Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1069

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The Real Name Of Hades

Of course, Joshua knew about Hayden’s anguish.

Even though more than thirty thousand Whitleys had been slaughtered, the incident happened ten
years ago.

Joshua had learned a lot throughout those ten long years despite the fact that the pain did not fade with
time. He learned to hold back and be patient as there was a time and place for revenge.

However, the situation was different for Hayden.

The Zinks were being slaughtered as they spoke, and the more time they wasted lingering on the
battlefield, the closer the Zinks were to their dooms.

“Hayden—” Joshua was about to say something to Hayden when Hades, who was standing beside
them, furrowed his brows and turned to Hayden.

“When you say the Osborne family, are you referring to the Osborne family that is one of the eight
respectable families?”

Joshua and Hayden were both stunned for a moment.

Hayden turned to Hades and nodded slightly out of respect.

“Is there another Osborne family in Chanaea?”

“Why do you ask?”

Hades chuckled. “Well, I might be able to help with your family issues if it’s the Osborne family I know.”

Both Joshua and Hayden were surprised by Hades’ words.

Hayden sized him up skeptically and shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Hades, I’ve always looked up to you warriors of Asura’s Office, but this joke of yours isn’t funny. My
people are in grave danger of being slaughtered by the Osbornes because of a mistake I made as we
speak. This shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip to manipulate me. And with all due respect, I
wouldn’t even believe it even if Jonathan himself told me this. After all, if the Osbornes really feared
Asura’s Office, they would have released Josephine by now. What do you think?”

Hayden was clear in his stance. His words made absolute sense, albeit straightforward.

In fact, in Hayden and Joshua’s eyes, Hades was merely bluffing to rope Hayden in, convincing him to
join the Eastern Army and work for them.

However, Hades looked Hayden in the eye and asserted, “Hayden, I never lie.”

With that, he produced a backup communication device from his storage ring, replacing the one that
had been destroyed by the electromagnetic pulse.

Hades then opened the Intelligence Unit channel and spoke into the device, stating, “This is Hades. My
communication device has been destroyed by the electromagnetic pulse. This is my new
communication device. The password is KUM6-67.”

Almost immediately, the Intelligence Bureau responded and granted Hades backend permissions.

“Freddie, this is Hades. I know the Dark Special Forces has the contact number of the individual in
charge of communication with external parties of the eight respectable families. Please inform the
Osborne family that if anything happens to the Zinks, I will activate the special missiles and destroy
Quadfield City, even if it means killing its seven million citizens along with the Osbornes.”

After turning off his communication device, Hades turned to Joshua and Hayden with a smile. “Well?
Do you believe me now?”

Hayden looked shell-shocked as he stared at Hades. “Are you sure… the Osbornes are in Quadfield

Even the Zinks, who had served as the Osbornes’ subordinates for nearly a century, did not possess
this level of intel.

After all, it was common knowledge that revealing the location of one’s city was akin to giving away
their exact whereabouts.

Powerful factions such as the respectable families could easily search every corner of an entire city in a
matter of weeks.

Hades’ words clearly indicated that Asura’s Office had stopped their search for the Osbornes’ exact
location after pinpointing the city where they resided.

However, Hades was now willing to sacrifice the seven million citizens of Quadfield City alongside the
Osbornes by activating special missiles for the sake of Hayden.

It was madness.

Nonetheless, most people nowadays had forgotten the true nature of the second-in-command of
Asura’s Office.

Hades had remained by Jonathan’s side and willingly guarded the main rear area of Asura’s Office
since its formation.

Over time, Jonathan had overshadowed Hades, who seemed to fade into the background as a good
and kind man with no particularly notable traits.

Nonetheless, it never occurred to the public why Jonathan had handed the power of Asura’s Office
over to Hades upon stepping down, nor how Hades had managed to gain the loyalty of someone as
battle-hungry as Kane.

Hades wasn’t his birth name but a title he had earned for himself like Asura. It reflected his reputation
and power.

His real name on his ID card was Landon, which meant “light and carefree.”

His parents had hoped that he would lead a happy and carefree life.

However, instead of living up to the meaning of his name, he surprisingly rose to become a hero during
times of war.

There was a saying that if Hades wanted you dead by midnight, you wouldn’t live to see the dawn.

This was an accurate portrayal of Hades, whose brutality and cruelty were notorious.

Before he met Jonathan, any faction that caused chaos and suffering would be completely annihilated
once they fell into his hands without exception.

His methods were ruthless, and his ways were unforgiving.

That was how Landon became Hades.

Joshua’s expression was conflicted as he recalled the intelligence he had seen before.

“Hades, will you really launch the special missiles if the Osbornes ignore your warning and continue to
slaughter the Zinks at their mercy?” he asked.

“Yes, I will,” Hades replied with a smile.

“If the Osbornes wiped out the Zinks, Hayden would lose all interest in helping out in the war. You might
even quit too. We would be on the losing end if things escalate to that point. Besides, once the Remdik
army enters Doveston, Asura’s Office will activate plan B. At that point, at least thirty million people will
die on the battlefield. If sacrificing the seven million citizens of Quadfield City meant the possibility of
victory and saving thirty million lives, I’d rather make that choice.”

Hades spoke casually, sounding as if he was a primary school student doing math problems, dictating
the lives and deaths of seven million people in Quadfield City.

However, Hayden and Joshua couldn’t help but shudder in fear as they listened to his words.

Plan B? The lives and deaths of thirty million people? What kind of terrifying plan is that?

“But…” Hayden was at a loss for words. “But… isn’t Josephine still in the hands of the Osbornes?”

Hades smiled and shook his head. “Even if Mr. Goldstein himself is there, I will still bomb them all to
pieces for the sake of victory, let alone Josephine.”

Joshua finally understood why Jonathan had handed his authority over to Hades after hearing his plan.

Only a madman like him could control the Kings of War of Asura’s Office.

Joshua noticed Hayden looking at him, and after some consideration, he nodded. “You can trust him.
As I said, this misfortune you’re facing may be a blessing in disguise. The Zinks are lucky.”

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