Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1088

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Naturally, Jonathan wanted the cultivators of the six remaining families to stay and assist Asura's Office
in combating the enemy.

However, despite their influence in Chanaea, the other six families held power beyond Doveston, and
they were not willing to get involved in the conflict.

"The Leeson family is doing this for their ancestral land.We don't have any assets in Doveston.Why
would we sacrifice our lives for nothing?" Harper sneered.

Turning to face Winston and the other two, Harper gave them a curt nod before declaring icily, "You're
acting all noble, aren't you? Let's see how you plan on helping.

Once Jonathan reaches Divine Realm, your family will be the first to suffer, being the furthest from the
other seven families"

After ridiculing the Leeson family and the others for their change of allegiance, Harper and his troops
departed, followed by the remaining five families.

Being on the battlefield, they couldn't afford to linger, as there was a chance that Remdikian cultivators
might find their way there and drag them into the conflict.

They immediately headed west without hesitation.

Jonathan watched the cultivators from the six respectable families heading west.

A brief hesitation later, he spoke into his communication device.

"Freddie, get our intelligence officers to keep an eye on the six respectable families’ whereabouts.I
want to know whether they leave Doveston directly"

"Got it" Freddie replied curtly.

"Mr.Goldstein, the Remdikian cultivators are almost here." Jonathan lifted his gaze toward the north
and then waved his hand at Zachary.

"Zachary, Kane, Andy, give your communication devices to the Leeson family.You'll be in charge of
Beshya's defense line for now.Remember to cooperate with Yosef!" he ordered.


Without hesitation, Zachary and the like removed their communication devices and tossed them to
Winston and his men.

They were aware that the Grandmaster Realm cultivators would not be strong enough to participate in
the upcoming battle.

After all, it would be a battle between the God Realm cultivators from both countries! After the Leesons
put on the communication devices, Jonathan leaped up, heading north.

"Our priority now is to lure the enemy as far north as we can.The upcoming battle will be fought by God
Realm cultivators, and those below Grandmaster Realm might get caught in the crossfire.If that
happens, they will die.I'm counting on all of you to prevent that!"


"Got it!"

"Will do!"

Everyone agreed readily.

Jonathan, Karl, Joshua, Hayden, Winston, Remy, Drew, Ksana.

The eight God Realm cultivators from various factions chose to work together temporarily in the face of
the impending Remdikian attack.

It didn't matter whether they were good or evil, friends or enemies.

When their mutual interests were at stake, they were able to set aside all their grudges and unite to
take out their enemy.

However, no one knew how long this would last.

Perhaps they would betray each other when a valuable treasure was to appear.

At least for now, they had the same goal—to get rid of the Remdikian cultivators! Jonathan and the like
landed on a hill ahead and halted in their tracks.

A small private plane was emitting thick smoke north of the hill, swallowed in the fire.

Meanwhile, a row of cultivators was standing a hundred meters north of the plane.

They were Aidan and the rest of the cultivators from Remdik.

Previously, the Intelligence Unit had reported that the Remdikian cultivators were only ten miles away
from Beshya's defense line.

For God Realm cultivators, this distance could be covered in just a few minutes.

However, it had been over ten minutes since Winston arrived.

Jonathan was wondering why the Remdikians took such a long time to close the distance, and he had
no idea they were watching the burning plane here.

Jonathan and the rest weren't just the confused ones, for Aidan and the other Remdikians were just as

As they traveled south, they were nearing their destination after crossing River Onxy, but suddenly a
private jet appeared and crashed less than a kilometer away from them.

If they had been any closer, they would have been killed.

It was almost as though the plane was specifically targeting them.

The Remdikians, who held significant influence in their own country, were unable to decipher the
Chanaeans’ plan despite their best efforts.

If Chanaea was able to be this accurate, shouldn't they use short-range missiles instead? It was highly
unlikely for the plane to crash in this location by coincidence, as it was the current battlefield, and the
entire state of Eshistan had been declared a no-fly zone.

No one in their right mind would fly their private jet across the area and risk crashing it, "coincidentally"
nearly killing all the Remdikian cultivators.

Most importantly, they had used their spiritual sense to investigate the burning plane and discovered
that there was no one inside.

They were certain that the Chanaeans were giving them a warning by sending an unmanned craft.

Hence, they halted in their tracks, uncertain whether they should continue forging ahead.

Ksana had no idea her actions would confuse the cultivators from Remdik.

When she spotted them, she flipped out two daggers deftly.

"Master, we're outnumbered by our enemies.Should we attack them now?"she inquired.

Jonathan's eyes were blocks of ice as he regarded the Remdikian cultivators silently.

He recognized Aidan, the commander of the Medved Army, and Alexander, the Chief of Staff from
previous battles, but this was his first time seeing Avery from the Arctic Army and the other God Realm

"There are twelve of them.Without your help, the Eastern Army would have perished in the battle!"

Jonathan declared with gritted teeth.

If Joshua, Hayden, and the three Leeson cultivators hadn't agreed to join forces, even with Ksana’'s
help, Jonathan would not have been able to stop the Remdikians' advance.

After all, it would have been three cultivators against twelve.

With the addition of Joshua, who had plenty of magical items to aid him, on his side, the odds had
improved to eight versus twelve, giving them a fifty percent chance of winning the battle.

"Joshua, can you handle three enemies at once?" Jonathan asked in a low voice.

Joshua pulled out his Formation Crusher.

"I'll take care of the three cultivators on the left.I can only hold them back for ten minutes."

"We'll handle the three on the right!"

Winston declared, wielding his billhook that was giving off intense energy.

Hayden held his sniper rifle.

"I want to make it clear that I can only handle one opponent.I cannot promise that I'll be able to defeat
them, though"

"I can handle two!"

Ksana declared as she tipped her head to drink a sip of the Holy Blood.

Holding her daggers, she was the first one to dash down the hill.

"How much fake alcohol has she drunk?" Jonathan sighed.

He fished out his Divine Chessboard and tossed it ahead.

Three figures moved with such speed that they left afterimages behind them.

They were Joshua, Jonathan, and Winston, rushing toward the Remdikians.

Aidan let out an angry roar as his spiritual energy bubbled up.

While he may not have been as good at coming up with strategic plans as the others, he possessed
enough strength to match any God Realm cultivator.

"Don't hold back.Let's get this over with quickly!"

Jonathan hollered.

The Divine Chessboard immediately covered the entire sky after leaving his hands.

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