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Chapter 1095

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The Legendary Man -Aidan’s voice echoed in every Remdik cultivator’s ears.

They knitted their brows, and a hint of fear flickered in their eyes.

According to the war rules set by Remdik, once someone deployed a formation to summon the Divine
Realm cultivators, all the commanders involved in the battle would be brought before a military court.

After all, despite being a country with strong military power, they would not be able to gather too many
Divine Realm cultivators even if they took all the Remdikian cultivators into account.

Five hundred years ago, an emperor developed a portable portal formation to prevent excessive
casualties among their soldiers.

The formation was developed so that the Remdikian soldiers could activate the array in critical
situations, allowing the Remdikian Divine Realm cultivators to be teleported to the battlefield and turn
the tide.

Initially, this method boosted the morale of the Remdikian soldiers.

After all, having the Divine Realm cultivators in their midst gave them confidence and raised their

Furthermore, the portal formation had reversed unfavorable situations for the Remdikian soldiers and
even led them to victories. It became a remarkable and strategic asset for its military.

However, as time passed, the Remdik Emperor began to notice certain anomalies or concerns with this

Since they relied on the Divine Realm cultivators as their backup, the combat proficiency of the
Remdikian soldiers, from the lowest ranks to the commanding officers, had gradually declined. They no
longer approached warfare with the same level of seriousness and commitment.

That outcome was not unexpected. When everyone knew they could easily summon the Divine Realm
cultivators, there would be a tendency for them to become complacent and unwilling to give their all in

After all, they could simply summon the Divine Realm cultivators whenever they faced danger, and the
opposing forces would be easily defeated once the reinforcement arrived.

With the intervention of Divine Realm cultivators, even the low-rank soldiers began to feel that fighting
to the death was pointless.

Such thoughts ultimately contributed to the decline of the Remdikian soldiers.

During those years, the Remdikian Divine Realm cultivators were worked to exhaustion.

At times, they would have just returned home after a battle, only to be called to the battlefield again
when the formation lit up.

Some three hundred years ago, the Jetroinian troops invading Remdik from the northeast even set a
trap for them because they were well acquainted with the latter’s combat style, killing two of the
Remdikian Divine Realm cultivators.

At that point, the tsar finally acknowledged the problem of being overly dependent on those cultivators.
Hence, he issued a decree to restrict the use of the portal formation.

Once the portal formation was activated, all the commanding officers involved in the battle would face
the harshest punishment—death.

This served as a warning to those commanding officers and made them understand the consequences
of not giving their utmost in battle.

After the enactment of this decree, the Divine Realm cultivators under the tsar’s rule could finally live

Of course, there were instances where the summoning formation was used again.

Each time the formation was activated, Remdik’s Intelligence Bureau would gather all the details of the
battle and submit them to the military court’s simulation department to run an analysis.

If the results indicated that the situation did not warrant the summoning of Divine Realm cultivators, all
the high-ranking commanding officers throughout the entire army would face execution.

On the other hand, if the summoning of Divine Realm cultivators proved effective in mitigating losses
during a crucial situation, the entire high-ranking command would be duly rewarded.

At that point, Avery and the others were certain that they would become casualties in the power
struggle between the tsar and the Ivanov family should they lose in the battle.

If they were to summon Ivanov to the battle, they might all be sentenced to death.

That was why Aidan and the others hesitated.

Avery could not pull himself away as he was being held back by Joshua.

Seeing Aidan’s hesitation in activating the formation, Avery called out anxiously, “Activate the
formation! Even if it leads to death, we will only face the military court three months from now. But if we
delay now, none of us will make it out alive! Decide now!”

Avery’s words struck the Remdikians like a wake-up call, causing a slight tremor in their bodies. He’s
right. Jonathan is massacring our troops without mercy. What chance do we even have? If death is
inevitable, we should just go for the option that will give us a chance to live a little longer.

“Aidan, let’s activate the formation!” one of the cultivators exclaimed.

“Yeah. Let’s do it! We’ve made up our minds!” a few others echoed.

However, at that moment, Aidan remained fixated on the floating disc before him, his hand hesitating to
press the button.

Meanwhile, Karl, who was proficient in the Remdikian language, finally understood the meaning behind
their conversation. “They’re about to activate the portal formation to summon Divine Realm cultivators!
Stop him, Mr. Goldstein!”

Karl’s words sent a jolt of electricity through Jonathan, causing every hair on the back of his head to
stand on end.

Among the cultivators present, some may have had knowledge of the Divine Realm and perhaps even
encountered Divine Realm cultivators.

However, only Jonathan alone had actually engaged in a battle against a Divine Realm cultivator

During his time in the West Region, Jonathan tapped into the power of two Great Pryncyps and
channeled the life force of Seboxia. Among all the battles he had fought, it was in that particular
encounter he showcased his utmost combat prowess.

Yet, it was also at that moment that he truly grasped the immense chasm between the Divine Realm
and the God Realm.

It might seem within arm’s reach, but in reality, there was a world of difference.

After gathering the Pryncyp of Blood, Pryncyp of Slaughter, and life force, Jonathan had charged in his
opponent’s direction.

However, Kenado had effortlessly swatted him away like a fly.

If it were not for Blaze, who intervened and pulled him into the sub-space, Jonathan would have died in
the West Region.

If the Remdikian cultivators were indeed able to successfully summon the Divine Realm cultivators, it
would be beyond the capacity of not only Jonathan and his comrades but the entire Eastern Allied
Army to withstand their attack.

As the ground beneath Jonathan’s feet shattered, he transformed into a streak of light, resolutely
charging toward Aidan with the intention of destroying the portal formation.

Meanwhile, Aidan could feel a surge of physical energy approaching him, but he could not identify the
source or the individual responsible for targeting him.

However, Aidan understood that if he did not activate the portal formation now, he would lose his
chance entirely. “Activate!”

With a loud roar, Aidan exerted his powerful spiritual energy as he pressed his right hand firmly onto
the disc.

In a flash of cold light, Jonathan unsheathed his sword and aimed it at Aidan’s outstretched arm.

At the same time the blade cut into flesh, a dazzling white light erupted from Aidan’s hand.

Jonathan felt as if he had collided with extremely elastic cotton, and he was immediately sent flying

The floating disc was created by the tsar several hundred years ago, and it was evident that destroying
it would not be an easy task.

Upon activation, the protective shield surrounding the disc swiftly expanded, reaching a radius of
several feet and forcefully pushing Aidan aside.

This specific design of the formation aimed at eliminating any immediate threats as soon as it was

From the disc, an overwhelming spiritual pressure emanated.

Floating in mid-air, Jonathan watched as a figure rapidly took shape in the portal formation, feeling

He turned around to look at Joshua and the others and hollered with the support of spiritual energy.
“Run, everyone! Run!”

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