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Chapter 1079

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"You'd better shut your mouth!"

Wilbur demanded as he stared coldly at Eva.

Eva instantly raised her hands and acted as if she was scared.

"Hey, don't take it out on me just because you're mad.Your opponent is Jonathan, not me!"

Glancing at her, Wilbur ended the call and threw his phone on the table.

"Why did you come here this time, Eva?"

"It's nothing, really.Like the last time, I want to know how you feel about Asura's Office."

Eva pushed the old phone, now cracked from being thrown, toward Wilbur.

"With the sudden battle in Doveston, Asura’s Office is empty now.I'm sure you know that they've sent
all their troops to River Onxy for the sake of this war.Even though there are troops in Harfush, Huxville,
and Navarre presently, they are without a leader.If you bring the six hundred thousand men in Yaleview
Army and attack them now, you have at least one-third of Chanaea in your hands.They're all the crucial
areas of the country, the most beneficial ones, too.You won't have to fight Jonathan for Doveston
anymore once that happens.You can split up Asura's Office just by taking over the territories, and you'll
be just as powerful as Jonathan once you do so."

Eva smiled at him once she finished speaking.

At the same time, Wilbur's eyes glinted.He seemed tempted.

Eva was right.

Besides, he would give everyone a clear message by infiltrating the secret agents of Asura's Office.

The elite men of the three vital troops, Shusonna Army, Yalegard Legion, and Southern Army, had been
transferred to Doveston.

If he led his army and attacked, these three territories would finally be in his hands.

By then, Asura's Office would consist of only Mysonna Army and Zaidham Army of Dartan, and Eastern
Army of Doveston.

As for the Keeper Army of Hades, though they were situated in Harfush, they were much closer to

The same went for Zachary's Guardian Army too.

They weren't situated in a specific place and were just a large- scale mobile force.

The army usually settled in Tayhaven.

With the four Dragon Guards as their core, the way they operated was similar to the police force led by

These troops were situated too far from Yaleview, so they wouldn't make it in time if they wanted to
stop Wilbur.

Eva's plan was an overt scheme, one without any way to counter it.

Although she saw the look of interest on Wilbur's face, she was not in a hurry to carry out her ploy.

Instead, she reached out to the tree beside them and caught a chattering sparrow.She held it in her
hands and began playing with it.

Wilbur finally lifted his head a few minutes later.

"You can leave now if you came because of this."

Eva was momentarily stunned.

"Why? Are you not going to make your move? This is a rare opportunity! The Salladay family will send
our men to help you if you plan to strike westward."

The Salladay family had been looking for another chance ever since their failed collaboration with
Wilbur previously.

The current situation in Chanaea was different from how it had been months ago.

The eight respectable families had basically formed their four factions.

Needless to say, the Salladay and Osborne families had formed their own faction.

The remaining six families formed two other factions, one consisting of the Mallory, Henderson, and
Leeson families, while the other had the Welsh, Blackwood, and Gray families.

They noticed something as the relationship between the various alliances became firmer and more

None of them could control Asura's Office and Yaleview Army at all.

Even though these two parties constantly clashed and fought, neither Jonathan nor Wilbur ever wanted
to start a widespread war.

Jonathan had always been a do-gooder and would never want the world to end up in chaos again.

As for Wilbur, he was power-hungry but always aimed for a prosperous land.

In fact, this was something that could already be seen at the Valley of Elites.

If Wilbur were an ambitious hero willing to give his all, he would not have chosen to join Yaleview Army
in the chaotic situation and instead, he would have gathered his forces just like Jonathan had.

In other words, Wilbur wanted to win the support of everyone in the right and proper way.

He wanted to win the people's hearts instead of having them fear him.

Naturally, the Salladay family was stunned when they finally made sense of things.

I can't believe a God Realm elite wants something as meaningless as a seat of political unity.

That's not the behavior of someone of God Realm.

That's just lunacy! He's a cultivator! He could have just snatched it if he wanted something! Even
though Yaleview Army was still in an alliance with the Salladay family, the family had already given up
on their expectations for Wilbur.

They had even planned to send their men to kill him and appoint someone else to lead Yaleview Army.

However, just as they were about to proceed with this plan, the rest of the respectable families got
news of it and started to make their moves.

Joshua had managed to get into Zedfield right and be appointed under the eight respectable families’
watchful eyes entirely because the Whitley family had been wiped out.

He was their descendant and someone who would never be swayed by any of the eight families.

That way, Joshua would never be biased while in his position.

Though he was controlled by all, he was least likely to be swayed by any of the families.

Now, Wilbur was just like that too.

Just like the wild card that he was, he was ambitious enough that everyone was relieved to have him
lead Yaleview Army.

It would be much more troublesome if the Salladay family had actually killed him off and appointed one
of their people.

They finally returned to their senses after realizing the changes in the other seven families and had no
choice but to do nothing.

Eva had come this time to pit Yaleview Army and Asura's Office against each other and start a war
between them.

It was all because the eight respectable families finally understood that Wilbur could oversee Zedfield if
he had control over all the troops in Chanaea.

The eight families really did live up to their names.

However, if they waited for the war at River Onxy to end, Jonathan would be named righteous and
receive everyone's support no matter if the Eastern Army succeeded in the battle.

The eight respectable families would never have their peaceful lives again if Asura’s Office conquered
Yaleview Army while the attention was still on them.

After all, Asura's Office's final goal was to overthrow the eight respectable families and rewrite the rules
of Chanaea.

Whether it was the Salladay family or the other seven families, none of them wanted to have such an

Therefore, the only way to disrupt the plans of Asura's Office was to have Yaleview Army expand
westward during the battle at River Onxy.

As long as Wilbur took over Shusonna Army, Yalegard Legion, and Southern Army, Asuras Office
would no longer be a threat to the eight respectable families.

Ultimately, there could only be one winner in a battle.

When the time came, Jonathan's five troops would have been separated by Yaleview, and it wouldn't
be as easy if he wanted to form an unrivaled battle force again.

Yet, Wilbur seemed uninterested in the plan even though he was presented with such a chance.

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