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Chapter 1081

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Hayden spat out his cigarette and took a deep breath.

"Joshua, it's not that I don't respect these soldiers, but you should look at them! They all look like
they're prepared to die! What's with their attitudes? Can they do anything other than make this war
seem hopeless? Do they want the Remdikian God Realm cultivators to feel disgusted fighting them?"

Hayden turned to look at the low-level cultivators behind him.

"You don't understand their beliefs.If the Yaleview Army were the same, Wilbur wouldn't have kicked
me out.Before this, I used to think that even with the establishment of Asura's Office, Jonathan and the
Eight Kings of War were nothing but clowns.Now, I finally understand that this is an army with a soul of
its own.They would rather die than concede."

Joshua frowned and looked in the northeast direction.

Right then, the intelligence officers reported through their communication devices, "We spotted an army
of high-level cultivators near Mount Osoroy! The army consists of more than a hundred people, and
they're fast approaching Beshya's defense line!"

"Get in line!" a second-tier werewolf warrior howled.

After that, almost eighty werewolf warriors gradually made their way out and stood fifty meters before
Joshua and Hayden to shield them.

At the same time, the armored vehicles behind Joshua quickly adjusted the direction of their muzzles,
and soldiers swiftly got into their positions to prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, Joshua and the rest listened to the updates on the enemy's location through their

As the enemy approached them, Joshua finally felt the spiritual energy fluctuation coming from the

God Realm cultivators! There are seven God Realm cultivators and dozens of Grandmaster Realm
cultivators! Remdik has deployed too many cultivators, and Grandmaster Realm cultivators aren't even
suitable for such an operation...

Right when Joshua was controlling his Formation Crusher to wake Jonathan up, he heard Hayden
shouting in fear, "Joshua, they aren't Remdikians! They're the eight respectable families!"

For once, Hayden was right.

Joshua stopped what he was doing and looked in the northeast direction.

On the battlefield that had been bombarded, a group of people emerged from behind the mountain, and
they were advancing toward Joshua.

Seeing that, Joshua leaped up and lightly tapped the werewolf's back with his feet to jump to a height
of tens of meters.

With a slight wave, the Formation Crusher became Hailstorm Fan.

In mid-air, Joshua ate three Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.

The second he felt the medicine filling up his elixir field, he swung the Hailstorm Fan vigorously.

"Wind and snow, come forth!"

A breeze blew out from the Hailstorm Fan, and it carried ninety-nine percent of Joshua's spiritual

Joshua maintained his balance and landed heavily on the ground.

Those three Spirit Rejuvenating Pills had become refined Spiritual energy, and it was replenishing
Joshua's spiritual energy rapidly.

In the sky, the invisible breeze fluttered like a butterfly flapping its wings.

A few seconds later, a huge cyclone formed above Joshua's head, and that cyclone was gradually

"What are you guys looking at? Back away unless you want to die!"

Hayden shouted at the Grandmaster Realm cultivators and werewolves.

He then proceeded to whip out his sniper rifle and sat on one of the tanks.

Although the cannonballs couldn't harm those God Realm cultivators, his gun could.

At that moment, it started snowing.

With Hailstorm Fan in his hand, Joshua looked like a total gentleman as he looked ahead.

When Remy and the rest arrived outside the snowing area, Joshua nodded slightly at them and said,
"Hi, everyone.You guys have been trying to kill me over the past three months.Well, here we are."

Remy frowned as he looked at the snowfield with a radius of a hundred meters in front of him.

"Joshua, you won't get away today.I'm avenging the lives of the members of the Leeson family"

He took out his billhook, unleashed a huge wave of spiritual energy, and got ready to attack alongside
the other six respectable families.

Before they could launch an attack, Remy seemed to have sensed something and threw out a shield in
front of a member of the Leeson family beside him.

Sparks flew, and a bullet sent the shield flying backward and landing in the red soil.

Bang! A gunshot rang out, and everyone looked in the direction of the sound to see Hayden sitting on
the tank and waving back.

Hayden whistled, and humans were seen crawling out from under the tanks.

Those people were of all ages and genders, but they had one thing in common.

They were all armed with a sniper rifle.

The eight major military regions had sent nearly two thousand snipers to River Onxy, but there were
only less than five hundred of them left.

Since they were all mortals, their excellent shooting skills were laughable in the face of the cultivators
because those humans couldn't even keep up with the speed of a Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

The sniper could hit a cultivator from a long distance, but at that moment, the cultivators were only less
than two hundred meters away from the snipers.

There was no way a mortal could shoot down a cultivator at that range.

Obviously, a Grandmaster Realm cultivator's physique was beyond a mortal's.

These cultivators could accelerate and stop their movements within a second.

Because of that, those snipers couldn't predict the movements of the cultivators.

There was an exception, nevertheless.

The situation was different because there were too many snipers at the scene.

With five hundred snipers aimed at the cultivators, one bullet was bound to hit them, regardless of how
fast they could move.

Even though they could accelerate and decelerate quickly, they still needed a certain amount of time to
dodge the bullets.

Besides, there would have five hundred bullets fired at them at once.

The cultivators knew their lives were in danger.

They could get killed by a single bullet.

Those nearly one hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators immediately took out their protective
magical items to shield themselves when they saw the snipers.

Who would've thought that the mortals could ever threaten their lives? Just then, Joshua walked up to
Remy and the rest.

"It seems that the Grandmaster Realm cultivators from the seven respectable families are in
danger.Would you guys like to negotiate with me or fight me?"

The snowy force field continued to expand as Joshua moved forward.It was about to envelop several
people from the seven respectable families.

Remy's eyes were filled with killing intent as he held the billhook in his hand.

"Negotiate? You're a coward! Why should I negotiate with you?"

As soon as those words fell, a loud voice rang out from above the sky.

"That's because we're Asura's Office!"

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