Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1074

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“Greetings, Asura!” someone cried out.

Then, more and more people started shouting their greetings and lowering their guns.

They all were clenching their right fists and hammering their left chest, saluting to Jonathan.

Their actions spread in all directions like a domino as they conveyed the news of Asura’s return to the

Looking at the warriors around him, Jonathan felt as though there was a huge rock sitting on his chest.

It was a pressure he had never experienced before. It made his blood boil, yet kept his mind calm.

The warriors around him began sobbing.

While most of the soldiers from Asura’s Office had experienced real battles before, the current war was
something they struggled to accept as reality.

Within half a day, a hundred thousand lives were lost.

The magnitude of casualties was unprecedented in human warfare, and it instilled a sense of terror in
the people.

Both parties had yet to come face to face, but the death toll was already so high. One could imagine
how disheartened the soldiers were.

What they needed most was a symbol that would not collapse.

Jonathan, as the legend of Chanaea and the man who established Asura’s Office, was the best
candidate to be the indestructible symbol.

A distance away, two figures rushed toward Jonathan.

Jonathan turned to see Hayden and Joshua landing.


Joshua reached out his right hand to Joshua.

“I don’t know what deal you have with the Osborne family, but please cast aside your loyalty to your
faction here on this battlefield. I don’t wish to worry about backstabbers when I’m facing Remdik,”
Joshua said to Jonathan solemnly.

Hayden nodded at Jonathan before saying, “Asura’s Office has saved the Zink family. I’ll be fighting on
your side to my death here.”

Jonathan nodded in return.

After taking a deep breath, he reached out to hold Joshua’s hand.

“Thank you. There are one million and seven hundred thousand soldiers behind us. If any of the
respectable families dare to lay a finger on you, I’ll make sure they learn of the consequences.”

Hearing that, Joshua and Hayden sighed in relief.

Even though they knew about Jonathan, they had not had a proper interaction with each other.

Those who emerged in times of chaos are outstanding people.

Jonathan was not the only one. Karl, Wilbur, and even Joshua himself were cunning, calculating

The second Joshua decided to stay on the battlefield, he had taken a risk.

He was wagering on the assumption that Jonathan was a true gentleman, just as his public image
portrayed him to be.

If he was not, Jonathan could easily control him or use him to exchange for the eight respectable
families’ help in the war.

Fortunately, Joshua’s guess was right.

The addition of Joshua to the River Onxy battle was undoubtedly good news for Asura’s Office.

Furthermore, Jonathan could take the opportunity to get Joshua to join Asura’s Office.

Unfortunately, the good news seemed nothing more than a cruel mockery to the battlefield, where the
corpses continued to pile up.

Jonathan retrieved the communication device that had been tucked away in a corner of his storage ring
for a considerable period of time.

It was a communication device with the highest authority that Hades had given to him when he left
Asura’s Office in Hades’ hand.

Although it looked just like one of their battlefield communication device, it was actually the latest model
communication device from Asura’s Office.

Jonathan understood that the communication device, given to him by Hades, served as a reminder that
although he had relinquished his position of highest authority within Asura’s Office to Hades, the
organization still belonged to him. It symbolized that he could reclaim his leadership role whenever he

Jonathan did not want this kind of loyalty from Hades, but he knew that he could not stop Hades from
doing it.

He had been keeping the communication device in his storage ring as if it was a souvenir.

He had never thought that he would retrieve it back out a few months later to use it.

That was not something he was hoping to occur.

He did not want a crisis like this to happen to Asura’s Office.

After unwrapping the earpiece, he scanned his fingerprint to authenticate his identity before putting it

As Jonathan stood on the River Onxy battlefield, he said, “This is Jonathan Goldstein—codename,
Asura. Hades and Tiger are unconscious and currently unfit for commanding. I will be taking over the
commanding of Asura’s Office from now on. I repeat…”

Not only were his words conveyed to the commanders on the River Onxy battlefield, but they were also
received by all of the executives in Chanaea, including Dorian in Mysonna, Jeremy in Glybir, Terrence
in Navarre, Asura’s Office’s headquarters in Harfush, and Zachary and his company in Kransbay.

Everyone received Jonathan’s announcement from their communication device.

Asura has returned!

What Jonathan wanted this time was not only the power to command the River Onxy battlefield but
also the power to govern Asura’s Office.

Everyone knew that Jonathan was livid on behalf of Asura’s Office despite the apathetic tone in his

Asura’s Office was a giant in Chanaea, and it would be showing its true colors as a killing machine with
Jonathan as its leader.

It was at this moment the war finally began.

“Yosef, rebuild the Eastern Army’s line of defense in Beshya. Report to me the casualties. I want
detailed data. Doveston will be entering a state of war. Inform the soldiers stationed there to resume all
channels of transportation to ensure that the people have enough food and ammunition.”

Jonathan did not strip Yosef of his title as the commander, for he knew that Yosef was not at fault for
the current casualties.

Even if Hayes and Hades had been the commanders, the situation would not have been any better.

“Yes, Sir! I will work on it right away,” came Yosef’s loud voice.

Jonathan spoke again, this time to Asura’s Office’s Intelligence Unit of the Dark Special Forces.

“Freddie, use all of the intelligence networks you’ve created in Doveston to get rid of all the secret
agents from other countries. Remdik, Jetroina, West Region, Anglandur, West Epea Alliance… I don’t
care which country the secret agents belong to and why they’re there, and I don’t care about their
casualty rate. As long as you know where they are, I want them all dead.”

Freddie rose to his feet and answered, “Got it. Give me an hour, and I’ll make sure the job is well

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