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Chapter 1097

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan’s spiritual energy surged and quickly permeated the
surrounding land.

However, this time, no matter how Jonathan utilized the Elemental Extrication Technique, the spiritual
energy seemed to have no effect whatsoever.

Jonathan unsheathed the Heaven Sword and thrust it forcefully into the surrounding soil, expecting it to
yield to his strength. However, to his astonishment, the soil seemed impenetrable, as if it was the
toughest Spirit Armor. Despite exerting all his might, he could only leave a faint white mark on the
ground; he barely made a dent.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Right as Jonathan was feeling helpless about the situation, crisp sounds came from the hardened soil
beneath his feet.

Then, sand particles the size of beans started falling off the walls.

Without any warning, the people standing in front of Jonathan suddenly retreated. Within a few
seconds, a passage with a diameter of around two meters opened up.

They were a hundred meters below ground level and devoid of any light source, so Jonathan could
only rely solely on his spiritual sense to navigate the passage.

On the other end of the passage was Ivanov.

“Jonathan, you were the one who killed Antoine, weren’t you?” Ivanov questioned as he strode over to

At that moment, Jonathan felt as if his feet were rooted to the ground, immobilizing him completely. He
could not budge an inch.

The distance between the two of them was only a few tens of meters. Ivanov, with his immense power,
could have closed the gap in just a single step, but he deliberately chose to approach Jonathan slowly.

At the same time, the pressure on Jonathan grew with every step Ivanov took.

Before Ivanov even took his tenth step, Jonathan was already covered in a cold sweat, and even his
legs started to tremble.

That was because Ivanov was using his Pryncyp of Strength on Jonathan.

Divine Realm cultivators had mastered the concept of Pryncyp. By activating their own Pryncyp, they
could temporarily suppress the influence of Heavenly Pryncyp.

Furthermore, a Pryncyp force field from a Divine Realm cultivator was immensely powerful.

Those who were weaker than Divine Realm cultivators would not be able to withstand it.

“Argh!” Jonathan screamed in agony as Ivanov continued walking toward him.

Droplets of blood were already gathering on Jonathan’s skin as his veins popped.

Ivanov’s Pryncyp was too powerful, and it was already starting to destroy Jonathan’s body.

“Jonathan, you’ve killed my grandson, Antoine, so Asura’s Office will have to pay the price for it,”
Ivanov uttered.

Although Ivanov was filled with anger at the moment, he maintained a calm exterior.

No human needed to stomp on an ant if they wanted the ant dead—that would be unnecessary.


Jonathan collapsed to the ground, the immense force shattering his kneecaps and causing him intense

Jonathan trembled uncontrollably as he held himself up with his palms against the ground.

Golden scales were flickering around Jonathan, attempting to resist the pressure on Jonathan as a
spiritual energy armor.

By then, Jonathan was already channeling all of his spiritual energy.

Jonathan fought against the pressure, refusing to let himself sprawl on the ground. He knew that he
would never be able to stand again if he did that.

Entering a frenzied state was the only option he had, but he could not even do that despite summoning
all the power he had.

Just as the armor covering him formed, it cracked.

As Ivanov drew closer, Jonathan’s bitterness grew.

Ivanov was still twenty meters away from Jonathan, but at this rate, by the time Ivanov was ten meters
away from him, he was going to be nothing but a pile of mush.


The immense pressure damaged his internal organs, and he coughed up blood.

Drained of all strength, Jonathan let out a muffled groan as he collapsed heavily onto the rocky surface.

Ivanov sighed.

“Fifteen meters. Jonathan, you’re a rare talent. No Divine Realm cultivators have been able to
withstand this long under the pressure of my Pryncyp ever since I became a Divine Realm cultivator.
You’re the first.”

Blood bubbled in the corner of Jonathan’s lips.

He coughed.

“Since I’ve impressed you, why don’t you give me a chance to work for you?” Jonathan asked with a
wry smile.

However, Ivanov shook his head and continued to take a few more steps forward.

“No, because you’re not a dog. You’re a wolf. Keeping you alive is too risky, and I might die because of
you eventually. So, you’ll have to die.”

As Ivanov spoke, he lightly stomped his feet, sending forth a wave of overwhelming Pryncyp that
surged through the passage and headed straight toward Jonathan with relentless force.

When Jonathan sensed that, he tightened his fists.

Seboxia, I’ll leave this to you! Jonathan cried out inwardly before tranquility returned to his world.

In the darkness, Jonathan lifted his head.

His surroundings gradually brightened as he raised his head.

By the time he was staring at the spot right above him, he was already in a white space.

That was Jonathan’s inner world.

It was akin to a cell in his mind, and Jonathan had willingly trapped his soul inside.

Meanwhile, Seboxia had taken over his body.

This was the plan Seboxia and Jonathan had come up with when Ivanov appeared.

Seboxia was an elite fighter from a thousand and six hundred years ago. Naturally, he would be a
Divine Realm cultivator. Moreover, he was a little more powerful than Ivanov at his peak.

Hence, the second Seboxia sensed the presence of a Divine Realm, he asked to take over Jonathan’s

What he wanted this time was full control of Jonathan’s body.

Seboxia told Jonathan that was the only way he could bring Jonathan away from Ivanov’s range of

If Jonathan’s and Seboxia’s souls shared control over the body, Seboxia would need both souls’
permission before doing anything.

Even though it was only a split second of a decision, the second would be more than enough for
someone like Ivanov to kill Jonathan.

Furthermore, it was against Heavenly Pryncyp for two souls to reside in one body.

Chances were, they were going to be punished by Heavenly Pryncyp before they could even flee from

However, Jonathan was not willing to completely imprison his own soul. If he were to do so, it would
mean that he had no chance to resist if Seboxia decided to seize control.

Confronted with a Divine Realm cultivator, someone possessing significantly greater power than he
could contend with, Jonathan found himself with no alternative if he wished to survive.

All he could do was pray—pray that Seboxia still had use for him.

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