Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1071

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Disbelief struck Xavion hard as he listened to Jonathan’s hesitant words from the other end of the line.

“Jonathan, I shouldn’t have f*cking collaborated with you! I helped you rescue your woman and child,
and what I got in turn? Your men threatened me! What the f*ck was that?”

As he sprinted, Jonathan could only apologize to Xavion with a bitter smile.

However, he understood Hades’ determination. Unless he personally eliminated him, nothing could
change his mind.

At present, the only thing on Jonathan’s mind was to reach the battlefield as quickly as possible.

The Eastern Allied Army could not afford to lose in this war.

Within the Redlington battalion of the Remdikian army, Ivanov, who was sitting at the top, was studying
the Eastern Allied Army’s movement across the map with a cold gaze.

Avery, who had lifted his lips into a smile, was seated a level beneath him.

Even though the vital signs of the Wolver Army kept disappearing, he had received new information.

The Wolver Army’s battle plan was a success. At least one-third of the Eastern Allied Army’s northern
line of defense had lost their air defense.

“Mr. Ivanov, we can launch an aerial attack now,” Avery informed with a smile as he rose from his seat.

Although Chanaea’s side had lost their air defense, for Remdik, it was merely a temporary advantage.

If they didn’t seize the chance and pursue victory, allowing Chanaea the time to reboot their air defense
batteries, the sacrifices of those four hundred men in the Wolver Army forming the assault battalion
would go down the drain.

After all, electromagnetic pulse explosives could only burn the core parts of the air defense turret.

The other parts were left undamaged. Once the damaged components were replaced, the air defense
turret was as good as new.

The window in which the Eastern Allied Army conducted the replacement was the opportunity Remdik
needed to seize.

Ivanov cast an icy glance at Avery.

“Avery, what grade do you think you deserve for such an outcome?”

Avery’s body stiffened slightly. When he raised his head, a relieved smile formed on his lips.

“Mr. Ivanov, we’re both reasonable people, so I completely understand what you’re thinking. Although
we belong to different fractions, as you said, this war is ours, Remdikian. The grade or marks you give
are just an excuse to chase me out of the Eastern War Zone. I don’t give a rat’s ass about that now.
The important thing is the opportunity I created is more than enough for us to win this war.”

Avery boldly lifted his legs and propped them on the table.

Being an intelligent person, Avery knew no matter what he did, Ivanov and the others would always
ostracize him.

However, he also knew that despite Ivanov’s intense desire to eliminate him, he couldn’t make a move
because he represented the tsar.

If Ivanov had the capability to overrule the tsar’s decisions, he wouldn’t have even needed to come
over to the Eastern War Zone to supervise the war.

That was why Avery wasn’t the least bit concerned over Ivanov’s threat.

Ivanov immediately understood Avery’s thought.

He really liked having an intelligent subordinate like Avery, but he was the tsar’s man, so he couldn’t
seize him as his own.

After a long glance at Avery, Ivanov started, “This time, Remdik will be attacking Doveston, Chanaea.
I’m sure everyone knows why we deployed the Wolver Army to lead the army. It’s to test the Wolver
Army’s actual function in a large-scale war. Each member of the Wolver Army has a body cam to
record the entire process. Those data have been sent back to the Intelligence Unit in Saspiuburg. As
the temporary commander, Avery has caused us to lose more than four hundred Grandmaster Realm
werewolf warriors despite the completion of his given mission. Remdik can’t accept such a loss in
battle. I’ll now be rescinding all of Avery’s authority. After the war, he will be turned over to the general
court-martial. Whether or not to convict him, we’ll leave that to our fellow judges to decide.”

Ivanov finished his prepared script devoid of emotion. No one was surprised by his decision, even
Avery was the same.

Ivanov rose from his seat.

“Everyone, the experiment on the Wolver Army has completed. Let the real war begin!”

“Yes, Sir!” Every core commander of Remdik’s Eastern War Zone shot to their feet and shouted their

Ivanov picked up the communication device on the side.

“Target all electromagnetic pulse explosives’ locations. We’re launching a widespread area attack!
Follow the plan. Every God Realm cultivator will lead their men into battle. We’ll show the world the
strength and ferocity of Remdik with this war!”

Meanwhile, Hades and the others were sprinting across the barrack.

The Wolver Army had started from defending against enemy attacks to purging their enemy within their

Dozens of Beta Warriors from Remdik kept destroying the Eastern Allied Army’s air defense network at
terrifying speed.

The electromagnetic pulse had damaged a massive scale of communication devices in the northern
defense line, causing a significant delay in intelligence transfer.

The Eastern Allied Army soldiers were blindsided by the Wolver Army’s assault.

More of them assumed the Wolver Army was part of the Eastern Allied Army and even gave way to

However, when the electromagnetic pulse explosives exploded, they noticed their communication
devices weren’t responding, rendering them out of touch with the rest.

It was like a furious cycle. The damaged area was slowly but incessantly expanding.

Luckily, at that moment, Hayden and Joshua had temporarily become members of the Eastern Allied
Army. It wasn’t too challenging for them to face off against the dozens of Grandmasters.

It was especially easy for Joshua with his Troop Summoner. Under the added effect of the numerous
Spirit Rejuvenating Pills left by the Whitley family, the summoned troops were a terrifying sight.

Green-glowing spirit warriors moved among the cultivators as they fought with the Wolver Army. Envy
washed over Hades as he witnessed the scene.

No wonder the eight respectable families had their gazes fixed on the Whitley family. The Troop
Summoner by itself is already greatly coveted by countless people around the world, let alone the other
two magical items. As long as one’s equipped with it and possesses sufficient spiritual energy,
essentially, they own a legion of Grandmaster subordinates at their disposal. No other magical item can
rival that kind of power.

In a matter of ten minutes, the Remdikian cultivators had been entirely obliterated.

Holding a storage ring, Hayden strode over to Hades’ side.

“Hades, these people have quite a few electromagnetic pulse explosives in their hands. How are you
planning to deal with them?”

As Hades had helped prevent the Zink family from getting eradicated, Hayden had become courteous
to him. His wariness from when they first met was long gone.

“How am I planning to deal with them?” Hades laughed, then answered resignedly, “I plan to toss these
things back to Remdik and—”

Before he could finish, the sound of a long, piercing alarm cut across the sky.

An intelligence officer appeared in front of Hades.

“Commander, the radar detected hundreds of incoming guided missiles. Their target is the base. In one
minute, we’ll be able to see the attack with our eyes. Please take shelter in the underground bunker!”

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