Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1099

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The Legendary Man -The current average temperature in River Onxy was over negative
twenty degrees Celsius.

That phenomenon was so abnormal that everyone was frozen in shock. Unable to resist the temptation
of the life force in the forest, the cultivator that Jonathan had stabbed earlier jumped right in.

“Hey!” Avery shouted at that cultivator from above a hill.

Like a traveler who had found water in a hot and dry desert, the cultivator ignored him and entered the
dense forest anyway.

Avery and a few of his men quickly made their way to the edge of the forest.

Aidan curiously reached out to touch the life force that was coming from the forest, but Avery grabbed
his wrist and looked him straight in the eye as he said, “Wait! Something isn’t quite right here.”

Meanwhile, the wounded cultivator had a relieved look on his face as he stood dozens of meters away
from them.

“It’s fine, really! Look, my wound is healing rapidly!”

Although the cultivator was attracted by the life force, he understood that too much of something good
was bad for the body, so he didn’t dare venture too far into the forest.

He stood dozens of meters away from the edge of the forest so that he could easily get out of there if
he ran into any danger.

The crowd glanced at the wound on the cultivator’s chest. Sure enough, it was healing at a ridiculously
fast rate with the help of the life force.

“It looks fine to me.”

Aidan was tempted to step into the forest when he saw that, but Avery stopped him once again. “No,
something isn’t right. Look at his arm!”

Everyone shifted their gaze toward the cultivator’s arm. He was so focused on the wound on his chest
that he didn’t notice a black spot on his right arm growing bigger and bigger.

“Don’t just use your eyes! Use your spiritual sense!” Avery whispered to his men.

They were so distracted by the forest and the cultivator’s actions that they forgot to use their spiritual

Having been reminded by Avery, they quickly activated their spiritual sense, and the looks on their
faces changed almost instantly.

“Let’s go!” Avery shouted, prompting the men standing outside the forest to jump onto the hill nearby.

Suddenly, tentacles made out of grass and tree roots shot out of the ground they had been standing on
a moment ago. The tentacles then went back into the ground after grabbing nothing but air.

The cultivator in the forest realized something was amiss as well. He tried to make a run for it, but the
surrounding plants suddenly came to life and formed a huge, green net that ensnared him instantly.

Just like that, the cultivator was wrapped up by countless vines until he became a huge green ball.

Blood kept seeping out of that green ball as more and more vines joined it.

The ball of vines opened itself up about ten seconds later, revealing a pile of bones that used to be the

What the… This isn’t a forest! This is a gigantic trap that uses life force as bait!

The men shuddered when they saw the bloodstained grass where the cultivator once stood.

The appearance of this forest must be related to the battle underground. If we exclude Ivanov from the
equation, then this must be Jonathan’s doing! Just how many secrets is this guy hiding?

Avery kept his gaze fixated on the forest below as he whipped out a communication device from
Kremalos Palace.

“This is Avery. I am currently carrying out a mission at River Onxy. We have deployed a Divine Realm
cultivator, but the situation is still chaotic. Please send another Divine Realm cultivator over to assist

Since he had summoned Ivanov, the military base in the east would surely undergo a restructuring

Avery knew that it would not do him any good to hide his identity any longer, so he decided to contact
Kremalos Palace in front of everyone.

Vicador, who had returned to his regular human form, walked up to him with a frown on his brow.
“Avery, do you really think we might lose this battle?”

Avery shook his head. “I never thought that the Remdik military would lose, but Chanaea has shown us
far too many surprises this time. It will be incredibly difficult for us to win.”

Meanwhile, Seboxia and Ivanov had exchanged hundreds of blows underground.

Using the Pryncyp of Strength, Ivanov kept applying pressure to the area around Seboxia to turn the
soil around him into steel.

As Seboxia had fully activated his Pryncyp of Life, he had nothing to fear.

The forest that appeared above ground was merely a part of the dangers that the Pryncyp of Life
posed. The roots that were beneath the ground were the truly dangerous ones.

Seboxia stimulated the seeds in the soil with life force, causing the roots of the plants to enlarge and
stab at Ivanov like needles.

The most terrifying part about those tentacles was the fact that they could use Seboxia’s life force to
multiply in numbers after being severed by Ivanov.

As the roots of the plants continued to aim at Ivanov, he struggled to defend against them even with his
Pryncyp activated.

Ivanov lifted his right arm and swung it above his head.

That caused the roots and soil above him to freeze in place before breaking down.

“Seal!” Seboxia chanted calmly with his hands clasped.

An abundance of life force went along the path created by the roots and gathered above Ivanov’s head.

Only afterimages of Ivanov remained as he dashed out of the ground before the destroyed roots could
multiply in numbers again.

The plants above Seboxia wriggled and opened a narrow passageway for him to get through.

Seboxia appeared in the forest almost at the same time as Ivanov.

“Where are you going, Mr. Ivanov?” Seboxia asked as he stood in the middle of the forest.

He then reached his hand out, causing the tallest tree in the forest to bend toward Ivanov.

“Go down!” Ivanov shouted while activating Pryncyp of Strength.

He managed to break the huge tree into pieces, but the individual pieces quickly grew into many
smaller trees.

Although Ivanov had temporarily gotten out of range of the Pryncyp of Life, he would eventually need to
land on the ground.

Seboxia simply stood in the middle of the forest and stared at Ivanov with his hands clasped.

Meanwhile, Avery and the others were holding their breaths not to make a sound as they watched on.

They had no idea that Seboxia had taken over Jonathan, so they were terrified when they saw
Jonathan fighting Ivanov by himself. The fact that Jonathan had the upper hand in the fight shocked
them even more.

Their faces clouded over when they saw the forest around Jonathan expand in all directions.

“Has Jonathan been toying with us this whole time? Is he trying to bring in more Divine Realm

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