Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1076

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Is he for real?

Wilbur was slightly stunned to hear the voice on the other end of the phone.

Immediately after that, he let out a mocking laugh.

"Jonathan, do you think you have what it takes to say that now? Hundreds of thousands of Remdikian
soldiers are guarding the border at Doveston while both Jetroina and West Region have set their eyes
on it.Did you think I was oblivious to all that? Asura's Office has mobilized so many troops in the whole
of Chanaea for so many days.Do you take me as a fool? If I'm right, almost all the cultivators of Asura's
Office have been deployed to the battlefield at River Onxy.What other trump cards do you have left at
this point? Don't bother bringing up the special missile at Doveston.We know you'd never do that kind
of thing.You've always wanted to be a saint, not an ambitious hero."

Wilbur's words made Jonathan go silent.

Jonathan always knew that Wilbur knew him well, but he had never imagined him to know him that
well.He's right.I can start a slaughter to achieve peace, but I can't bring myself to do that if I have to
threaten the other party with the lives of millions.

Joshua and Hayden heard every word of the conversation.

They exchanged glances, surprised.

Jonathan had been doing everything to make Karl's Eastern Army a part of Asura’s Office from the
beginning of the latter's establishment.

The purpose was so Jonathan could own the special missile.

To everyone else, the Eastern Army's special missile had always been Jonathan's most powerful trump

That was one reason the eight respectable families dared not go against Asura's Office.

They feared Jonathan would lose his temper and use the special missile to take them down with him.

Yet little did they expect Jonathan would never use it.

Hades had launched a conventional missile at Drieso with no hesitation as a threat to protect the Zink
family tens of minutes ago.

As Jonathan's successor, Hades was decisive.

However, Jonathan, the legendary man who established Asura's Office and defeated the Eight Kings of
War, was not better than him.

Holding the phone in his hand, Jonathan said nothing for a long time.

He finally understood why he had lost the acknowledgment of Pryncyp of Slaughter—he had never
thought of slaughter as a normal thing.

It made sense that Seboxia had broken his Cor so easily.

Even if Seboxia didn't break my Cor, I wouldn't necessarily have survived the Divine Tribulation with
such indecisiveness.

Jonathan's cultivation level had been increasing back then not because of how talented he was.

Rather, it was all thanks to the legacy of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique that was too powerful
and the comprehension of the Pryncyp of Slaughter, all of which had been preserved in a detailed

Jonathan was like a child who knew the answers by heart.

He needed not to understand anything to cast powerful spells as long as he remembered all the steps
paved by his predecessors.

Anyone could make a delicious beef stew with a base that was bought from a store, but the person who
cooked it might not understand the steps to prepare the base.

Jonathan was simply someone using his predecessors to harvest the fruits.

At that moment, his mind cleared up, and comprehension dawned on him.


Hayden frowned when he noticed Jonathan had been standing at the same spot without moving for
three whole minutes.

Just as he was about to step forward to check out the situation, Joshua grabbed his arm.


Hayden cast Joshua a look of confusion.

Before he could ask anything, the latter placed a finger at his lips to hush him.

Taking out the Formation Crusher, Joshua leaped up and drew a triangle around Jonathan.

Just like that, three invisible restraining barriers rose and connected with Jonathan in the middle.

Upon landing on the ground, Joshua unleashed his spiritual energy and spiritual sense that covered
everything within a hundred meters of the area.

"What's going on, Joshua? Could Jonathan have lost his temper and entered a frenzied state because
of Wilbur?" asked Hayden cautiously while staring at Joshua, who seemed to be preparing to face an

Joshua glanced at Wilbur in bafflement and said, "Of course not.Look at Jonathan's condition and the
rate of his chest rising and falling."

Hayden immediately looked over when he heard that.

Standing rooted to the ground several meters away with the phone still in his hand was Jonathan.

Like a statue, his posture never changed.

A God Realm cultivator could see everything clearly from that distance.

In fact, they could see Jonathan's fine hairs sway in the breeze with the support of their spiritual energy.

Seconds later, Hayden finally realized what was wrong.

Jonathan had stopped breathing.

Even though a cultivator who had achieved Grandmaster Realm and above could hold their breath for
over two hours, it could only be done in unique situations.

Moreover, their Spiritual energy needed to be unleashed at the same time.

However, at that moment, Jonathan's aura and spiritual energy could not be detected.

He simply stood there like a corpse that exuded no aura.

(It was as if he had been stripped from the world.

Jonathan was Clearly less than three meters away from Hayden and Joshua, yet there was something
inexplicable about him.

Hayden turned to Joshua with a blank look on his face.

"Um...What's wrong with him? Is he dead?"

Taking in a deep breath, Joshua casually patted Hayden's shoulder.

"Hayden, if either your father or your grandfather enters this state one day, you must give them a

"Why?" asked Hayden in puzzlement.

"Because you'll get beaten to death."

Joshua burst into a chuckle when he saw how lost Hayden was.

"Listen.This is called Flow State, also known as the state of enlightenment among mortals.Basically, it's
Jonathan's current state."

Hayden was stunned.He then shrugged off Joshua's hand that was resting on his shoulder.

"Tch, it's just a state of enlightenment.Why bother using such a huge formation? I would've thought he
was dead if you didn't explain it to me"

Joshua shook his head with a smile.

"Hayden, you wouldn't look down on it if you had entered Flow State before.Okay, let me put it this
way.Not one out of a hundred God Realm cultivators might have the chance of entering this state in
their lifetime.The Flow State of God Realm has another name.It's called the Stairway to Divine Realm."

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