Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1096

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan put away the Heaven Sword in his grip and pulled out two
rocket missiles from his storage ring.

Psh! Psh!

With the trigger pulled, the two missiles shot toward the portal formation below, with white streaks
trailing behind them.

Throwing the rocket launcher aside, Jonathan took out two aerial missiles on the fighter jet and
mustered all his strength to toss them out.

The four missiles crashed into that portal formation’s shield almost simultaneously.

As the towering flames erupted, Jonathan propped himself up with his palms against the ground he
landed. The seemingly limitless spiritual energy burst out, swiftly emptying the land below the portal

“Run!” Jonathan roared while he plummeted to the ground together with the arcane array.

The shield was exceptionally tough. Jonathan figured that even if he could break it, it would still take
him several minutes at least. However, that little time was enough for a Divine Realm cultivator to get
transported over.

As for trying to escape, he figured there was simply no way he could escape the Divine Realm
cultivators’ pursuit, not even if he was fast enough.

The best possible outcome, if he were to take the Chanaeans to run with him, was that he and Joshua
could escape successfully.

The rest would, unfortunately, most likely perish in the hands of the Divine Realm cultivators.

Jonathan could think of one possible way to save everyone—bury those Divine Realm cultivators.

If a hundred meters doesn’t work, two hundred meters it is. If that’s still not enough, then three hundred
meters it is.

He would bring the portal formation underground before he used up all his spiritual energy.

Jonathan figured that as long as it was deep enough, he could surely bury himself and those Divine
Realm cultivators alive under that vast land.

“Thank you, everyone!”

Those were the last words Jonathan said through the communication device.

The ground began to crumble after they went down, causing that giant pit to close instantly.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Karl wanted to follow along, but a figure grabbed onto his shoulder.

“Let go of me!” Karl pointed the long sword in his hand at Joshua and yelled.

Swinging the Formation Crusher in his hand, Joshua aggressively knocked Karl’s sword aside.

“Jonathan is well-versed in extrication technique. Battling underground will greatly benefit him! By going
down now, what else can you do other than cause more trouble and court death? Everyone, retreat!”
Joshua coldly snarled.

At that moment, he was displaying the cold-bloodedness of a superior.

Even though Joshua claimed that battling underground was to Jonathan’s advantage, he knew very
well that those words were only to comfort Karl and the others.

The portal formation was about to be completed. Even if Jonathan did his best to bring those Divine
Realm cultivators deeper into the underground, it would only be around a few hundred meters at most.

As much as that spot could impact the Divine Realm cultivators, it was so minute it was not worth

If the people present did not flee as Jonathan instructed, they would not be able to escape alive by the
time the Divine Realm cultivators broke through the soil and continued with the pursuit.

That was their last opportunity to run away.

At this point, it was meaningless to fight to their death.

Even if Karl and the rest were to stage a heroic act of fighting to their deaths, that would only delay the
Divine Realm cultivators for a few minutes.

The Eastern Allied Army, behind everyone else, would still be destroyed by Remdik’s Divine Realm

In fact, Chanaea had already lost the battle at the moment when the Divine Realm cultivators joined.

If the cultivators of the eight respectable families and ancient sects did not join the battle, Doveston
would surely lose.

“Let’s go!” Joshua said while tugging Karl’s arm.

“Even if Jonathan might die, we can’t let him die for nothing too!”

With that, Joshua let go of Karl and retreated southward. At the same time, Hayden and the Leesons
also quickly backed out.

Ksana zoomed past Karl.

“Master asks us to leave!”

Those words finally made Karl take a few steps out and turn to flee with the rest.

Meanwhile, Avery and the others, standing by the giant pit opposite, also snapped back to reality.

The portal formation was Remdik’s trump card. There were never any mistakes made when they used
it in the past.

But no one had figured that Jonathan would have no tricks up his sleeve.

The fact that he blew up the protective shield with a bomb made many break out in cold sweats, not to
mention how he dragged the portal formation straight underground.

It was an operation that had never happened in the entire battle history of Remdik.

If Mr. Ivanov gets buried alive after he’s transported over, that’ll be the world’s greatest joke.

A few of them retracted their spiritual sense. Other than the initial frenzy, they finally come to the
realization that Jonathan’s speed was not fast enough to bury Ivanov alive.

“Mr. Ivanov can’t die! We can’t let them run away!” Avery grimly uttered before morphing into an
afterimage and darting forward while Aidan and the others chased after the group of Chanaeans.

About hundreds of meters away, Joshua crossed his arms before his chest to form an odd hand signal.

“Reinstate spiritual energy!”


Under the feet of the Remdikians, the headless general emerged from the underground and, without
any warning, exploded into pieces.

Pure energy was dispelled everywhere, its force almost equivalent to the self-destruction of a new God
Realm’s cultivator.

The Remdikian cultivators were sent flying in all directions because of the tremor and could only watch
the Chanaeans hurry away.

At that moment, Jonathan had brought the portal formation and gone over a hundred and fifty meters
deep underground.

When Jonathan plunged underground earlier, he realized his pace was too slow and could only sink
about a few hundred meters deep with Ivanov.

Upon coming to that realization, Jonathan put aside the fact that his body was collapsing and began
utilizing all his spiritual energy to use Earthly Escape.

But even so, he could only get that far.

The portal formation that had been under his constraint exploded at that very instant.

Jonathan retracted his spiritual energy and rapidly retreated.

At this point, it was almost as if Jonathan was in the water. Although Earthly Escape still had a hint of
resistance, he was at his fastest speed possible.

Like a fish, he swam over twenty to thirty meters in the blink of an eye.

If the other party were also a God Realm cultivator, he would not be able to catch up with Jonathan
even if he was immortal.

But right then, he was faced with a Divine Realm elite.

Ivanov had just been transported over and was clueless about what had happened.

After the completion of the transportation, the protective shield shattered apart, and he was crushed by
tons of soil, leaving him suffocated.

Yet, that was not enough to kill him. An overwhelming spiritual sense and spiritual energy spread out
simultaneously, forcefully opening up a small space around him.

That horrifying spiritual sense filled the atmosphere, enveloping everything within three hundred meters
around him.

“Jonathan?” Ivanov hollered.

In the dark, Ivanov’s gaze, as though penetrated through dozens of meters of ground, fell on
Jonathan’s heart.

Frantically running for his life, Jonathan felt his heart lurch at that. The soil around his body seemed to
turn into rocks instantly, firmly rooting him to his spot.

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