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Chapter 1084

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Chapter 1064

As Remy and the others had predicted, if they focused their attacks on Jonathan while he was in his
moment of enlightenment, there was a high probability that they could do away with him.

However, now that Jonathan had awakened, the battle became one-sided.

Joshua alone could hold off three of them, despite merely using one top-grade weapon, Hailstorm Fan.

If he went all out and used the other two weapons, he might even be able to stave off two more

There wasn't a need to elaborate further on what havoc Jonathan, the freak, was capable of wreaking.

Although the eight respectable families didn't care about the affairs of other countries, they were still
informed of Jonathan's recent rampage at Remdik and the West Region.

According to the incomplete statistics they received, Jonathan had killed no less than a thousand
Grandmaster Realm cultivators and a dozen God Realm elites.

Such a huge loss would've been a devastating blow if it befell any of the respectable families.

Although everyone knew such information must be filled with exaggeration and falsehoods, the fact that
Jonathan , managed to escape back to Chanaea even after Remdik utilized its entire nation's force to
capture him was already a testament to Jonathan's frightening capabilities.

If the current fight dragged on, the eight respectable families would undoubtedly be the ones to suffer a

Hence, their persistence was meaningless.

Remy shouted and forcefully swung the billhook in his hand, unleashing a wave of sword energy.

Then, he leaped backward, stepping out of the whirling snowstorm force field.

Following Remy's retreat, Harper and the other cultivator felt the pressure on them become
overwhelming, so they also withdrew from the battle one after the other.

The members of the seven respectable families regrouped tens of meters away, watching Jonathan in

Jonathan's enlightenment is complete.

Another Divine Realm cultivator will likely rise in this world, and we've missed the perfect opportunity to
eliminate Jonathan when we had the chance.

"Jonathan, the Leeson family cannot tolerate your meddling in Doveston.Although Asura's Office had a
grand reputation previously, we, the respectable families, have never taken you seriously.However,
your casual achievement of enlightenment is something unacceptable.You must die!"

Remy tossed a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth and spoke while chewing on the pill like he was
enjoying some snacks.

Jonathan didn't respond after hearing that.

Instead, he turned to nod at Joshua and the others, who were cooling off from the fight.

Hayden spat in the direction of the eight respectable families.

"D*mn all of you old cowards, resorting to threats when you can't defeat your opponents.If you have the
guts, let's continue our fight."

Hayden hated the respectable families to his core.

Coming from a respectable martial arts family, the members of the Zink family had never slacked in
their cultivation.

All of them wanted to advance to God Realm or Divine Realm to attain Great Pryncyp and bring glory
to their clans.

However, those respectable families entrenched at the top of Chanaea's social hierarchy had controlled
countless martial arts families, brainwashing and pressuring the other smaller martial arts households
so that they could never rise to the top.

All they could do was survive meekly under those respectable families.

Now that the Zink family had fallen out with the Osborne family, Hayden also decided to act without

Ever since he broke through to the middle phase of Grandmaster Realm, he had been consuming
Cultivation- suppressing Pills daily to conceal his cultivation level.

That pill could hide the fluctuation of a cultivator's spiritual energy, but every time it was consumed, the
cultivator would have to endure unbearable agony, as if countless needles were puncturing their elixir

At last, he reached God Realm and made a deal with Joshua, only to have his identity exposed,
leading to him being hunted by the eight respectable families for more than a month.

For all those sufferings, Hayden wished he could tear all members of the respectable families to pieces
with his bare hands to vent his anger.

At that moment, looking at the representatives of the seven families at a disadvantage, how could he
stop himself from letting out his pent-up frustration? "D*mn it.

I'm not afraid to tell you this.

The Zink family has already become Asura's Office's ally.


No, that's not right.

It should be Mr.Goldstein! Mr.Goldstein has accomplished enlightenment and will break through to
Divine Realm one day.

I'd like to see how long you eight respectable families can remain on your high horses!"

The representatives of the seven families grimaced after they heard Hayden's words.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan reached out and patted Hayden's shoulder at that moment.

"Hayden, you're getting too cocky too soon.I haven't completed my enlightenment"

Hayden shouted, "Did you hear that? Mr.Goldstein said—"

He caught himself and whipped his head around to look at Jonathan.

"What did you say? You haven't completed your enlightenment?"

Jonathan bobbed his head.

"Actually, when I was undergoing the enlightenment process, I was still aware of the things happening
around me, but because my spiritual sense was caught in the Flow State, I couldn't leave and
move.However, I forcefully broke out of the Flow State when I realized Rebecca was in danger, so the
process was interrupted."

Hayden gazed at Jonathan as if the latter was a fool.

"Are you serious? Joshua told me entering the Flow State happens only by chance and cannot be
sought.Once you achieve enlightenment, you'll have a fifty percent success rate of advancing to Divine
Realm, yet you forcefully broke out of the Flow State to save a mortal? Why did we risk our lives to
protect you, then? Did you think we were doing that for fun?"

Toward the end of his speech, Hayden was close to roaring.

He couldn't accept Jonathan's decision to give up the Flow State to save a Precelestial Realm

Not only Hayden, but even Joshua, standing at one side, was also disappointed.

Joshua could endure bowing his head to his enemies to bid his time for ten years to settle a score.

He often gave off a scholarly vibe in his actions and demeanor, but he could sacrifice everything for the
sake of revenge.

If I had been the one to enter the Flow State, the only possible situation that could force me to give up
is if my life is threatened.I would plow ahead with attaining enlightenment if it were other people in

I won't stop even if the entire Eastern Allied Army dies before my eyes, let alone Rebecca! That was
because he understood becoming a Divine Realm cultivator was one of the only few ways that could
allow him to confront the eight respectable families head-on.

However, Jonathan had voluntarily given that opportunity up.

Looking at the gazes directed at him, Jonathan smiled faintly.

"It's all right.I can continue the enlightenment process when I enter the Flow State next time.I couldn't
stand by and watch my friend get killed before my eyes."

"Jonathan, more than a hundred thousand people from the Eastern Allied Army have already been
sacrificed—" Hayden spoke through gritted teeth.

But before he could finish the rest of his sentence, Jonathan patted his shoulder.

"And that's why I can't let anyone else die.At the very least, not by the hands of our own people before
the Remdikians arrive."

Hayden was momentarily dazed after hearing Jonathan's words.He wanted to say something in
rebuttal, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Jonathan gently patted Hayden's shoulder before striding toward Remy and the others.

"Although I haven't completed my enlightenment, this experience wasn't fruitless.My own strength
might not be sufficient, but when I join forces with Joshua and the others, we can effortlessly do away
with all of you right here.We are facing a great enemy, and I've never expected help from the eight
respectable families to fight against the foe.Nonetheless, I hope you all won't add to the trouble.I'll let
all of you go today, and we'll go our separate ways.What do you say?"

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