Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1070

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“Unable to destroy it?”

Hayden stared at Hades in confusion.

At that moment, Hayden’s mind was still in turmoil as he thought about what would happen next now
that his identity had been exposed.

Thoughts began to appear in his mind. Nonetheless, he couldn’t think of any possible way to rescue
the Zink family with ease.

“It’s all settled just like that?” Hayden remained skeptical as he pulled out his satellite phone.

Previously, Hayden had been afraid of exposing his and Joshua’s whereabouts. Because of that, he
decided to cut all ties with his family, giving up the opportunity to avenge them.

There was no point for him to keep in touch with his family as well. After all, they were far apart from
each other.

Hayden was too petrified to make the call. I don’t want to hear the blood-curdling sound of my family
being killed. I will be guilty for life for not being there to help.

With Joshua’s encouragement, Hayden dialed the familiar number apprehensively.

“Hello?” Hayden said with a lump in his throat.

A solemn voice sounded from the other end of the line.

“The audacity of you, Hayden! Not only have you betrayed the Osborne family, but you’re also working
with Asura’s Office. You’re unbelievable!”

Hayden’s expression darkened imperceptibly at those words coming from the other end of the line.

Gritting his teeth, Hayden roared furiously into the satellite phone, “Xavion! What have you done to my

On the other end of the line was Xavion, who was at that moment separated from Jonathan.

The Osborne family seemed to be having an elimination plan because of Everett.

Xavion still hadn’t returned home. He was sent to the Zink family in Beytown.

Since the start, the Osborne family had already planted a spy in the affiliated Zink family. Therefore, the
location of their residence was advantageous to the Osborne family.

Xavion and two other God Realm cultivators brought thirty Grandmaster Realm cultivators to trap the
Zink family inside.

Although Hayden’s father and uncle were God Realm cultivators, they advanced their cultivation level
with the help of the Osborne family.

Knowing their tactics, Xavion subdued about a hundred of them from the Zink family without any

Upon learning that Hayden was together with Joshua, the Osborne family considered at once to kill the
Zinks to intimidate everyone.

However, it wouldn’t be ideal for the Osborne family to destroy Everett’s lineage and the Zink family
now, as someone else would probably take advantage of the situation.

As a consequence, Mason changed the killing order to an arrest order, commanding Xavion to send the
Zinks back to Drieso and thereafter labeling them as slaves.

Mason’s intention was to make the Zink family unable to rise again for eternity.

By doing so, he could keep the high-level cultivators of the Zink family for his use.

Besides, Mason intended to use the Zink family’s safety to make Hayden a spy around Joshua.

However, things took a turn when Xavion received a warning from Freddie of the Dark Special Forces
while they were on their way to Drieso.

Hearing that guttural roar of Hayden over the phone made Everett’s eyes flash with a glint of malice.

He stretched out his right hand to grab Irving.

As he seized hold of Irving’s wrist, Xavion tightened his grip. A crisp slap echoed in the air, and Irving
couldn’t help but scream in agony.


Then, Xavion put the phone beside Irving’s face and burst into laughter.

“Can you hear that, Hayden? It’s your brother! This is the consequence of threatening me with Asura’s
Office! Don’t blame me for taking out my anger on your family!”

On the battlefield in River Onxy, Hayden grasped his phone so hard that a loud crack echoed in the air.

Then, he felt someone’s touch on his wrist.

Hayden turned around, only to see Hades stretching out his hand at him with a beam.

“Give me the phone.”

With that, Hayden simply clenched his teeth and passed the phone to him.

Hades grabbed the phone and said calmly, “It’s me, Hades from Asura’s Office. Please stop harming
the Zink family, Xavion.”

“Who are you to ask me to stop?” Xavion pinched Irving’s hand even harder. “You’re not qualified
enough to negotiate with me. I want to talk to Jonathan.”

“Mr. Goldstein isn’t one of us anymore. Since you think I’m unqualified to talk to you, I’ll show you
something else,” responded Hades casually. He turned on the communication device and commanded,
“Eclipse Army, this is Hades. You have my order to launch an attack on Jygagon Mountain in Quadfield,
Drieso now.”

Following Hades’ words, the silo three hundred miles away opened and directly launched a flaming
missile into the sky. It changed its direction at a height of hundred meters, quickly disappearing in the

Hades lifted his hand to glance at his watch.

“Xavion, I’ve just launched a tactical missile. You only have ten minutes more before the peak of
Jygagon Mountain disappears. This is my last warning. My people from Asura’s Office are heading to
your location. If I don’t receive the news that the Zink family is safe in fifteen minutes, I won’t hesitate to
wipe out the entire Quadfield. I’ll start counting down now.” Hades ended the call after saying that.

Xavion, who was on the other end of the line, scowled after being threatened that way.

A God Realm cultivator at the side stepped forward and asked, “Xavion, what should we do now?”

“What should we do?” Xavion shot the Zinks a cold glare before giving Jonathan a call.

He screamed, “Jonathan! Do you have any f*cking normal subordinates? Everyone from Asura’s Office
is crazy!”

Meanwhile, Jonathan was traveling swiftly along River Onxy toward Adrune.

He had entered five hundred miles deep into Remdik as he had wanted to chase after Joshua in the

Upon deducing Joshua’s movement, he knew from the Remdikian garrison that the battle in River Onxy
had already started while he was on his way there.

Jonathan had never expected that and had even wanted to bring Joshua into Asura’s Office.

Yet now, Asura’s Office was caught in a life-and-death predicament.

Karl was hiding his identity as a God Realm cultivator. As such, Jonathan had no choice but to bear the
responsibility of being Asura’s Office’s sole God Realm cultivator.

With the battle commencing now, the defense line of the Eastern Allied Army would most likely be
destroyed once Remdik’s God Realm cultivators set their feet in Chanaea.

By then, it would be doomed for Doveston.

Jonathan was cautious enough to keep his communication device in the storage ring to avoid being
targeted on his journey.

But before he could contact Hades and the others, he received that abrupt call from Xavion.

Jonathan was puzzled after getting reprimanded by Xavion, albeit being a sharp-witted person.

Upon mulling over the Xavion’s brief explanation, Jonathan cautioned, “Xavion, release the Zink family
now. I may be scaring you if I mention that I will bomb Quadfield, but Landon is different. He means
every word he says!”

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