Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1092

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With Heaven Sword in hand, Jonathan charged outside the restraining barrier without any hesitation.

Within the span of less than twenty seconds, the first of the three layers of the restraining barrier was

If the other two remaining layers of the barrier were also smashed through, Jonathan, regardless of
how capable he was, would be incapable of withstanding the combined attacks of four God Realm

"Stop Joshua's spell!"

Even though Avery wasn't part of the Eastern Allied Army, he paid close attention to the military
developments of Chanaea.

As a result, he was familiar with who Joshua was.

He might not understand what Joshua was doing, but being the smart man that he was, he could tell
from the way Jonathan was defending Joshua that the latter was conjuring a spell that was capable of
turning the tide of the battle.

Upon letting out a battle cry, Avery concentrated all of his spiritual energy as he charged at the
restraining barrier below.

As for the other two men, they attacked Jonathan while letting out menacing roars.

Once Jonathan pulled back Divine Chessboard with his spiritual energy, he transformed it into a shield
to block the attacks of the three men.

Bang! Purple sparks flew when Avery's all-out attack smashed against Divine Chessboard.

When the defensive formations carved into its surface were shattered by the impact, Jonathan weaved
a spell with his hands to shrink the chessboard into the size of his palm.

Thereafter, he brandished Heaven Sword and thrust it straight at Avery's throat.

Right as the tip of the sword was about to make contact, Avery disappeared in a flash, leaving nothing
but an afterimage.

As for Jonathan, he had two armed Remdikian cultivators bearing down on him on both flanks.

"Elemental Extrication Technique!"

Jonathan chanted, causing his body to sink and vanish into the earth.


Avery, who could still detect Jonathan's aura, transformed the long sword in his hands into a fiery laser
that shot into the ground.

Within the darkness, the bronze handbell above Jonathan's head bore the brunt of the long sword's

Amidst the bell ring emanating from underground, the spiritual energy shockwave that resulted from the
clash of two magical items shook the entire earth.

Consequently, Avery and his men leaped back to avoid the carnage.

With a slight twitch of his right hand, Avery pulled his long sword out of the ground through telekinesis.

Together with the two Remdikian cultivators, the three of them dashed in Joshua's direction.

"Destroy his restraining barrier!" Avery barked in mid-air.

Without any hesitation, the two cultivators drew their respective weapons and charged at Joshua.

As a blistering light flared before disappearing, another layer of the restraining barrier was shattered
silently by one of the God Realm cultivators in an all-out attack.

At the same time, Avery and the other cultivator continued their assault upon the last restraining barrier.

Crack! In the blink of an eye, the other cultivator smashed the last restraining barrier but was thrown
backward by the backlash that resulted.

With the three layers of the restraining barrier now destroyed, Avery brought his long sword down upon
Joshua's head.

In spite of that, Joshua chanted a spell that no one could understand.

His gaze was fixed on Troop Summoner, and he didn't even spare Avery a glance.


As Avery's long sword came down upon Joshua, everyone else who was watching from afar turned
pale, expecting to see the latter being cut down.

Boom! A loud rumble echoed through the air suddenly.

The ground in front of Joshua, with an area of tens of square meters, rose into the air without warning.

Avery, who was about to chop down Joshua's head, was suddenly flung into the air by the ascending

Within the darkness of the underground, a drop of blood fell from Jonathan's nose.

He then formed a seal with his hands and chanted, "Elemental Extrication Technique, Burrowing

Boom! Boom! Boom! Consecutive rumbles shook the ground around Joshua.

One by one, pillars of earth that were tens of square meters thick rose rapidly into the air.

Just like a group of mighty pythons, all of them flew toward the Remdikian cultivators.

Meanwhile, the airborne Avery unleashed a spiritual energy chain to anchor himself to one of the
Burrowing Dragons.

Upon pulling himself onto it, he slashed it immediately with his sword.

The sword energy cut through the Burrowing Dragon and headed straight for Joshua.

The rest of the dragons seemed to have taken a life of their own as they rapidly entwined themselves
to form a dome around him.

After striking the Burrowing Dragon, the powerful sword energy from earlier gradually weakened before
disappearing less than five meters from the ground.

Jonathan subsequently burst to the surface with a forceful stomp of his feet.

In the meantime, the Burrowing Dragons around Joshua had begun to attack the God Realm cultivators
viciously while Jonathan kept Avery occupied.

Although Jonathan couldn't understand what Avery was saying, he had noticed, from
the very beginning, that the latter was the brains of the Remdikian force.

From the fact that he led the three Remdikian cultivators in an attack on Joshua, it was clear that his
battlefield awareness was extremely sharp.

Consequently, Jonathan knew he had to kill someone of such caliber immediately to stave off future

As the Burrowing Dragons circled in the sky and attacked with devastating power, the overwhelmed
Remdikian cultivators had no choice but to take cover despite the power they wielded.

Finally, one of them struck a Burrowing Dragon with his spear.

Just as he hesitated at the sight of the collapsing dragon, a column of earth exploded from within the

All he saw was Jonathan flash by him with Heaven Sword in hand.

Jonathan's bronze handbell was capable of suppressing the movement of spiritual energy and spiritual

As long as he carried it with him, no one would be able to detect his presence.

As the Remdikian cultivator's head flew off after being severed, he saw his back for the very first time,
which inadvertently became the last thing he saw before his death.

After that, Jonathan leaped into the sky to where Avery was.


As a loud roar rang out beside him, Jonathan felt his vision go dark.

He was subsequently sent flying by a massive impact, as if a giant truck had crashed into him.

When he turned to look, he was greeted by the sight of a giant, who was more than ten meters tall,
dropping down upon him.

"Vicador, stop Joshua from completing his spell!"

Avery barked from mid-air.

At that moment, Vicador realized where the problem lay.

The dangerous aura within the Burrowing Dragons was growing increasingly intense.

Stepping on top of a Burrowing Dragon, Vicador clenched his giant hands into fists and smashed them

Boom! Amidst a thundering rumble, the Burrowing Dragons that Jonathan had summoned were
shattered into pieces.

Thereafter, Vicador jumped back repeatedly in an effort to take cover.

Meanwhile, a boundless murderous intent suddenly emanated from the center of the Burrowing

After calming his spiritual energy down, Jonathan looked in Joshua's direction.

Right beside Joshua, he could see a flaming red spirit warrior that was about five meters tall.

It had a cleaver in its hand as it stood guard in front of Joshua.

Once again, Joshua popped three Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth.

Staring at the giant Vicador conjured up, Joshua ordered coldly, "Kill him, Ravager!"

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