Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1089

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Jonathan shouted as the Divine Chessboard absorbed the surging waves of spiritual energy inside him.

Within seconds, the palm-sized chessboard had grown so large that it completely canopied the

"Activate shattered mirror formation!" Avery ordered before forming a hand seal.

A streak of crimson light suddenly flashed across his chest and morphed into a blood mist that
enveloped him entirely.

The other Remdikian cultivators quickly followed suit, resulting in the same crimson light rays exploding
from their bodies.

After the blast, however, Jonathan realized he could no longer detect the Remdikians' aura inside his
chessboard formation.

"Watch out! There's something odd about the opponents’ blood spirit shield!" he warned.

With that, he made a seal and shrunk the chessboard, causing it to glow bright purple.

The next second, Jonathan appeared behind Avery and thrust Heaven Sword toward the latter's back.

To his surprise, Avery threw a scraper behind him without turning around.

"Ha! I've been waiting for you!"

The two blades soon collided, and a bright white light burst forth from the back of Avery's shirt.

As it turned out, the man had installed a device resembling a flash grenade on himself.

Since cultivators had incredible eyesight, it also meant they were a lot more sensitive to light.

Of course, Jonathan was no exception, and he found himself blinded by the flash almost instantly.

Avery took the opportunity to turn around and attack with his sword, but before he could cause any
damage, Jonathan had teleported more than dozens of meters away.

Divine Chessboard's space-altering formation had, once again, saved the latter's life.

Thankfully, the battle-tested Jonathan had also been instinctively expanding his spiritual sense.

Even though he usually kept his spiritual sense within a sensible three-meter radius, it had served him
well and saved him from countless life-threatening situations.

This time, he knew he couldn't hold back as he unleashed waves of spiritual sense in all directions.

Before long, he detected several figures rushing toward him with a battle axe and Epean spear aimed
at his head.


As Jonathan closed his eyes, a glint of gold flashed above his head.

A bell-shaped shield immediately appeared out of thin air, causing the spear and battle axe to slam
heavily into it.

Jonathan flew away from the impact, but his figure disappeared again when his feet touched the
ground, leaving it shattered.

Without further ado, he drew Heaven Sword and slashed at the waist of the axe-wielding cultivator.

Ding! Alas, a short sword whizzed past and collided with Jonathan's blade, thus changing Heaven
Sword's trajectory and foiling its attack.

Meanwhile, the axe-wielding cultivator had already recomposed himself and imbued his battle axe with
spiritual energy, morphing it into a giant creature that hurtled toward the ground.

Boom! The impact sent Jonathan flying out, but thankfully, Joshua pulled him out of the battle axe’s
blast wave.

"Jonathan, this group of people seem very familiar with your combat style!"

the latter exclaimed while clutching his Formation Crusher.

"The opponents’ coordinated attacks are all aimed at me, so you and Winston will have to find a way to
break through," Jonathan said, still unable to open his eyes.

The next second, he flinched a little as he swiftly changed his hand seal.

A billhook suddenly slashed through the air underneath the Divine Chessboard, and the wielder was
revealed to be a red-faced Winston.

Stunned that his surroundings had changed, Winston quickly looked back at his previous fighting

The three Remdikian cultivators were still searching for their target, and if it weren't for Jonathan, they
would've successfully encircled Winston and the rest.

"My Divine Chessboard can catch the enemies off guard, but their red restraining barriers are blocking
its formation from working properly.I can't even tell where they are," Jonathan uttered.

Now on full alert, Winston snapped, "What do you mean? What on earth are you talking about?"

"Are you saying your chessboard is useless against them because you can't detect their positions?"
Joshua said with a frown.

Jonathan nodded hastily.

With that, Joshua scanned the battlefield.

"Your formation may be useless against them, but it'd work on us, wouldn't it?" he piped up.

"Can you teleport us to where the Remdikians are?"

At that point, the Leesons, Hayden, Karl, and Ksana had all gotten restrained by their respective

The remaining seven Remdikian cultivators, however, had formed a circle and were slowly approaching
Jonathan and the rest.

By the look of things, it wouldn't be wise to continue fighting, so Joshua had no choice but to trust
Jonathan unconditionally.

As the Formation Crusher shook in Joshua's hand, Jonathan realized the oil-like substance coated on
the man was dissipating rapidly.

Huh? I'm starting to feel a strange sense of control over Joshua...

"Thank you for your trust!" Jonathan said as he stretched out his left hand to pat Joshua on the

"Ksana's opponent had best prepared himself!"

With a slight move of his fingers, the arcane array above Jonathan's head glowed purple, and Joshua
disappeared instantaneously.

Following that, a painful scream rang out.


The crimson glow on the man opposite Ksana flickered before vanishing completely, much to the shock
of the other Remdikian cultivators.

Upon seeing what seemed like glowing black flames in Joshua's hand, their expressions turned grim.

One thing was for sure—they knew too little of Chanaean cultivators.

Why had the eight respectable families refused to give up killing the Whitley family even after ten long
years? The reason was simple.

They were after the Whitleys’ three magical items—Formation Crusher, Hailstorm Fan, and Troop

Each item had its own strengths, and Formation Crusher, in particular, was designed to break
restraining barrier formations.

Some people might question the usefulness of such a magical item, especially in instances where the
opponent didn't utilize any formations during the battle.

Wouldn't Formation Crusher be useless, then? In reality, though, that was far from the case! Whether it
was a piece of defensive armor or an offensive weapon, they all needed to be imbued with arcane
arrays during their crafting processes.

Furthermore, these arcane arrays could encompass any combination of transformation, gathering, and
defense formations.

While the quality of the material was crucial for any magical item, what mattered most was the number
and caliber of arcane arrays infused into it.

That, as it turned out, was where Formation Crusher truly shone.

It could instantly destroy any weapon's embedded arcane arrays, thus rendering it useless.

There was only one such treasure in the world, so how could anyone not hanker after it? Sure enough,
all it took was one strike from Joshua's Formation Crusher to pierce through the Remdikian cultivator's
crimson restraining barrier and internal armor.

Despite being severely injured, the cultivator swung his massive club at Joshua in retaliation.


Gesturing with both hands, Jonathan released a surge of Spiritual energy into the Divine Chessboard
hovering above him.


With that, the Remdikian cultivator suddenly appeared above Aidan's head...

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