Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1068

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Joshua and Hayden charged ahead, leaving afterimages in their wake as they sped around the
battlefield, mercilessly taking the lives of enemy soldiers as if they were grim reapers.

Everywhere they went, werewolf warriors collapsed one after another without even having the chance
to fight back.

In fact, it would have been much more dangerous if the two of them were up against two hundred
Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Without help from any special weapon or the Pryncyp of Strength, the two of them might even be in
mortal danger.

After all, God Realm cultivators were strong but not completely invincible.

Even though the difference in strength between a Grandmaster Realm cultivator and a God Realm
cultivator was huge, it was still impossible for one God Realm cultivator to defeat an army of
Grandmaster Realm cultivators. After all, a vast army of ants was capable of taking down an elephant.

Those werewolves were far stronger than Grandmaster Realm cultivators, and there were more than
three hundred of them. It went without saying that it would’ve been a piece of cake for them to defeat
Joshua and Hayden.

However, the situation on the battlefield was never predictable.

The Wolver Army and the werewolves from Asura’s Office were evenly matched, but the appearance of
two cultivators that were way stronger than them in terms of spiritual energy, reflexes, and speed
changed the situation at once.

Joshua and Hayden were extremely cunning. Rather than killing one opponent before moving on to the
next one, they relied on their immense strength to inflict severe injuries on the Wolver Army as a whole.

The Wolver Army werewolves and the werewolves of Asura’s Office had the same origin. They were all
groomed by Charleigh.

Genetic modification had a limited impact on cultivation levels. As such, the soldiers’ cultivation levels
were pretty much equal after they became werewolves.

However, now that the soldiers of the Wolver Army were heavily injured, the Chanaean werewolf
warriors gained the upper hand.

In less than five minutes, the situation on the battlefield was tilted in Chanaea’s favor.

The Chanaean werewolves targeted the injured Wolver Army soldiers who could barely put up a fight,
aiming to wipe them all out.

In the end, one of the Beta Warriors from Remdik issued a retreat order in his final moments, trying to
put an end to the war. If that didn’t happen, the Alpha Warriors who didn’t have self-awareness would
have continued fighting to the death.

Despite that, Hades knew that the Remdik Wolver Army would never get to leave the battlefield.

It was only a matter of time before they got completely wiped out.

On Beshya’s line of defense, the green spirit warriors transformed back into spiritual energy and slowly
disappeared into thin air.

Joshua tossed two Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth before walking back to Hades.

“Good day. I’m Joshua,” he said with a smile.

Hades looked at Joshua and took a deep breath before saluting the latter tearfully. Then, he reached
out and shook Joshua’s hand.

“I’m Hades of Asura’s Office. It’s an honor to finally meet you, Mr. Whitley.”

Hades wasn’t simply being polite. Every word came straight from his heart.

As the commander-in-chief of Zedfield, Joshua was so popular that there wasn’t a single person in
Chanaea who didn’t know his name.

In fact, his name was once on Asura’s Office’s hit list.

Of course, this had everything to do with the fact that Joshua had been hiding his identity all along.

The final goal of Asura’s Office was to take down all eight respectable families.

Ever since Joshua rose to power ten years ago, he had always presented himself as a puppet of the
eight respectable families.

If Asura’s Office knew about Joshua’s true identity and his true goal, they might have moved their
whole headquarters to Yaleview.

Given Jonathan’s way of doing things, he might even secretly ally with Joshua, merging the Yaleview
Army and Asura’s Office into a super military conglomerate spanning across Chanaea.

However, Joshua’s disguise was too perfect.

Not only had he managed to fool the eight respectable families, but he also managed to fool everyone

Honestly, it was quite a shame that Jonathan and Joshua missed out on the opportunity to assimilate
Chanaea’s military forces because of that.

Otherwise, the incident of Yaleview Army intercepting Asura’s Office’s battle strategies would never
have happened.

Hayden landed next to the two of them with his handsome countenance covered in blood.

That was the largest battle that he had taken part in since he reached the advanced phase of the
Grandmaster Realm.

Countless kills under his belt had already activated his thirst for blood. Even though the battle was over
at that moment, he still felt inexhaustible power coursing through his veins.

“Is that all Remdik has to offer? That’s just an appetizer for me,” Hayden said excitedly, gritting his teeth
and itching for more.

Seeing Hayden’s demeanor, Joshua knew that he was close to losing his mind and placed a hand on
his shoulder.

“Collect yourself and calm down. If you lose control over your Anima, only two things can happen. One
is that you’ll become a bloodthirsty lunatic who kills for sport. The other is that you’ll go completely
insane just like this guy who’s lying on the ground and end up dying from exhaustion,” said Joshua
while looking at Hayes.

Frightened by Joshua’s warning, Hayden recollected himself and began cultivating to regain his

Joshua turned to Hades and said, “I can’t help much with the situation here, but I can help you hold
back Remdik’s high-level cultivators. Feel free to let us know if you need our help.”

“What?” Hayden stopped cultivating as he stared at Joshua in shock. “Are you kidding? We’re on the
run from all eight respectable families right now. Don’t tell me you actually want to help Asura’s Office
win this battle?”

Joshua turned to look at Hayden. “Once again, I’m not helping Asura’s Office. I’m simply guarding
Chanaea’s borders!”

“As if there’s a difference!” Hayden said, his face reddening from anger.

“Of course there is,” Joshua said matter-of-factly. “Despite the fact that we’re at odds with Asura’s
Office, it’s merely a civil strife. However, now that we’re facing a foreign invasion, if the eight
respectable families want to come and kill me on the battlefield, I am willing to give my life to them.”

Joshua’s tone was light and casual without a single trace of tragic heroism. It was as if he was merely
talking about the weather.

In fact, he was wearing a faint, elegant smile.

However, upon hearing that, Hades was so moved that he clenched his fists.

“Mr. Whitley, while we may belong to different factions and have different opinions, I assure you that
before this battle is over, we from Asura’s Office will not hesitate to kill anyone who tries to take you
down. No matter what it takes,” he promised.

Hayden looked at Hades and Joshua as his jaw dropped to the floor.

“What are you guys talking about? Did you steal those lines from a movie or something? You’re both
almost fifty. What’s with the superhero talk? Our identities are exposed! The Zinks are currently being
targeted by the Osbornes! Who cares about this battle? So what if the Remdikians infiltrate Chanaea?
Stopping them doesn’t mean that the Osbornes will stop coming after us! Tell me, Joshua, what exactly
does the outcome of this battle have to do with us?” Hayden bellowed furiously.

He was the result of three generations of the Zeigler family’s hard work. However, now that their entire
family was living under the oppression of the Osborne family, he couldn’t do anything to help.

All Hayden wanted was to save his family from destruction. He didn’t care about saving the country or
anything like that.

All he wanted was to get revenge for the Zeigler family.

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