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Chapter 1080

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Eva stood up and looked at Wilbur.

"Have you thought things through? This is your golden opportunity.No matter who comes out victorious
in the battle at River Onxy, Jonathan will gain respect from everyone.When that happens, you'll never
have a chance to make a comeback."

Wilbur shot Eva a cold glance in response.

With that scar on his face looking rather ferocious under the ray of sunlight, he said, "Eva, it seems that
the eight respectable families are still unsure of one thing.No matter how hungry I am for power, I'm still
a soldier.I don't mind dying in a battle against Jonathan, but I can't accept underhand tactics.I can sit on
my hands and do nothing about the battle in Doveston, but I can't ambush Asura's Office.What you're
suggesting isn't a tactic.Instead, that's an insult to soldiers like me.Farewell!"

Wilbur told Eva to leave, leaned in his rocking chair, and shut his eyes.

Seeing how Wilbur was acting, Eva moved her fingers and wanted to summon The Hundred Beasts.

However, she changed her mind at the last second.

A few terrifying screams rang out, and the cage in Eva's hand, which was formed with spiritual energy,
quickly shrank, and the sparrow inside was crushed to death.

After that, Eva slowly lowered her hand and placed the sparrow on the table.

"It doesn't matter how nice this sparrow sounded.At the end of the day, it was still merely a toy.It most
probably thought it had the entire world to explore, but it didn't even know how it died.Its life ended
when the invisible cage around it crashed.Wilbur, you're on your own henceforth.Like the Salladay
family, I think the other seven respectable families are also running out of patience.You might lose
Zedfteld at any moment!"

With that, Eva disappeared from the courtyard.

After she disappeared, Wilbur gradually opened his eyes.His gaze darkened immediately when he
glanced at the dead sparrow on the table.

Cooperating with the respectable families’ scheme is tantamount to playing with fire.

When I connected with the Salladay family back then, I was impressed by their capability.

Although I was prepared to have a fallout with the eight respectable families, I didn't expect it to happen
so soon.

When Eva comes again next time, she won't be as respectful.

"Jonathan, let's see who has better endurance.Don't disappoint me!"

Somewhere north of River Onxy, the team of God Realm cultivators, led by Aidan and Avery, was
rushing to the south.

The previous round of saturation strikes was enough to cause the Eastern Army massive casualties.

The next thing they had to do was eliminate the Eastern Allied Army leaders.

If they could take out the Eastern Allied Army's command headquarters, the hundreds of thousands of
troops from mixed forces would completely lose the ability to carry out coordinated operations.

Evidently, a mass loss of soldiers and the deaths of the commanders could take down any army.

If Aidan and Avery were successful, the rest of the troops in the Eastern Army would definitely fall
against the ally Remdikian troops.

While they were running, Aidan said to Avery in a cold tone, "Avery, your command made us lose
almost six hundred werewolf warriors.You'll most probably die upon our return."

Avery turned to the side to flash Aidan a sarcastic smirk.

"Aidan, I wouldn't be so happy if I were you"

"Why shouldn't I be happy?"

Aidan laughed.

Avery chuckled coldly and kept mum.

Suddenly, he picked up his pace and ran toward River Onxy.

After that, Vicador and the others also overtook Aidan.

When Alexander arrived next to Aidan, he said, "Aidan, I've already talked to Vicador and the
others.Regardless of who ends up killing the commander of Chanaea later, we're all giving credit to
you.Don't slip up.Otherwise, you might end up in hot water"

Aidan's expression froze when he heard what Alexander said.

Puzzled, he sped up and chased after the people in front of him.

I know Mr.Ivanov wants to punish me, but my life isn't in danger, is it? The most he'll do to me is
demote me, right? Why are the others acting otherwise? Did I miss something? Aidan caught up to

Alexander and asked anxiously, "What's going on here, Alexander? Did you guys hear news about it or

Alexander shook his head slightly in response.

"You're an excellent martial artist, Aidan.However, you know nothing about politics and how a person's
mind works."

Meanwhile, Jonathan was in Flow State on the ruins of the Eastern Allied Army's defense line.

At that moment, Joshua and Hayden were standing guard on each of Jonathan's sides.

The formation Joshua had set up was able to block the noise from outside, so they weren't bothered.

Jonathan was in Flow State and unaware of the passage of time.

He was still frozen on the spot while holding a phone to his ear.

Joshua and Hayden, on the other hand, were panicking.

Prior to that, Yosef had already confirmed the identities of the incomers and given Joshua and Hayden
a high-authority communication device each.

Moments earlier, members of the intelligence department had reported seeing Remdikian cultivators
advancing toward the Eastern Army.

God Realm cultivators were known to have the ability to travel a hundred miles within twenty minutes.

The intelligence officers also learned that at least eight God Realm cultivators were approaching.

At that point, even a fool could tell the cultivators were out to wipe out their enemy's leaders.

However, the Eastern Allied Army only had three God Realm cultivators available.

Since Jonathan was in Flow State, his ability was deemed irrelevant.

"Joshua, let's just wake him up!" Hayden said to Joshua nervously.

Having been hiding and running over the past few days, Joshua looked rather haggard.

However, his posture and movements were still very elegant.

With a cigarette between his lips, he answered, "Being in Flow State is a luxury.The longer he stays in
there, the better.Besides, our enemies aren't here yet, are they? It won't be too late to wake Jonathan
when we sense the enemy's spiritual energy.Moreover, it's not like we're fighting on our own.Look
around you.Can't you see how many people are here to back us up?"

Hayden scanned his surroundings and saw dozens of werewolves with blinking lights on their
shoulders standing behind him.

There were also hundreds of Superior Realm cultivators standing right behind the werewolves.

Those cultivators were all on full alert and armed with all sorts of weapons.

They were elite warriors mobilized from various military regions.

They were supposed to be an unstoppable force, but they looked pitiful on the battlefield at that

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