Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1093

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Jonathan's eyes widened upon hearing Joshua's words.

Ravager? The spirit warrior summoned by Joshua is actually Ravager? Staring at the headless warrior
beside Joshua made Jonathan feel surreal.

Nevertheless, the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique within him told him that Ravager wasn't just a
fictional legendary character.

Instead, he was a real person who existed in history.

What Jonathan couldn't fathom was how Joshua was capable of summoning such a powerful cultivator
from the past.

At that moment, it was clear that Joshua had no time for Jonathan's questions.

As Ravager charged at Vicador, Joshua seized upon the opportunity to replenish his spiritual energy.

When sword energy was fired in Joshua's direction, Jonathan dived in front of Joshua to deflect it away.

"Joshua! What kind of book is that? Why can you summon an ancient cultivator?"

As if he was popping a snack into his mouth, Joshua consumed another Spirit Rejuvenating Pill.

"This is a secret of the Whitley family.We can materialize anyone we can think of.I can even conjure up
a superhero character of your choosing with enough spiritual energy"

While speaking, Joshua was already charging in Avery's direction.

Although Jonathan was half a step behind Joshua, he managed to reach Avery first.

Brandishing Heaven Sword with one hand, Jonathan flung out his chessboard with the other.

This time, the chessboard was used for a sneak attack.

When Heaven Sword was deflected by Avery's long sword, Jonathan made a seal with his hand,
causing the chessboard to expand instantaneously into a gigantic size that was tens of meters wide.

Struck by the corner of the chessboard, Avery was sent flying backward.

In the meantime, Joshua had launched himself into the air by stepping off the large earthen mound and
landed on the chessboard.

"Send me forward! I have to kill him!"

Even though Joshua was focused on summoning Ravager earlier, his spiritual sense allowed him to
monitor everything that was going on.

Moreover, he had one advantage over Jonathan—Joshua understood Remdikian.

That was how he managed to learn of Remdik's plan from the captured Remdikian werewolf cultivator.It
went without saying that he had heard all the orders Avery gave to his men.

The latter was a shrewd tactician.

Despite his simple instructions, he had come close to taking the lives of Joshua and Jonathan.

An enemy with such a keen sense of the battlefield was extremely dangerous.

It might be the first time Jonathan and Joshua were working together, but the tacit understanding they
shared was unparalleled.

Before Joshua finished, Jonathan already understood what the former wanted.

Forming a seal with both hands, he used Divine Chessboard's space-altering formation to teleport
Joshua right above Avery.

Thereafter, he retrieved Divine Chessboard and turned his attention to the Remdikian cultivators

Just a moment ago, Jonathan felt an extremely clear sensation.

The coffin in his energy field seemed to have cracked open again.

He figured that the life force of the God Realm cultivator who was just killed had awakened the sleeping

"There's something wrong with the aura of the person from before!"

Seboxia's voice suddenly rang out in his head while Jonathan was in the midst of a battle with the
Remdikian cultivator.

What's wrong with it? Jonathan asked in his mind despite his reluctance to pay Seboxia any heed.

Inside his energy field, the coffin had already opened up a gap that was the size of a palm, and within
its dark confines, a pair of bloodshot yellow eyes gradually opened.

"I can feel the presence of a divine weapon!"

Bang! Seboxia's words distracted Jonathan momentarily, giving his opponent an opening to strike and
send Jonathan crashing into the ground.

Ribs broken, Jonathan endured the pain as he leaped back by a hundred meters.

A divine weapon...

It was rarely mentioned even within the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Although there were limited records of it, whatever was written would send a chill down anyone's spine.

It was stated that a divine weapon was capable of moving heavens and earth to obliterate anything in
its path.

Death awaited anyone who crossed its path.

The short passage that described the divine weapon's power was enough to strike fear into anyone.

But such an object has disappeared for more than a millennium, so how is it possible that Joshua has
one? Just as Jonathan was staring blankly at Joshua's silhouette, novelebook.comhe could feel a wave
of rejuvenating life force coming from his elixir field that quickly healed his broken ribs.

"Jonathan, I'll help you deal with these men, but you'll have to give the matter about the Remdik
Emperor's heart due consideration"

Seboxia's raspy voice echoed in Jonathan's mind.

The very next moment, Jonathan's elixir field was suddenly filled with pure life force which was swiftly
distributed to the rest of his body through his meridians.

Despite not looking that way, he had suffered multiple internal injuries in the earlier battle which
affected the flow of his spiritual energy and vitality.

Now that his life force was rejuvenated, he felt as if he had been given a new lease on life, a feeling
that was similar to shedding a burden that was a thousand pounds heavy.

Truth be told, the biggest factor was a change in Jonathan's attitude.

When he fought the Remdikians previously, the chances of victory were only fifty-fifty.

With Seboxia's support, he was now free to go all out, as he didn't have to concern himself with the risk
of dying anymore.

"I'm going to take on ten at one go!"

Jonathan roared, attracting everyone's attention.

The next moment, Jonathan made a forceful leap into the air.

However, the massive force that was generated fractured the bones of his right leg.

Nonetheless, he managed to obtain unbelievable speed in exchange for the excruciating pain he

As if he had been teleported, Jonathan crashed straight into the Remdikian cultivator.

The latter subsequently plunged his long sword into the left side of Jonathan's chest, whereas
Jonathan pierced his opponent's shoulder with Heaven Sword.

By then, Jonathan's right leg had already fully recovered due to the overwhelming life force within him.

He then pulled Heaven Sword diagonally across the cultivator's body, right underneath the cultivator's
horrified gaze.

It wasn't until the cultivator was sliced in half with his brains splattering on the ground that Jonathan
managed to free his sword.

"You're crazy..."

Those were the Remdikian’s last words before he collapsed to the ground.

Nevertheless, Jonathan had no time to care about such trivial matters.

As Seboxia's life force wasn't cultivated by him, it would slowly flow out of his body with the passage of

Previously, he could suppress the process with Pryncyp of Slaughter.

But now, he was like a leaking balloon, and he was losing his life force a hundred times faster than

After grabbing the cultivator's neck and throwing him aside, Jonathan groaned as he pulled out the long
sword from his chest.

Other than Vicador and Ravager, who were engaged ina brutal battle of their own, the cultivators from
both Asura's Office and Remdik were dumbfounded by what they had witnessed.

Even though Remdikian intelligence had reported Jonathan's impressive healing ability, Avery and his
men assumed that it was an excuse cooked up by the Western Army for their losses.

After all, no one would ever believe the ability to come back from the dead actually existed.

However, right before their eyes, Jonathan had pulled out a long sword from his chest and looked as if
he was unscathed.

Moreover, he was hunting for his next target excitedly.

Is he even human?

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