Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1082

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The roar came from the sky above and reverberated across the whole of Beshya's defense line.

Everyone swung their gazes overhead.

In the light of dawn, a military helicopter descended at rapid speed.

Due to the sheer number of injuries and casualties among the soldiers in Beshya's defense line, many
helicopters hovered over the battlefield, transporting the wounded away and replenishing ammunition

For that reason, no one paid any mind to those aircraft.

However, this particular helicopter was vastly different, for there were fluctuations of a God Realm
cultivator's spiritual energy from within it.

The military helicopter slowly dipped.

When it was about thirty meters above the ground, several figures leaped out of the aircraft.

The man in the lead was dressed in black with a crescent saber slung over his shoulder.

His pitch-black mask that could block the probing of spiritual sense, in particular, rendered him
exceedingly mysterious.

He was none other than Karl, who had rushed over after providing backup to the Kransbay base.

Unfortunately, he could not reveal his identity right then, so his code name was Zero.

Behind him were Zachary, Kane, and Andy.

The saber in Karl's hand was stained with distinct streaks of dried blood.

"Because Joshua is under the protection of Asura's Office! Is that reason enough?"

Karl demanded hoarsely, pointing the saber in his hand right at Winston.

At that moment, all those from the seven respectable families were slightly stunned at Karl's sudden

There shouldn't be any God Realm cultivator in Asura's Office since Jonathan killed Karl.

How could there be one now? On the battlefield at present, Asura's Office had Hayden, Joshua, Karl,
and Jonathan, who had been standing at the back making calls.

The collective capability of four God Realm cultivators was not to be underestimated, not to mention
when Joshua and Jonathan had plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

After having pursued Joshua for such a long time, they were long since familiar with the man's combat

With just the three priceless treasures of the Whitley family in his possession, he could easily hold his
own against several God Realm cultivators.

If Jonathan, who never played by the rules, were added into the mix, the chances of the seven
respectable families emerging the victor were slim despite currently outnumbering them by three men.

However, the Whitley family's legacy was right before their eyes then, and the eight respectable
families had been hunting Joshua for a long time.

As such, they would never give up so easily.

"Don't you think you're too arrogant, you guys from Asura's Office? You'd best think twice.If you truly
make a move against the seven respectable families for Joshua's sake, we'll have no choice but to
wipe Asura's Office out.By then, don't blame me for not warning you"

Remy threatened with a sneer, his eyes fixed on Karl.

Hearing that, Karl did not bother yakking with the man.He lifted the saber in his hand and slashed it
across the ground.

"This slash mark is the boundary line.If any one of you from the respectable families dares to take a
step beyond this line, Asura's Office will declare war against the eight respectable families.It'll be a fight
to the death!"

He was as blunt as ever.

In fact, that could already be considered a blatant threat to the seven respectable families.

Naturally, such high-handed words struck resentment in Remy and the others.

After all, the eight respectable families had existed for over two thousand years, and they were the
makers of the rules in the whole of Chanaea.

Therefore, it stood to reason that they could not stand being threatened in such a manner.


Out of the blue, a roar split the air.

Behind Remy, a bald cultivator suddenly burst forth and charged toward Joshua, who was within the
force field of a whirling snowstorm.

Although the representatives of the seven respectable families belonged to different camps, they stood
together under the threat of Asura's Office.

They were all God Realm cultivators.

Once someone made a move, the others reacted in a heartbeat, albeit never having discussed things

Ultimately, they knew the chances of them killing Joshua by attacking together were low.

Nonetheless, the seven respectable families would outright lose that opportunity if they merely watched
as others attacked without lending a helping hand.

"Finish Jonathan off, Harper!"

While Remy appeared totally carefree like a child, he was exceedingly sharp-witted.

From the very beginning, he had noticed something strange about Jonathan standing there

Although he did not want to admit it, he understood that the latter was experiencing enlightenment.

Even if the eight respectable families could accept the existence of a God Realm cultivator, one of
Divine Realm was undoubtedly beyond their acceptance.

A Divine Realm cultivator was sufficient to threaten the survival of the respectable families.

The appearance of Jonathan, Joshua, Wilbur, and Karl, who were all beyond powerful, in Chanaea
under the monopoly of the eight respectable families was already a perpetual challenge to their power.

If Jonathan were allowed to be completely enlightened, the eight respectable families would be in true

Harper had also perceived the situation right then.

Stomping his foot hard on the ground, he turned into an afterimage as he rushed toward Jonathan.

"Protect Jonathan!"

Joshua let out a resounding bellow before he abruptly streaked toward the left.

The force field of a whirling snowstorm shifted alongside his movement, promptly enveloping Harper

"Kilt Following Joshua's roar, the wind and snow within the force field swirled madly.

Snowflakes turned into countless sharp blades that flew straight at Harper.

"Hold him back!"

Remy ordered in a shout.

He gathered spiritual energy with the billhook in his hand, forming a sword more than ten meters long
in mid-air before he swung it at Joshua's head.

The rattle of sniper rifles rang out as all of Asura's Office's snipers pulled the trigger.

The eight respectable families’ Grandmaster Realm cultivators charged forward with their shields at the

"Prepare for battle, Wolver Army!"

Lightning bolts flashed all over Kane.

With a battle cry, he took the lead and launched himself toward the seven respectable families’
Grandmaster Realm camp.

Behind him, Zachary and Andy followed closely.

In the blink of an eye, a chaotic battle broke out.

Remy and Harper were engulfed within the force field of a whirling snowstorm while the remaining five
men seized the opportunity to swoop on Jonathan.

"You're asking for it!"

Karl swung the saber in his hand.

Metal glinted as the blade headed for a cultivator ahead who looked just like a bull.

Unexpectedly, the saber that could slice through anything merely created a series of sparks when it
came into contact with the cultivator's body.

It was a cultivator from the Welsh family, a respectable family specializing in the physical body in the
first place.

Coupled with the customized armor, it was difficult for the average blade to inflict any injury on the

Verily, such a defense was immensely advantageous during battle.

The two merely brushed past each other, but the cultivator from the Welsh family deliberately took a
blow when Karl made his move before using the momentum to shoot his hand out and grab the latter's

Just when he had swung Karl around and was about to smash the man to the ground, blood spurted
from his arm.

The burst of excruciating pain had him instinctively loosen his grip.

A second before Karl was going to hit the ground, dense spiritual energy shot out from his palms to
buffer his fall.

Glimpsing the wound the size of a ping-pong ball on his arm, the cultivator from the Welsh family
snapped his head to the left with a furious bellow, only to see a short-haired girl sitting at the spot
initially occupied by Hayden.

She was none other than Rebecca.

As one of the top assassins in the world, she could hit her aim with the sniper rifle in her hand as long
as her target's movements stilled for a second despite her inability to battle the God Realm cultivators

By then, that battle was no longer an issue of Joshua's survival.

From the moment they made a move against Jonathan, it had become a battle for everyone in Asura's

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