, someone like me who escaped Heavenly Way will undoubtedly suffer from
a backlash to utilize Pryncyp over time. I don’t want to fight you either, so please give up and return to
the borders of Remdik for my sake. My thanks in advance.”

Ivanov stared into Jonathan’s eyes, calm and unruffled without the slightest hint of emotion.

“Jonathan must die today, Seboxia. If you persist, I’ll have no choice but to kill you as well.”

As Ivanov spoke, he activated the Pryncyp of Strength once more.

Around him, the ground instantly sank more than half a meter.

At the same time, strong gravity enveloped everything within a hundred-meter radius.

Jonathan’s face started drooping as a result of the ever-increasing gravity.

Seboxia’s shoulders trembled slightly, and his life force dissipated from Jonathan’s body unceasingly.

“Since you remain stubborn, I’ll also have no choice but to kill you. You asked for this, Ivanov!”

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