Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1091

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Aidan and the rest were startled to hear Avery's words.

"Are you saying that Mr.Ivanov will take action against us?" Aidan asked incredulously, refusing to
believe his ears.

Beside him, Vicador cast a grim look at the rest and declared, "Avery wasn't talking about Mr.Ivanov; he
was referring to the tsar."

Avery directed his gaze to Vicador once again.

Avery had never considered Vicador to be an outstanding soldier in the Eastern War Zone as the latter
had no merits to boast of.It was beyond Avery's imagination that Vicador was capable of seeing the big
picture of Remdik so clearly.

Currently, the tsar and Ivanov were on the verge of falling out completely.

lvanov's family was the biggest martial artist family in the east of Remdik.

The only reason Ivanov was willing to pledge his loyalty and work for the tsar was for the sake of his
family's safety.

lvanov's family had schemed for at least one hundred years to take down the tsar.

As one of The Untouchables, they didn't want to bow to someone else forever.

Avery wasn't sure how big Ivanov's family's trap was, but he was sure that it was connected to the
previous captain of Team Alpha, Antoine.

Otherwise, the tsar wouldn't have instructed him to halt Aidan and let Jonathan get rid of Antoine
without interference.

Antoine was important as his death also made Remdik lose the military resources for almost two
hundred thousand people.

Even so, the tsar didn't change his mind about wanting Antoine dead.

The reason behind his decision was worth pondering.

Antoine had no idea that Ivanov wasn't his grandfather on his paternal side; lvanov was his grandfather
on his maternal side.

Over two decades ago, lvanov's family went to great lengths to send their eldest daughter to the Collins
family, where the head of external affairs was in a drunken stupor.

That night was how Antoine was born.

Antoine was a crucial leverage for lvanov's family to defeat the tsar, but before they could use him,
Jonathan managed to take him out.

As the saying went, "Man proposes, God disposes."

Through this incident, it was pretty clear that the tsar and Ivanov would never get along in peace

In this battle, the tsar had a greater chance of victory, as he had control over all of Remdik.

However, lvanov's family could not sit idly by and wait to be defeated.

The occurrence of bloodshed in Remdik was inevitable.

Aidan was fleeing swiftly, and his eyes glinted with malice upon hearing Avery and Vicador's words.

He inquired, "So, you mean to say that whether we win or lose this battle, we are doomed to die?"

"Not necessarily;’ came Vicador's answer as he tore off his clothes to reveal his toned muscles.

He proclaimed, "Winning this battle means that both the tsar and Mr.Ivanov will have to answer to the
Eastern War Zone soldiers if they want us dead.Regardless of their conflict, they need control over the
country and the respect of their people.If we want to live, we can no longer run away.It will be too late
to turn back once we cross River Onxy!"

With that, he stomped the ground, and an earth-shattering rumble rang out.He released all his energy
and whirled around to charge toward Jonathan and the rest, who were several hundreds of meters
behind them.

"Leave the chessboard to me.I'm not handling the others!"

Vicador commanded icily.

Midair, he summoned a strange dagger and stabbed it into his chest forcefully.

During a fast-paced battle, a cultivator's vitality would rapidly deplete.

After Vicador stabbed himself, a large burst of blood mist spurted out of his chest.

The blood mist enveloped Vicador like a huge cocoon and changed into meridians that looked like
blood vessels.

In just a matter of seconds, these blood vessels grew into a giant several dozen meters tall that
towered over the battlefield.

Vicador was surrounded by a swirling vortex of spiritual energy of heaven and earth that he drew from
all around him.

In mere moments, the energy coalesced around him, transforming him into a towering giant, several
dozen meters tall.

Bang! Vicador raised his hand to punch the Divine Chessboard.

As the giant's right arm burst into pieces from the impact, the Divine Chessboard was sent flying from
its unbelievably strong power.

Jonathan and the like blanched in shock at the sight.

After acquiring the chessboard, Jonathan had engaged in numerous battles against his enemies.

While he did suffer some losses and some of his adversaries managed to flee, they
were all fixated on deciphering the formations on the chessboard rather than attempting to destroy the
chessboard itself.

Jonathan was the owner of the Divine Chessboard, which meant that it would always follow him
wherever he went as long as he wished it to.

However, Vicador managed to send the Divine Chessboard flying with just one punch.

Jonathan even lost communication with the chessboard for one split second.

They halted in their tracks and stared at Vicador darkly.

Currently, Vicador's right arm had burst into a horrifying blood mist.

However, the blood mist appeared to be directed by a mysterious force as it rapidly gathered around
Vicador's body.

Rather than revolving around the arm stump to regenerate it, it flowed through the meridians of the
giant before reforming the missing arm.

"The Pryncyp of Blood?"

Jonathan frowned as he stared at Vicador intently.

As soon as Aidan and his companions noticed that Jonathan's Divine Chessboard had been thrown,
they quickly turned around to attack Jonathan and his allies.

Once again, Karl and the Chanaean cultivators engaged in a fight with the Remdikian cultivators.

This time, the Remdikian cultivators went all out in attacking them as though they had gone crazy.

After a few exchanges, the members of Asura's Office became aware of something amiss.

They immediately tensed up and focused on confronting the powerful foe.

Beside Jonathan, Joshua swung out the Formation Crusher to form three spirit shields, blocking the
three Remdikian cultivators effectively.

Holding the Troop Summoner, Joshua summoned a jade bottle.

He uncorked it and poured the contents into his mouth.

Joshua had swallowed seven Spirit Rejuvenating Pills in one go.

Even Jonathan couldn't help but gape in disbelief at the sight.

"D*mn it! Joshua, do you have a death wish?"

he blurted out.

"Something's wrong," Joshua replied sternly.

"The Remdikians are going all out, and we're not their match.I need to summon a God Realm general
to help us, but it will take some time"

As he spoke, the spiritual energy within his body erupted like a flood.

Jonathan's body shook slightly from the force of the spiritual energy, but he quickly pulled out his
Heaven Sword to stand in front of Joshua.

The three layers of restraining barrier created by the Formation Crusher had been placed urgently and
couldn't hold their enemies back for too long.

However, it was clear that Joshua couldn't summon the God Realm general swiftly.

Not far away, Vicador’s arm was slowly restoring itself.

I have to fight against four of them alone! "Joshua, I can help you ward off their attacks for a while, but
hurry up.I can't hold on for too long!"

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