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Chapter 1098

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The Legendary Man -Waves of spiritual pressure surged in the passage.

However, Jonathan was not crushed as Ivanov had expected.

In fact, Jonathan’s armor was swiftly regenerating.

Furthermore, Jonathan’s wounds were healing as the man himself rose to his feet shakily.

When he sensed the mighty life force Jonathan exuded, Ivanov halted.

“You’re not Jonathan,” Ivanov icily said to Seboxia.

In the meantime, Seboxia was moving Jonathan’s body.

Although he had helped Jonathan fight before, he had fought by manifesting a physical form with his
Pryncyp of Life and spiritual energy.

Even during their time at Delisgar Ridge, Seboxia had only manifested a physical form using his
spiritual power and had never gained full control over Jonathan’s body as he did now.

Seboxia had successfully evaded the relentless passage of time during his thousand-year-long silence,
but he could not escape the fate of becoming a ghost confined to the shadows.

Now that he was in Jonathan’s body, Seboxia trembled as he took in all the senses the body could feel.

He was revitalized, and his spiritual energy was surging in his veins. His heart was pounding
vigorously, and he could smell the scent of soil.

He could feel the pressure of the ground and the icy humidity that blanketed him.

Every single one of the sensations—no matter whether it was good or bad—seemed all too precious
for Seboxia.

“So this is what it feels like to have a body. It’s been such a long time since I felt all these things.”

Seboxia was rubbing his hands together in a frenzied manner, his actions resembling that of a

The last time Seboxia took control of Jonathan’s body, he only had temporary control because
Jonathan’s soul had been resisting him. As a consequence, Seboxia’s control over Jonathan’s body
was incomplete, and he did not have clear access to all of Jonathan’s senses.

But now, with Jonathan willingly surrendering his body, Seboxia could finally experience a profound
awareness of the vessel he was possessing.

It was intoxicating for someone who had been living in darkness for over a thousand years.

Just like Jonathan’s concerns, Seboxia found himself becoming increasingly addicted to the
sensations, to the point where he entertained the idea of permanently taking over the body.

Although the underground was shrouded in darkness, the two Divine Realm cultivators could see each
other with remarkable clarity, down to the finest details.

The longer Ivanov watched Seboxia touching his arm like a lunatic, the louder the alarm bells in
Ivanov’s head rang.

Immediately, he summoned two formless swords made from his Pryncyp.

Magical items were no longer of any use to Divine Realm cultivators like them, for there were too few
magical items that could compare to Pryncyp. Most were much weaker than Pryncyp weapons, so
Divine Realm cultivators tended to attack and defend with their Pryncyps.

After a shudder, the two Pryncyp weapons silently dashed toward Seboxia.

However, Seboxia easily shattered those Pryncyp blades with a flick of his fingers.

“You’re Ivanov, right?” Seboxia asked with a smile before clasping his hands together in front of his

“It seems like you’re the one who grasps the Pryncyp of Strength, and you’ve noticed that I’m not
Jonathan Goldstein. There’s always someone who’s the cause of another’s grievance. Mister, why
don’t you let me go so that you’ll spare us an unnecessary battle?”

Seboxia spoke in fluent Remdikian, his accent carrying a peculiar pronunciation that differed from the
current Remdikian accent.

Instead, it resembled the ancient Remdikian dialect that was prevalent in remote mountainous regions.

“You’re Remdikian?” Ivanov asked with a frown.

Seboxia did a slight bow. “I’m Seboxia of West Region.”

Ivanov inhaled sharply when he heard Seboxia’s name.

Although Seboxia was a man from sixteen hundred years ago, the religion he founded, Seboxiasm,
had been passed down to the present day and was one of the three largest religious groups globally.

Moreover, according to the laws of the West Region, the name “Seboxia” was listed as a forbidden
word. It was prohibited to give this name to any humans or animals, and its use for commercial
purposes was also strictly prohibited. This measure was taken to show respect for the founder of

While the name “Seboxia” might have been a common name before the founding of Seboxiasm, there
could only be one Seboxia after the establishment of Seboxiasm, and that was the founder of

This Seboxia in front of me is…

“You’re Seboxia? Are you saying that you’re the one who founded Seboxiasm in West Region?”

“That’s correct,” Seboxia answered with another bow.

“May I know if you have any family who believes in Seboxiasm? If you do, I can give them a blessing.”

“A blessing?”

Ivanov scoffed. In the next second, he reappeared in front of Seboxia.


As soon as the two engaged in combat, a tremendous muffled sound reverberated throughout the

However, above ground, the earth trembled violently, and at the epicenter of their confrontation, dozens
of meters away, the ground erupted like a spring with sand, gravel, and soil shooting up into the sky.

Large cracks were forming like lines on a spiderweb.

When Avery and the others sensed the frenzied spiritual energy fluctuation beneath the ground, they

They had detected Ivanov’s aura during the trembling of the earth, but they had also sensed the aura of
another grand entity.

The only entity they could think of who could go up against Ivanov was Jonathan.

Avery and the rest promptly ran toward the hill.

When they saw the cracked ground, they gasped.

“How can this be? How can Jonathan be a match for Mr. Ivanov?” Avery blurted out in terror.

Although Jonathan could fight several mighty people on his own, he was still a God Realm cultivator
and was not as powerful as Ivanov.

If Jonathan truly possessed the ability to contend with a Divine Realm cultivator, Avery and the others
would not have survived.

So what’s going on?

Underneath the ground, the passage collapsed, burying Seboxia and Ivanov under the immense weight
of soil.

After exchanging a single blow, the two of them leaped tens of meters away from each other, utilizing
their Pryncyp shields to shield themselves from the collapsing passage.

“What bullsh*t blessings are you talking about? You’re just human. Do you really think of yourself as a

Ivanov was soft when he spoke, but it sounded as if he was right beside Seboxia.

With a sigh, Seboxia then shook his head.

“I’ll have to send you to the afterlife if that’s what you insist.”

With a gentle tap, Seboxia let a wave of Pryncyp of Life seep into the ground before him.

Within a radius of several miles, an abundance of greenery emerged from the soil. In the blink of an
eye, the war-torn land, once ravaged by artillery fire, transformed into a vibrant sea of flowers and

A palm-sized shoot grew into a gigantic tree, and everything happened in mere seconds.

Just moments ago, the land was scorched and barren, but in the blink of an eye, as if decades had
passed, a lush forest had emerged, covering the once desolate terrain.

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