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Chapter 1100

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The Legendary Man -A hundred years ago, Jetroina had laid out traps based on the fact
that Remdik could summon Divine Realm cultivators into battle.

The Jetroinians sent lots of God Realm cultivators into Remdik’s Eastern War Zone to attack Snow
Wolf Army.

A typical army would only have very few God Realm cultivators stationed at the base. By sending in
several times more God Realm cultivators, Jetroina was able to crush Snow Wolf Army with
overwhelming force.

As such, Remdik had no choice but to send in Divine Realm cultivators. However, Jetroina surprised
them by hiding three Divine Realm cultivators among the twenty God Realm cultivators.

The Divine Realm cultivators that Remdik sent over were all annihilated.

The tsar of Saspiuburg led a team of his own toward the Eastern War Zone after finding out about
Jetroina’s plans.

However, two of Remdik’s Divine Realm cultivators had died by the time they arrived, and the
Jetroinians had already left Remdik’s borders.

As Remdik was famous for being a nation of warriors, they did not take kindly to that outcome. They
spent the next ten years destroying the four northern islands of Jetroina and one-fifth of northern
Jetroina via bombings at random intervals.

At one point in time, northern Jetroina was turned into a testing ground for Remdik military personnel.

It got to a point where those in the Remdik military who wanted a promotion would join the battle in
Jetroina and return with proof of their excellent performance.

After fighting a prolonged battle, Jetroina eventually surrendered and paid a huge sum in compensation
to end the war.

However, Jetroina’s highly-effective strategy that led to the start of that war was admired and
researched by the rest of the world.

Using the God Realm cultivators as bait to force Remdik into sending Divine Realm cultivators, then
killing them with God Realm cultivators and Divine Realm cultivators.

The strategy looked simple and crude, but it was highly effective.

Despite knowing the advantages of such a strategy, no country out there could possibly withstand
Remdik’s drawn-out act of retaliation.

Jetroina used to dominate South Aploth and could get away with doing just about anything it wanted.
However, the ten–year war with Remdik destroyed it so much that its economy in the north ended up
falling behind by a great deal.

Even the Saint Emperor of Jetroina didn’t dare dedicate too much of the country’s resources to develop
the economy in the north for fear of receiving another attack from Remdik.

As of the moment, Remdik’s invasion of Doveston was complete. All the other countries were afraid to
get involved as they feared Remdik would go to war with them in retaliation, but Chanaea had nothing
to worry about. After all, war was already inevitable for Chanaea at that point.

By deliberately getting Remdik to send in Divine Realm cultivators, Asura’s Office was most likely
replicating Jetroina’s strategy from a hundred years ago.

What everyone couldn’t understand was how Jonathan became a Divine Realm cultivator.

Vicador walked up to Avery and asked, “Avery, should we summon another Divine Realm cultivator?”

Aidan and the others shifted their gaze toward Avery after hearing that.

Although Avery was considered an anomaly within Remdik’s four major forces in the Eastern War
Zone, his excellent performance as a commander helped showcase his full potential when fighting
against the invasion.

After executing several successful strategies, a few of those men found themselves siding with Avery
before they even realized it.

Of course, that had nothing to do with their personal beliefs. On the battlefield, people were simply
more inclined to trust those who could help them survive.

Avery stared at the rapidly-expanding forest beneath them and hesitated for a bit before shaking his

“We cannot request any more backup. As of now, we’re still unable to determine if Jonathan or Mr.
Ivanov will win the battle, and I suspect that this isn’t Jonathan’s power that we’re witnessing here.”

“It isn’t? Then whose power is it?” Aidan asked in confusion. The jungle below had gotten so dense that
he could no longer see Jonathan.

Avery shook his head. “I’m not sure about it myself, but I had analyzed the commanders of Asura’s
Office in detail before the battle started. Even if Jonathan were the one who set this trap, he would
never use hundreds of thousands of Eastern Army soldiers as bait. That is not how he does things.”

There was a look of confusion in everyone’s eyes after they heard the man’s words.

It was true that one should analyze the enemy’s commanders before going into battle with them.

While Jonathan only made his presence known to the major forces of the world three years ago, he
had commanded his men and led them into countless battles throughout those three years.

After Remdik analyzed Jonathan’s style of commanding his men, they realized that his abilities as a
commander were mediocre at best.

More often than not, Jonathan would let someone else command the men while he led the charge

He was a leader with the charisma to motivate an army but not a commander who could oversee an
operation and adjust the strategy accordingly.

The biggest weakness of a man like Jonathan was his inability to let his men die in battle. Sacrificing a
hundred thousand men just to make his forces appear weak was not something Jonathan would do.

That was why everyone was confused when they saw Jonathan going toe to toe with Ivanov.

Avery narrowed his eyes as he glared at the forest that was expanding toward them.

“Listen up, everyone! Ivanov is containing Jonathan, so we should hurry up and finish our mission!
Those b*stards at Asura’s Office are no match for us without Jonathan’s support! Destroy Eastern
Allied Army so that our forces may enter Doveston without resistance! This is our last chance at
survival, so either get it done or run for your life!” he ordered before charging at Joshua and the others,
who were fleeing toward the south.

The men around him hesitated briefly before following his lead.

Fleeing from combat was something they could never bring themselves to do.

The government of Remdik offered to support their families and friends in order to recruit them into the

While outsiders would find that to be the greatest form of honor and glory, they knew that Remdik had
only given them those benefits in order to have more control over them.

Those who dared flee from battle would have their families executed with the most horrible methods,
and that applied even to people like Ivanov and the tsar.

Besides, anyone capable of becoming a God Realm cultivator would no longer fear death, so they
couldn’t possibly bring themselves to abandon their loved ones like that.

There was a hint of confusion in Avery’s eyes when he felt several auras that had been following him.

He had hidden cameras attached to his body, so the tsar could see everything that was happening from
Kremalos Palace.

However, the tsar did not give him any orders whatsoever. That meant the tsar did not plan on helping
Ivanov just yet.

In fact, it seemed as though the tsar wanted to let Jonathan kill Ivanov so he could get rid of him.

That was the easiest way to achieve his objective without getting his hands dirty.

Even Ivanov’s family would not be able to say anything about it.

Avery, on the other hand, simply wanted to get away from Jonathan and Ivanov.

That way, he would be able to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

By staying far away from the battle, he would also be able to reduce his accountability if anything were
to go wrong.

Despite working for the tsar, he could never tell if the tsar would decide to get rid of him as well.

Everything Avery did was simply to ensure his own survival.

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