Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1073

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To Asura’s Office, that day was no different from doomsday.

In less than half a day, one hundred and ten thousand people had perished on the River Onxy

Most devastatingly, Hayes and Hades, the two commanding officers with the highest authority in the
Eastern Allied Army, had fallen unconscious one after another.

Although Yosef was there to take charge of the Eastern Allied Army, he was still only the deputy
commander. He lacked many powers, such as the right to launch special missiles.

That meant that the most effective and intimidating deterrent had been rendered paralyzed.

Although Joshua and Hayden were God Realm cultivators who could serve pivotal roles on the
battlefield, they weren’t members of Asura’s Office at the end of the day.

They couldn’t assume command.

The entire Eastern Allied Army, which had a remainder of close to four hundred thousand soldiers, was
caught up in a semi-paralyzed state just like that.

Aside from taking regular defense measures, no one knew what else to do.

While Joshua sent Hayes and Hades to the Eastern Allied Army’s temporary hospital, a figure finally
arrived from the northeast, landing on a mountain peak far from the ruins of the northern defense line.

Standing under the morning sun, Jonathan felt an icy sensation enveloping his body.

Although he hadn’t been involved in Asura’s Office’s decision-making since a few months ago, he had
visited the Eastern Army’s camp several times to handle Karl’s matters.

Therefore, he had a rough understanding of the defense coverage of the Eastern Allied Army.

However, at that moment, on the plain before his eyes, there was no intact land left where the northern
defense line of the Eastern Allied Army should have been.

Standing on the mountaintop and looking down, Jonathan saw that the ground was disfigured with
countless shell craters stretching all the way to the horizon.


He couldn’t bring himself to accept the scene before him.

Even though he had communicated with Joshua on the phone and knew the Eastern Army must’ve
suffered losses in the first wave of the confrontation, he had never imagined the circumstances to be
like that.

Perhaps only the northern defense line is destroyed by artillery barrages. During Karl’s reign, many
underground fortifications were built. Moreover, there was also an air defense network to intercept
incoming attacks. The soldiers should’ve had enough time to evacuate from the battlefield…

Jonathan leaped down from the top of the small mountain and ran frantically toward the ruins of the
Eastern Army’s northern defense line.

The biting cold wind buffeted against Jonathan’s cheeks like innumerable knives poking at his skin.

As he ran, tears welled up in his eyes and streamed down his cheeks.

His vision blurred. He chose to shut his eyes and not look at the apocalyptic scene around him.

At that moment, Jonathan didn’t even dare to take out his communication device and connect to the
communication channel because he couldn’t stand hearing the casualty report.

Even though Jonathan kept telling himself that it was likely just the base and battlefields that had been
destroyed, and Hayes and Hades might’ve already evacuated all the soldiers, the mangled corpses in
the surroundings were proving to him that those were merely his self-deceiving wishful thinking.

Jonathan couldn’t see with his eyes shut, but the images formed in his mind from the feedback of his
spiritual sense were even clearer.

From the moment he stepped into the defense line, he could sense countless mutilated dead bodies
within a hundred meters radius with every step he took.

Those broken cadavers weren’t large. Some were just fingers, while others were merely half a skull.

However, the fragmented remains were teeming as the dirt on the ground.

Jonathan didn’t dare to open his eyes to look at the land beneath his feet, which had been stained dark
red by blood.

Regardless of his willingness to admit it, the Eastern Allied Army’s northern defense line had been
razed to the ground.

And along with the destruction of the northern defense line, countless soldiers’ lives were also lost.

War! Seboxia let out a snigger as his excited voice rang out in Jonathan’s mind. This is the war we
wanted! Jonathan, you should’ve come earlier. Judging by the shattered remains, at least seventy or
eighty thousand people must have died here! If we had come here earlier, the amount of life force
available on the battlefield would’ve been massive.

Listening to Seboxia’s regretful words echoing in his mind, Jonathan gritted his teeth.

Shut up!

Although Seboxia was worried Jonathan might end his own life and drag him down together, Seboxia
became more at ease after knowing so many members of the Asura’s Office had been sacrificed.

That was because, at that critical juncture, Jonathan would never take his own life no matter what.

The most effective way to stimulate a person’s potential is by exploiting one’s emotions, especially
someone who has always thought of himself as a righteous person like Jonathan.

He would never let such a deep grudge slide without taking any action.

That was Jonathan’s trait that Seboxia was using to his advantage.

Someone who is too emotional becomes vulnerable and prone to be manipulated by others.

Within Jonathan’s energy field, the giant coffin was slowly pried open, revealing a small gap.

Jonathan, wage war. Avenge your allies by laying waste to your enemies for the carnage they’ve
brought upon your subordinates. As a cultivator, and a great one no less, if you can still endure these
grievances in the face of this scene, what’s the point of you cultivating for so many years?

Jonathan abruptly stopped in his tracks.

He opened his eyes and took in the hellish surroundings.

“I told you to shut up!” His roar pierced the air and spread in all directions.

On the northern defense line battlefield, soldiers emerging from the underground fortifications turned
their heads in Jonathan’s direction.

As he was moving too rapidly previously, mortals couldn’t even catch a glimpse of his figure.

Now that he had stood still and shouted, the people nearby had suddenly noticed there was a madman
on the battlefield who wasn’t wearing the Eastern Allied Army’s combat outfit.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of gun bolts being pulled rang out continuously.

Multiple dark muzzles were aimed at Jonathan. In just a few seconds, he was surrounded by dozens of

One of the soldiers carefully approached Jonathan and demanded loudly, “Who are you? State your

Jonathan stared at that soldier and croaked with difficulty, “H-How many people have we lost?”

His voice was incredibly hoarse. Anyone who stood a little further away from him wouldn’t have been
able to hear him clearly.

A confused look flashed across the soldier’s visage after he heard Jonathan’s question. “Y-You’re a
member of the Eastern Allied Army? Please state your unit number and direct supervisor’s name so
that we can verify your identity.”

As he spoke, someone exclaimed from behind, “Asura! He’s Asura, Jonathan Goldstein!”

Jonathan’s identity had always been a secret deliberately safeguarded by Asura’s Office. However, as
more and more people became aware of his identity, their control over that information gradually

That was especially the case within the Eastern Army, as Jonathan had killed Karl in front of countless

Hence, it wasn’t surprising that someone could recognize him.

Following the exclamation, all the soldiers widened their eyes. The man who had led Asura’s Office to
bring peace to the chaotic Chanaea has finally returned!

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