Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1075

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When Jonathan heard Freddie's words, the frown he had on his face relaxed.

If Freddie told him that the job would be done in an hour, it meant that Freddie still had control over
Doveston's intelligence networks despite being in Asura’s Office's Intelligence Unit of the Dark Special

He was only twenty-four years old, but he was already a genius in intelligence gathering.

Jonathan could just leave Asura’s Office's intelligence gathering to Freddie's hands.

He glanced at the influx of reports appearing on his tablet, then quickly skimmed through the specifics
of past infiltration missions conducted on the River Onxy battlefield and Eshistan.

The swift and precise infiltration of Remdik’s werewolf warriors into the main cities of Eshistan, causing
extensive destruction, was not a feat achievable solely through satellite positioning.

There had to be a substantial number of intelligence officers within Eshistan responsible for
coordination and gathering information.

It was even conceivable that there were numerous individuals who had betrayed their country for
monetary gain.

Therefore, to confront the Remdikians without fear, it was imperative for their own people to exhibit
unwavering loyalty.

However, since Jonathan had entrusted the task to Freddie, he no longer needed to dwell on it.

Freddie was smart and ruthless.

When Jonathan issued the order, he had explicitly stated that Freddie had the freedom to employ any
means necessary to accomplish his mission, leaving no doubt as to what was expected of Freddie.

In fact, Freddie would likely go after those connected to the secret agents as well.

Despite the possibility of inadvertently taking innocent lives, Jonathan recognized that challenging
circumstances often necessitated making tough choices.

It was better to play safe than sorry.

However, right as Freddie started making arrangements to deal with the secret agents, Jonathan spoke

"By the way, make an announcement to the eight respectable families in the name of Asura's
Office.First of all, Joshua and Hayden have joined the ranks on the River Onxy battlefield.Any family
foolish enough to engage them in combat will swiftly face the consequences by Asura’s
Office.Secondly, the nation is in trouble.Asura's Office is extending a call to all respectable families,
ancient sects, and clans, urging them to contribute their cultivators to join the battle.Work on this."

"Yes, Sir’ Freddie answered.Jonathan stared at the sky in the north for a while.A moment of hesitation
later, he took out his phone from his storage ring.It was a phone with limited functionalities.It could only
make and receive calls only.A phone like that was a rare sight in this era.Nevertheless, that was the
characteristics of a soldier.Once Jonathan dialed the only number saved on the phone, he put the
phone by his ear.

In the garden at the hearts of Zedfield, Yaleview, Wilbur was lounging in a rocking chair, drifting into a
light slumber.

Across the table, Eva was fixing her gaze upon the intelligence report displayed on her phone, deep in

Despite facing each other, the two remained silent and appeared to be ignoring each other.

Right then, a palm-sized old phone on the table vibrated.

Both turned to look at it.

Eva chuckled.

"What year are you in? I can't believe you're still using a phone like this.Is this some kind of secret

Wilbur sat upright to glance at the phone with a smile on his face.

"What do you know? This is a call that will turn the tide for Chanaea.I've been waiting for this call ever
since the main transportation hub in Eshistan was destroyed.It's been a full day and night since then"

Wilbur's words piqued Eva's curiosity.She stood up, her gaze still fixed on the phone.She wanted to
know who the caller was, but Wilbur was quicker than her in rising to his feet and answering the call.

"Hey, Jonathan.What can I help you with?"

Jonathan's anger flared up as he listened to the lackadaisical voice on the other end of the phone.

The previous encounter between Jonathan and Wilbur on the hill outside Valley of Elites resurfaced in
his mind.

Jonathan had explicitly instructed Wilbur to pressure the Osborne family in Drieso, all in the name of
ensuring Josephine's safety.

However, in a little over a month, the situation in Chanaea had undergone a drastic change.

Even Doveston was in a critical situation.

"Wilbur, we have known each other for quite some time now, and I know you must have a clear
understanding of the situation in Doveston.I only have one question for you.What do I need to do to
persuade you to open the path to Yaleview and allow the soldiers of Asura's Office to enter Doveston?"

Jonathan was straightforward, but it was something Wilbur had been waiting to hear anyway.

Like Jonathan said, he and Jonathan knew each other far too well, so much so that they could even
read each other's minds.

With a chuckle, Wilbur said to Jonathan, "My friend, what I seek is true power.You know what I want."

Right as Wilbur said that, Jonathan replied, "I can't leave Doveston in your hands."

Ever since Wilbur and the Salladay family joined forces to overthrow Joshua, their intention to seize
control of Doveston had been in the works.

The extent of their infiltration of the Eastern Army was alarming.

Yaleview had presented Karl and Hayes, the Princes of Diyouli, with exceptionally generous and
astounding conditions.

This was all so that they could get the power to utilize the Eastern Army's special missile.

Despite commanding an army of six hundred thousand and being in control of Yaleview, Wilbur was
constantly on edge.

Yaleview, as the capital of Chanaea, held a significant geographical advantage.

Situated at the strategic chokepoint between Doveston and Xemrich, it served as the heart of
Chanaea’'s political, military, and economic affairs.

Anyone in such a position should have no trouble asserting their dominance, but who would have
thought that someone like Jonathan would come out of nowhere? In three years’ time, he had
established Asura's Office, Shusonna Army, Yalegard Legion, Southern Army, and Diyouli Army to
surround Yaleview.

Wilbur had turned from a powerful king to an anxious king surrounded by enemies.

The Eastern Army's special missile, especially, was a knife hovering above his head, threatening to fall
on him at any time.

He did not dare to do anything too outrageous.

Wilbur understood that the reason he could challenge Jonathan at this moment was that Jonathan had
no ambitions for power.

However, the same could not be said about the future.

One day, Jonathan would not be able to rein in the lunatics in Asura's Office.

Would his Yaleview Army be able to keep Yaleview as peaceful as they were now? Thus, to resolve
this issue, Wilbur had set his eyes on the Eastern Army.

Once they had secured control over Doveston, the Yalegard Legion would only need to defend the
strategic choke point of Yaleview.

They could rely on the plentiful resources and support from Eshistan.

They would have the advantage of both offense and defense, backed up by specialized missiles to
further strengthen their capabilities.

It was at that moment that he would truly be equal to Jonathan, and the opportunity for him to achieve
that had presented itself during the River Onxy battle.

Based on Wilbur's understanding of Jonathan, he was certain that Jonathan would never let Doveston
fall into the enemy's hands.

Hence, Jonathan would certainly agree to his terms.

"Jonathan, I urge you to think carefully about this.From the information I've gathered, the Eastern Allied
Army has already suffered a loss of over a hundred thousand soldiers.Time is running out for you,"

Wilbur said confidently.

However, the anticipated scene of Jonathan's compromise did not unfold.

He said calmly, "Wilbur, if you intend to exploit the situation in River Onxy to gain an advantage over
me, then you're going to make me your enemy."

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