Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1072

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The expression of Hades and the others hardened at the soldier’s intel.

“Hand me the computer,” Hades instructed impassively.

Ever since Hayes joined the war, the authority to command the entire Doveston Allied Army had been
handed over to Yosef, Karl’s deputy.

The entire Eastern Allied Army’s decision to attack and defend was entirely based on Yosef’s
commands, while Hades played a supplementary role at most.

“The amount of destruction wrecked upon the defense tower is too widespread. They can’t possibly
make it to the underground bunker in time!” Hades announced with much difficulty.

Joshua, who was standing at the side, was already looking skyward.

“It’s here.”

They raised their heads toward the bright sky of the north.

A dark speck at the far horizon could be seen approaching them steadily, accompanied by a shrill

It was the Remdikian’s new barrage of attacks.

Hades silently observed the soldiers around him running frantically as they attempted to seek shelter in
the ditch and underground bunker.

It was too late for him to say anything at that moment.

This round of attacks would wipe out at least one-sixth of the Eastern Allied Army’s soldiers.

A conservative estimate of the number of casualties would be about eighty thousand.

A series of deafening booms sounded when the first cannonball exploded upon contact with the

The blast consumed the terrified soldiers in flames, forming an infernal hellscape.

Joshua had already used Formation Crusher to set up a restraining barrier just before the cannonball
dropped down on them. Then, Hayden shattered the ground they stood on and brought Hades along as
they sank under the ground.

Everyone could still sense the tremors of the ground despite being more than twenty meters

It was evident how horrific this round of Remdik’s attacks was.

Silence only resumed after more than ten minutes of continuous bombing.

The darkened soil split open from the bottom of a deep explosion crater of a land ravaged by war.

Joshua pulled Hades with him as they burst out from the underground and landed above.

Hades fell to his knees and was reduced into a trembling mess.

He gripped the scorched land beneath him as he let out a furious wail.

Joshua and Hayden could not offer him any comfort from his grief.

Ten minutes ago, the land was still vastly populated with soldiers, sturdy vehicles, and defense
fortifications capable of decimating everything in its path.

However, nothing was left of it now.

There wasn’t even a complete corpse as far as the eye could see. Most of them were simply shredded
pieces of charred flesh.

This was the horror of a saturation attack.

One would be doomed upon being overwhelmed by guided missiles.

In an ordinary battlefield, it’s typically unlikely that one dies from the impact of an explosion unless it is
detonated at a close distance. Even if one were hit by debris, there would still be a chance at survival.

However, even if the first cannonball only caused one to lose consciousness during a saturation attack,
the subsequent bombs signed their death warrant.

The successive dropping of aerial bombs decimated everything on the land’s surface.

There were no tragic scenes of wailing and cries for help on this battlefield.

All that remained was an oppressive silence, which thoroughly shattered Hades’ mettle.

More and more soldiers emerged from the underground bunker after him.

They gazed around helplessly at the desolate battlefield.

All of them had experienced war. But “war” didn’t seem like an apt word to define what they’d newly
gone through.

Coining it a massacre didn’t even sound right.

The word “extermination” felt most fitting.

The Remdikian had applied a continuous string of war strategies to eradicate the entirety of the Eastern
Allied Army’s northern defense line.

Hayden walked up to Hades and squeezed his shoulder hard.

“Hades, the soldiers of Asura’s Office are all looking at you.”

Hades swiftly choked back his cries at Hayden’s reminder.

Upon detecting the slightest surge in spiritual energy, he once again suppressed all its fluctuations.

He got to his feet with support from Hayden and slowly lifted his bloodshot eyes.

“Yosef, calculate the number of casualties.”

Yosef’s voice was grim through the communication device. “Sir, the defense line of the Eastern Allied
Army is defunct. We’re still recording the number of deaths and estimate that those with injuries
amount to more than a hundred and ten thousand.”

Hades shivered at the steep number of losses they’d suffered.

The death toll in the three-day battle at River Onxy led by Karl and Aidan seven years ago had added
up to seventy thousand on both sides, and that was enough to shock the respectable families.

At that moment, Chanaea was already suffering a death toll of a hundred and ten thousand even
though their battle lasted barely seven hours.

Asura’s Office would become the laughingstock of the entire world and Remdik’s stepping stone.

I will be the biggest sinner among all of Asura’s Office!

Right then, the communication device began beeping urgently.

Freddie’s voice sounded from it once Hades accepted the call.

“Hades, Mr. Goldstein is looking for you. Let me transfer this call to him,” Freddie informed briefly.
Jonathan was connected after the line was interrupted by some noise.

“Hades, this is Jonathan. I’m approaching the location of the Eastern Army and will be arriving in about
twenty minutes. How’s the situation at the battlefield? Did the enemy deploy any God Realm

Hades stood woodenly as Jonathan threw him a barrage of questions.

Jonathan started panicking at Hades’ silence. “Hades, what’s going on? Say something!”

Hades coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell forward. His face was sickly pale.


Hayden tugged on Hades to stop his fall. He laid Hades down on the ground and pressed his fingers on
his pulse.

Hayden examined Hades’ condition and reported immediately, “There’s drainage of spiritual energy,
reverse flow of vitality, and an unstable Anima. He’s showing signs of entering a frenzied state.”

Joshua rapidly rifled for a medicinal pill.

“This is a spirit-dissolving pill. It can completely deplete one’s spiritual energy in a short amount of time.
Since the condition of his Anima is undetermined, my biggest concern is that he will lose control. Feed
him the pill.”

Joshua passed the pill to Hayden and removed the communication device from Hades’ ear.

“Jonathan, this is Joshua speaking. Hades and Tiger are both critically wounded and unconscious. The
Eastern Allied Army has suffered a terrible loss, so if you can, please head over as soon as possible. I

have a feeling that a greater threat from Remdik is about to come!”

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