Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1094

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The Legendary Man -“Die!” Jonathan roared.

Subsequently, his figure turned into a seemingly infinitely elongated black thread as he charged toward
the Remdikian cultivators.

That phenomenon only appeared when someone’s speed reached an extreme. Due to the
compression from the airflow, his legs turned into a bloody mist.

“Hurry up and get out of the way!”

Avery was exchanging blows with Joshua in midair. When he sensed something different about
Jonathan, he hastily yelled at the Remdikian cultivator Jonathan was targeting.

Unfortunately, his voice traveled at a speed too slow compared to Jonathan’s.

Almost at the same time when the cultivator heard the warning and reacted, the broken remains of the
Burrowing Dragon exploded.

Jonathan broke through the debris and thrust the sword in his hand at the cultivator’s chest.


In front of Jonathan, a crystal-like spirit shield rapidly shattered.

As the impediment caused him to come to an abrupt halt, a rope swiftly extended from the cultivator’s
waist and wrapped around him.

An ancient saying referred to speed as the most potent and invincible form of martial arts.

When dealing with a cultivator who possessed high speed, the most important thing to do before
escaping or retaliating was to impair his speed, and binding Jonathan’s legs was the best way.

At that moment, the expressions on all the God Realm cultivators on the battlefield changed slightly.

They couldn’t believe the cultivator in front of Jonathan had deliberately tempted Jonathan to attack
him so he could find the perfect opportunity to cripple Jonathan’s legs. As expected. The cultivators
who can participate in this battle are no pushovers.

The Remdikian cultivator’s ferocity and courage were sufficient to earn him the others’ respect.

Although the magical shield was extremely tough, it could only stop Jonathan for an instant.

As Jonathan pierced the cultivator’s armor with his sword, his legs were tightly bound by a magical item
resembling dried vines.

“Jonathan, this is Poisonous Vines. I’d like to see how you can escape now!” that Remdikian cultivator
sneered while swinging the knife in his hand at Jonathan’s throat.

Jonathan unleashed a large amount of spiritual energy from his palm, using the flow of the spiritual
energy tide to knock his opponent back.

Meanwhile, he was sent flying backward and landed on a massive block of earth.

Noticing Jonathan was injured and had fallen to the ground, Avery immediately shouted at Aidan and
the others, “Kill him!”

Avery and Vicador were both being held off by Joshua, but the Remdikians had more cultivators.

As long as they could seize that opportunity to eliminate Jonathan, their victory would be sealed.

Hearing Avery’s words, the other Remdikians instantly reacted and turned to dash in Jonathan’s

At the same time, Jonathan, who was rolling backward on the ground, kept his composure.

Even though he couldn’t understand what the Remdikian cultivator said, judging by the intense pain he
initially felt when the dried vines became entangled to his leg, until the pain turned into a complete lack
of sensation, to finally losing all feeling in his lower legs, he deduced the dried vines must be highly

He brandished Heaven Sword, but this time, he aimed the blade at himself.

When he slashed off his legs, the profound pain brought Jonathan immense relief.

Slamming the ground with one hand caused the earth within several meters around him to rise, lifting
him tens of meters into the air.

On the ground, two figures stepped on the Burrowing Dragon and charged upward. Swinging the
weapons in their hands, they severed the Burrowing Dragon beneath Jonathan’s legs.

As the large chunks of earth fell from the sky, Jonathan unleashed an ice-cold wave of sword energy
downward with a swing of Heaven Sword.

The two Remdikian cultivators coordinated exceptionally well as one parried the attack while the other
launched himself upward.

An instant later, the cultivator arrived in midair.

Killing intent bursting forth, he thrust his spear at Jonathan’s chest.

Jonathan shifted his body slightly, allowing the hefty spear to penetrate his left lung.

Simultaneously, he lifted his right leg to boot the Remdikian cultivator. The newly regenerating muscles
and bones on his lower leg rapidly solidified as he kicked.


Following a thud, the Remdikian cultivator’s head exploded.

Jonathan reached out his right hand to grasp that cultivator’s neck. However, if others were to look
closely, they would see that there were patterns resembling the bark of an old tree under Jonathan’s

That was Seboxia’s palm. At that moment, he had reached a consensus with Jonathan, temporarily
relying on the latter’s body to absorb those God Realm cultivators’ life force.

A God Realm cultivator, who had been renowned in Remdik for twenty years, had just had his head
kicked into smithereens by Jonathan.

Chills traveled down everyone’s spine, especially when they saw the cultivator’s body withering swiftly.

An evil cultivator! That thought popped into both the Chanaean and Remdikian cultivators’ minds.

Jonathan’s ascension in his cultivation progress had been too expeditious. When paired with the
technique he was using against his opponent, it seemed his success could only be explained by the
fact that he was a ruthless evil cultivator who absorbed others’ spiritual energies to enhance his

However, at that moment, everyone didn’t have the time to dwell on that because Jonathan had landed.

The cultivator who had blocked his sword energy had hastily backed ten meters away after witnessing
his companion’s horrible death.

A three-meter-long spear was still stuck in Jonathan’s chest, but since the spear’s owner was
deceased, that weapon was now an unowned object.

Jonathan grabbed the spear and willed it to shrink into a palm-sized toy before putting it away.

The dead man’s storage ring was important too. Hence, Jonathan quickly retrieved it and turned to look
toward Vicador, who was still a giant about ten meters tall.

The color drained from Avery’s face. We came with a party of twelve people, assuming we were here to
accumulate battle achievements and could directly break through the Eastern Allied Army’s defensive
line to pave the way for the Remdikian army. But now, not only has Chanaea gathered eight God
Realm cultivators, which exceeded our expectations, but they also killed three of our God Realm
cultivators in succession and severely injured one without taking any losses. In addition to the headless
warrior summoned by Joshua, Chanaea now has the numerical advantage. Besides, judging by the
current situation, it is evident that Jonathan and Joshua are both cultivators who get better as the fight
drags on. Putting aside Jonathan’s absurd recovery ability, Joshua’s Formation Crusher has ruined
three of my top-grade spiritual weapons and one precious armor.

Avery fathomed if the battle extended for too long, he would be the one to face his demise in the end.

He knocked Joshua backward and yelled, “Aidan, draw the formation and transport Ivanov here!”

At that moment, Aidan was busy with Karl as the two engaged in a fierce battle. Hearing Avery’s words,
Aidan bellowed, channeled more strength to his fists, and swung his arms.

The force blew Karl away. After he landed on the ground, he wanted to charge at Aidan again but
noticed the latter had tossed out a palm-sized disc.

Aidan placed one hand on the disc while wearing a grave expression.

“Avery, you better think this through. If I summon Mr. Ivanov now, all of us might be done for!”

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