Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1086

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"I'm coming, Master!" shouted the girl, spreading her arms to maintain her balance through her freefall.

At that moment, not only Jonathan and Joshua but everybody else also felt the spiritual energy rippling
from the girl.She's a God Realm cultivator! Jonathan held his forehead wearily.

From her weird accent alone, Jonathan recognized the newcomer to be Ksana, with whom he had
nullified their master and servant contract.

Didn't I drop her off south to see the ocean after she brought Charleigh to Merania for me? Before he
left, Jonathan had given every drop of the Holy Blood he had gathered from Sanctuary to Ksana.

The supply was sufficient to keep Ksana alive for another six months at the minimum.

Even if Ksana is coming to me so we can ascend Mount Enly again because she's run out of Holy
Blood, it should only happen after another three to four months.

After ail, the girl wants to see everything.

She's like a child just beginning to explore the world.

Once her curiosity bursts forth, it would be difficult to hold it hasn't even been half a month, yet
here she is, complete with a dramatic entrance.It does make one wonder.Accompanying a shout that
echoed throughout the border to Beshya, Ksana pulled the cord to her parachute when she was
several dozen meters from the ground.

Ksana jolled from the buoyancy of the fully opened parachute before slicing the cords and falling

Thud! Following the dull thud, Ksana rose slowly to her feet.

"All of you look very formidable, Master.How's the fight going?"

Zachary and Hades had met Ksana.

Though they were taken aback by her theatrical appearance, they nevertheless found it acceptable.

Hayden, on the other hand, was unaware of Ksana's true identity.

A glint flashed across his eyes when he heard her call Jonathan "Master."

"Isn't your wife a woman named Josephine Smith, Boss? Who is this foreign girl who calls you Master?
Quite the fetish you have, don't you think?"

With a cold glint flashing in her eyes, Ksana arrived beside Hayden in an instant.

Their weapons clanged amidst a shower of sparks.

Hayden sensed the Great Pryncyp coming from the woman and fell back warily.

Jonathan turned his exasperated gaze away from the pair to Joshua.

"Control your child, Joshua"


Hayden shouted, interrupting Jonathan.

"Watch who you're calling a kid! Joshua and I are brothers!"

Joshua shook his head.

"Actually...I'm curious about the relationship between you two too."

"Go away!"

Jonathan snapped at Joshua before turning to Ksana.

"Didn't I send you to visit the ocean at Navarre, Ksana? What are you doing here?"

Ksana produced a conch shell the size of a human head in response.

With a flip of her wrist, she held it up proudly like a prize of war.

"Look, I went to Navarre! You know, Master, the beach and ocean there are beautiful, unlike Remdik’s,
which are forever frozen and glum.That Terrence fellow even had somebody teach me to dive! I met a
shark and spent all day playing with it"

At the mention of Navarre, Ksana became as excited as a child who had much to tell about their day.

Jonathan listened to her words warily.

Setting aside whether that shark wanted to play with a God Realm cultivator like you, the fact that you
never seem able to grasp the point gives me a headache.

"Ksana! Ksana!"

Jonathan interrupted hastily when Ksana looked as though she could go on talking for days.

"I was asking you what you're doing here?"


Ksana gazed, confused, at Jonathan.

"Terrence lent me his private plane and—"

Boom! Before Ksana finished her sentence, a deafening blast came from the north.

The crowd whipped around just in time to witness a giant fireball rising before disappearing just as

Upon learning that it was Terrence's private plane, Jonathan managed to guess what had happened.

He had been worried about the trouble a God Realm cultivator could cause while on her own when he
had released Ksana, so he had placed her under Terrence's watchful eye.

Now, it appears that Terrence has employed such tactics to brainwash the girl.

If he didn't, she would not have been foolish enough to bring herself onto the battlefield on a plane just
to die.

If I had known of Terrence's skill in this avenue, I would have transferred him to the headquarters to
train the new recruits.

As Jonathan was lost in thought, a report from the Intelligence Unit came through his earpiece.

"Attention, all units.

Remdik's cultivators are less than ten miles out of Baykeep."

Immediately, the commanders turned their stony gazes toward the north.

On the side of the representatives of the seven respectable families, however, Remy and his party
turned to leave at Ksana's appearance.

Before, we were already no match for Jonathan and his three companions.

Now, a God Realm cultivator who nobody has seen before has shown up.

There is no doubt about the outcome of this match.

Just as they were about to depart, two figures rapidly approached from the east.

They stumbled heavily to a halt near the crowd.

It was Winston accompanied by another God Realm cultivator of the Leeson family.


Remy stared, confused at the appearance of Winston and his companion.

To the Leeson family of Doveston, Winston was their representative.

Though Remy was similarly cunning, he was only given command at the eleventh hour in Winston's

When both were present, Remy was forced to obey Winston.

That was an ironclad rule of theirs.

"Weren't you keeping watch at Mount Uda, Winston? What are you doing here?"

Winston turned to look at Remy, frowning as he did so.

"I was keeping watch on Mount Uda to capture Joshua, and now he's here for good.Why should we still
stand guard there for?"

As Winston spoke, he turned to gaze at Jonathan and his companions, who were representing Asura's

Winston made to stride over to Jonathan, but Remy stopped him at once.

"We cannot underestimate Joshua and Jonathan's strength, Winston.Though there are only five of
them, our chances of victory are slim."

Winston sighed helplessly at those words.

"It started off as a simple assassination mission.Now, we are caught in a war between two nations.As
members of the respectable families, we are not supposed to participate in such a conflict.However,
since Remdik is preparing to invade Doveston, the first to fall would be Horbah.As decreed by our
venerable patriarch, Quintus, the Leeson family will dispatch three God Realm fighters and twenty
Grandmaster Realm fighters to fight this war.They will defend the borders alongside Asura's Office!"

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