Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1085

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Jonathan was pretty straightforward.

It was not that the seven respectable families had called a truce, but Jonathan and his gang were the
ones letting all of them off the hook.

In fact, the cultivator from the Welsh family might have suffered a blow from Jonathan, yet the latter did
not claim his life.

All he did was break a few of the cultivator's ribs.

Even though the eight respectable families were least expecting to come across such a special
situation, including the fact that Joshua and Hayden had temporarily joined forces with Asura’s Office,
they found it difficult to accept an outcome like that.

Ever since Asura’s Office became known three years ago, the eight respectable families had had
different opinions of it time and again.

In the very beginning, they would not even spare a glance at Asura's Office.

As time passed, they paid more and more attention to it, and at present, they finally saw Asura's Office
as a threat.

If anything, Asura's Office was the source that had forced the eight respectable families into making a
series of strategic changes.

After the fierce battle with the Whitley family ten years ago, the eight respectable families had been
busy rebuilding their strength while keeping one another on a short leash.

Besides, Asura's Office was only an armed force in the mortal world.

No matter how powerful their weapons were, they amounted to nothing in the face of the high-level
cultivators of the eight respectable families.

Although no one said it outright, the eight respectable families had always thought that should they
have the intention of dealing with Asura’s Office, they simply needed to send their very own cultivators,
and they could wipe out the head honchos of Asura's Office in no time at all.

Be that as it might, the situation in Chanaea had gradually gotten out of hand after repeated intrusions
by multiple forces.

Despite the disorderly state, Asura’s Office had been growing and expanding under Jonathan's

Without anybody realizing it, Asura’s Office seemed to already have what it took to be in negotiations
with the eight respectable families.

The seven respectable families might not have entered the battlefield of River Onxy on their own
accord, but it was considered their very first head-on clash with Asura’s Office.

However, never in their wildest dreams did they expect to be brought to their knees.

Even with the so-called incredible combat prowess of the cultivators that they took pride in, they
appeared quite powerless against Jonathan and his group.

Worse still, they had to depend on Jonathan's mercy if they wished to make it out of the battlefield

Listening to what Jonathan said, Remy and the rest blushed.

What an utter humiliation! "Cut the crap, Jonathan"

Remy sneered.

"We can agree not to fight, but only if you hand Joshua over.We'll leave right away and let you focus on
the upcoming battle"

Harper chimed in, "That's right! Joshua's the only heir left behind by the Whitleys.This is a blood feud
between the eight respectable families and the Whitleys, so you'd better not poke your nose into it."

Joshua turned to look at Jonathan upon hearing those words.

Not only he but even Hayden and Karl were awaiting an answer from Jonathan.

During the war, Asura's Office suffered severe losses.

Due to the excessive transfer of personnel, they were lacking in manpower in several of Harfush's
military areas.

Should Asura's Office fall out with the eight respectable families, it would end up facing threats from
everywhere, completely surrounded by enemies.

Jonathan's choice at that point was particularly crucial, to the extent that it could dictate Asura's Office's
survival.He glanced between Remy and Harper before pulling out Heaven Sword from the storage ring.

"It looks like you really can't hear me, Remy.Hasn't anyone from the Leesons received the message
from Asura's Office? Joshua and Hayden are part of Asura's Office now, so if you guys want to lay your
hands on them, you'll have to give up your life."

Jonathan's speech made Hayden and the others grin from ear to ear.

Joshua, too, shook his head slightly with a faint smile.

"I always thought you were a warlord in chaotic times, Jonathan.I hate to admit it, but I've gotten it all
wrong.Still, that at least helped me figure out how you managed to assemble a force consisting of
almost two million people in less than three years.Hearing you say this today, I'll take you for a friend
until we end this war"

Jonathan regarded Joshua with a subtle grin.

Not a word escaped his mouth, yet deep down, he was delighted.

You'll take me for a friend until we end this war? Too bad for you, I insist we be friends even after we
put an end to this war! To say that he was thrilled at that thought would be an understatement.

The eight respectable families were all so obliging as they began hunting down Hayden and Joshua
just when Asura's Office was in need of some high-level cultivators.

At the end of the day, this decision only compelled the two men, not to mention the entire Zink family, to
ally themselves with Asura's Office.

Gazing far ahead at the representatives of the seven respectable families, Jonathan could not help but
secretly cheer.

Come on! Why don't you all throw more threats at me? The nastier your threats are, the more
miserable you'll make me seem.

In turn, Joshua'll be even more deeply indebted to me.

With help from you guys, I guarantee that Joshua'll pledge his loyalty to Asura's Office even before this
war comes to an end, or the past three years I've spent leading the company would've been for
nothing! Jonathan could fantasize all he wanted, but reality would not be as obliging and smooth

Right when he was anticipating the seven respectable families to commence the battle again, Hayden
exclaimed, "Holy sh*t...Is that Asura's Office's plane over there?"

Attracted by Hayden's voice, the crowd turned their heads to look in the southwest direction.

Up in the sky, a plane with thick, billowing smoke was zipping toward Jonathan.

"Radar report!"

Jonathan shouted at the tactical communication device.

"Commander! Based on our radar analysis, that isn't one of our military aircraft.It's a small passenger
plane losing control.We tried reaching them but didn't receive a response.It's within our artillery range
now.Permission to open fire and take it down, Commander!"

Jonathan was stupefied as he gawked at the small plane getting closer by the second.

Seeing dense clouds of black smoke puff out of the tail end of the plane, he said nothing.

Considering the state of that plane, even if he did not give the order to shoot it down, he knew it would
not stay the course for long.

"Calculate its possible crash site.Ignore it if it'll land outside the zone of our garrison."

"Commander! According to its trajectory, it'll crash five kilometers to the north of your location."

Jonathan felt relieved to hear the voice coming from his earpiece.

Given that the small plane had flown from inside Chanaea, there was not a snowball's chance in hell
that it would be one of Remdik's planes.

Jonathan decided to see for himself what was going on with that plane.

With a deafening rumble, that small plane rode the air current hundreds of meters above everyone's
heads as it barreled toward the northern land.

Amid the thick smoke, a figure could be seen jumping off the plane and descending rapidly.

Jonathan raised his chin and looked intently at the figure, who was screaming.

As he sensed a tinge of excitement in the scream, puzzlement inundated him.

With a sniper rifle in his hands, Hayden looked up at the sky.

"Sir! Somebody jumped down from above! It's a beauty!"

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