Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1083

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The cultivator from the Welsh family cussed when he was about to leap in Rebecca's direction.

Yet, before he could do that, someone with a petite figure appeared out of nowhere.

Hayden slashed at the cultivator's chest with a short blade before planting both feet on his abdomen
and using the momentum to flip himself backward, leaping toward the rear.

"F*ck, why is your skin so thick? Are you even a human?"

The man from the Welsh family lowered his head and looked at his chest.He touched the wound and
noticed there was only a trace of blood.

It became evident that Hayden's strike had barely grazed his protective armor.

Standing on the tank, Hayden grabbed Rebecca by the collar and flung her backward, sending her
flying into the midst of the army.

Although he knew nothing about Rebecca, the fact that she possessed a storage ring despite being just
a Precelestial Realm cultivator indicated that her status was far from ordinary.

What caught Hayden's attention further was the sniper rifle in her hands.

As a professional gunman, he could tell at a glance that her rifle was worth over ten million, at least.

Even he, the direct descendant of the Zink family, only had one such gun in his possession.

A mortal who can injure a God Realm cultivator will play a crucial role in this battle.

She mustn't die.

Rebecca remained oblivious to any ill intentions from Hayden.

While her body was propelled backward in mid-air, enveloped by spiritual energy, she swiftly readjusted
her aim.

Her sights were now locked onto the God Realm cultivator relentlessly advancing toward Jonathan.

Bang! The sound of the sniper rifle echoed once again as the cultivator from the Henderson family was
sent flying backward in disbelief while suspended in mid-air.

Driven by the recoil, Rebecca's balance was once again disrupted, and she landed heavily, tumbling
forward twice to absorb the impact.

As her body rolled, two short knives glinted like streaks of light, piercing into the ground.

Rebecca saw them in that fleeting moment, but there was nothing she could do.

Three throwing knives shot toward Rebecca's brow, heart, and lower abdomen.

Although uncertain about the assailants’ identity, it was evident that they perceived her as a formidable

They were determined to eliminate the mortal who had the potential to endanger the God Realm


Zachary's furious cry echoed as he rushed toward her from a distance, but the considerable gap
between them rendered his arrival futile.

Though Rebecca saw the blades coming, her body was incapable of evasive maneuvers.

As the chilling blade gleamed before her, Rebecca could even feel the piercing agony as if her own
skull had been penetrated.

However, in that very instant when the blade was about to pierce her forehead, a shimmering purple
light emerged before her.

With just a brief flicker, she found herself standing in an open space a hundred meters away.

She reached up to touch her forehead, only to find her hand covered in blood.

Suppressing the fear welling up inside her, Rebecca swiftly turned around and beheld Jonathan's
furrowed brows as he firmly grasped the back of her collar.

"Zachary will come after me if you die," Jonathan said while taking out a magical item from his storage

"Stay away.You shouldn't be involved in this battle anymore."

Rebecca retrieved the heavy armor and clad herself in it without hesitation.

After putting on the armor, Rebecca realized she was standing on a huge, flat chessboard-like platform.

It was Jonathan's Divine Chessboard.

It was the space-altering formation that transported her over.

"Mr.Goldstein is awake!"

Upon witnessing Jonathan's awakening, Zachary bellowed in excitement, but his gaze remained fixed
on Rebecca.

Kane, who was fighting alongside Wolver Army against the cultivators from the seven respectable
families, roared with exhilaration upon hearing what Zachary said.

"Mr.Goldstein is back now.Charge!"

Bang! A powerful punch struck Kane's chest with force, propelling him several meters through the air
before he crashed into the ground in a humiliating fashion.

Kane spat out dirt as he struggled to rise to his feet, his actions resembling that of a frenzied individual
as he surged through the crowd.

"Who the f*ck hit me? You're just playing with fire!"

Jonathan looked at Kane and the others, not knowing how to respond to that.

Since entering the Northern Crimson Prison, he had never fought alongside more than two Kings of
War at the same time.

It felt surreal that a few of them had managed to come together, especially considering the turbulent
state of Doveston at the time.

It felt like they had been transported back in time to their days of constant warfare.

At that time, Asura's Office was at its weakest, but it was also the happiest time for all of them.

Every day, they need only think of two things—battling and resting.

No other concerns troubled them.

Reflecting on the past, Jonathan shifted his body and lightly stamped his foot, instantly teleporting fifty
meters away.

The Divine Chessboard beneath his feet moved along with Jonathan, continuously advancing with him
at the center.

As the purple light continued to swirl, the cultivator from the Welsh family leaped into the air, his fists
raised and aimed directly at Jonathan's face.

"Within Reach!"

Jonathan said calmly while performing a hand seal.

Once the space-altering formation was activated, Jonathan widened his distance from the Welsh family

Although the cultivator from the Welsh family did not strike at full force, he certainly did not hold back

Due to the sudden increase in distance, Jonathan's opponent lost his balance and fell forward.

Yet, at that moment, Jonathan performed another hand seal, instantly closing the distance between the

Bang! With a deep grunt, the cultivator from the Welsh family, weighing over two hundred pounds, was
sent flying backward from the Divine Chessboard.

The large-sized Welsh family cultivator collided with the Grandmaster Realm cultivators, who were in a
state of chaos, instilling fear in everyone present and forcing them to retreat.

The Grandmaster Realm cultivators were fearful that the battle among the God Realm cultivators would
escalate and pose a threat to their own safety.

Despite their prestigious status as Grandmaster Realm cultivators, they were well aware that if they
became targets of the God Realm cultivators, they would be defeated in a mere instant.

Witnessing the fall of the Welsh family cultivator, the movements of both sides gradually slowed down.

Taking advantage of this moment, Jonathan quickly stood in place and exclaimed icily, "Zachary, gather
the men back.Do not make any other moves without my permission."

Zachary and the others had no idea what was running through Jonathan's mind, but as soldiers, they
had gotten used to taking orders.

Even Kane, who was caught off guard earlier, did not hesitate and swiftly retreated.

Within moments, all the Grandmaster Realm cultivators from Asura's Office, including the werewolves,
had completely positioned themselves behind Jonathan.

With his feet on the chessboard, Jonathan glanced at the remaining individuals.

Meanwhile, Harper, Remy, and a female cultivator were embroiled in a fierce battle with Joshua.

Despite being outnumbered by three skilled opponents of equal cultivation level, Joshua wielded the
Hailstorm Fan, which allowed him to stand on equal footing with them.

As for Karl and Hayden, they were also engaged in intense duels with their respective opponents.

Meanwhile, the only elderly man left had already gone to the side of the Welsh family cultivator to
examine his injuries.

With the exception of the Osborne family, representatives from all eight respectable families had come
together, forming a complete lineup!

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