Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1090

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"What is going on?"

Aidan hollered as he retreated half a step back to avoid the magical item that was as thick as a tree

The earth shook, and the club crashed onto the ground.

"My defense restraining barrier has been destroyed!" the cultivator shouted to Aidan in Remdikian.

When the Remdikian cultivators’ attention was attracted by the sudden event, Jonathan threw two Spirit
Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth and quickly formed more hand seals with his fingers.

"Joshua, the second one!" he hollered.

Joshua, who was initially standing across from Ksana, disappeared yet again.

Meanwhile, the Remdikian fighting Karl summoned his shield to block his opponent's attacks.

Based on their positioning, he was the second cultivator from the left.

As the Remdikians charged toward their comrade's aid, Joshua suddenly appeared without warning
behind Jonathan and in front of Alexander.

He swung his Formation Crusher through the air, creating a black flame that destroyed the restraining
barrier on Alexander's body before landing forcefully on the latter's chest.

Pft! Alexander spat out a mouthful of blood as a sword pierced through his chest.

This time, Jonathan not only teleported Joshua but also himself to a position behind Alexander.

However, he made sure he arrived a second later than Joshua.

That way, Alexander's attention would be focused on Joshua entirely, allowing him to unleash a lethal
attack on the former.

The Heaven Sword lifted Alexander's near-dead body and gave a forceful slash.

As a result, Alexander's left chest and left arm were separated from his torso by the sword.

He collapsed to the ground, his eyes open despite having breathed his last.

Alexander, the Chief of Staff from the Medved Army, was one of the more formidable cultivators among
those present in the battle.

It was unlikely for him to be easily defeated even if he were to face Jonathan and Joshua at the same

Previously, when Jonathan and Karl coincidentally encountered Antoine at Redlington, they had to fight
for over twenty minutes before they were able to get rid of him.

Back then, Jonathan was still able to use the Pryncyp of Strength.

Even if a God Realm cultivator were to encounter a formidable opponent, they could survive if they
were quick enough to escape.

However, when Jonathan and Joshua joined forces on the battlefield, they became an unstoppable

The portal formation made it impossible for anyone to predict their movements, and they possessed
magical items that could crush formations and end lives.

When Jonathan and Joshua teamed up, they became a formidable duo of ruthless assassins.

After Alexander died, the rest quickly left the coverage of the Divine Chessboard above Jonathan's
head under Avery's lead.

These cultivators weren't afraid of dying as they were soldiers.

Nevertheless, they refused to die in vain.

As the distance between them widened, Jonathan and his group got the chance to take a break.

The ones who had the biggest reactions were Jonathan and Joshua.

Finally getting to take a breather, they stopped to swallow countless Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.

The use of both the Formation Crusher and Divine Chessboard required a significant amount of
spiritual energy.

Gathering spiritual energy from their surroundings was an easy feat for a Divine Realm cultivator, who
then had no reason to worry about running out of energy.

Below that level, even God Realm cultivators in the absolute phase would find it difficult to use such
powerful magical items.

If a Grandmaster Realm cultivator were to attempt to use such a magical item, they would instantly turn
into a dried-up corpse before they could even activate it.

Jonathan grabbed Alexander's arm and removed his storage ring, putting it on his own finger.

He stared at their enemies and declared, "There are eleven of them left.I believe it won't be that easy to
kill them anymore."

Wielding his long sword, Hayden came over to join him.

"Of course! They are not fools and won't expose themselves to your chessboard anymore."

Hearing that, Jonathan chuckled aloud.

"I'm fine with that.If they won't come to us, I'll go to them! And if they want to, they can flee back to the
north of River Onxy.novelebook.comThat way, their plan to attack Doveston will be foiled."

Jonathan immediately took action.

He leaped into the air and charged toward Aidan and the rest.

Joshua and the others quickly followed him.

With Jonathan's chessboard, they had the advantage of attacking their enemies without worrying about
being caught off guard.

Even if they were outmatched, the chessboard's teleportation ability allowed them to escape to safety.

Thus, the other forces who were paying full attention to this fight were witnesses to a hilarious sight.

Nearly twenty cultivators hailing from Remdik and Chanaea commenced a long-distance race across
the land that had been heavily bombarded by missiles.

As Jonathan and the Chanaean cultivators chased after the fleeing Remdikian cultivators, Aidan
couldn't help but voice his frustration, "We were the ones attacking, but now we're being chased like

When have Remdikian soldiers ever suffered such humiliation?"

Avery turned over his shoulder to look at the Divine Chessboard, which was glowing brilliantly like a
colorful cloud.

"If you refuse to be humiliated, then destroy the chessboard!"

Aidan twisted around to look at the chessboard and promptly slumped his shoulders in defeat.

Vicador, who was usually quiet, spoke up slowly, "If we get chased back all the way to the northern
bank of River Onxy, we will undoubtedly be brought to the military court.

Remdik might value heroes, but don't forget that those who shy away from battles in fear will be
sentenced to death"

Aidan's heart sank to the bottom of his stomach.

Forcing out a smile, he replied, "Seriously? We're the strongest God Realm cultivators in the Eastern
War Zone.If they sentence us to death, who will protect the Eastern War Zone?"

"You'll have to pose that question to Avery" Vicador said darkly.

Avery turned to Vicador as a strange glint appeared in his gaze.

He had served the Eastern War Zone for years and thus thought he knew the God Realm cultivators
there well.

However, he had never expected Vicador, who was often overlooked for being quiet, to display such

As Aidan and the others turned their attention toward him, Avery snorted coldly.

"Vicador is right.We may be important to the Eastern War Zone, but we must remember that Ivanov
and the tsar are currently at a stalemate.Western Epea has been making moves, and even Mount
Enly's Sanctuary has been acting more frequently.This battle isn't just about invading Chanaea's
Doveston; it's a crucial step for Ivanov, the tsar, and Sanctuary.If I'm correct, the entire Eastern War

Zone will see a massive reshuffle of personnel in the war.If we flee back to Remdik like cowards, we'll
be branded as traitors."

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