Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1067

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Hades’ voice was soaked in terror so intense that it sounded like the scream of someone who was on
the brink of death.

In fact, one could even detect the slight tremble in his voice if one listened closely.

Hades was the man-in-charge of almost two million Asura’s Office soldiers. What could possibly have
caused him such great fear?

Covered in blood, Hades stared in the Eastern Army’s direction.

The scream that he just let out using his spiritual energy was the last thing he could do.

He was no longer able to speak as blood spilled continuously from his nose and mouth.

As he looked at the soldiers who were battling the Wolver Army all around him, he felt out of place on
the battlefield. It felt as though he was being taken away.

The noises around him were rapidly fading along with his vision.

Strong dizziness and nausea overwhelmed him, making him feel the urge to drop to his knees and

The disorientation was caused by extreme fear and disappointment.

As a soldier, he had become accustomed to life-and-death situations and had never been afraid of

However, he couldn’t bear to watch the Eastern Army soldiers die like ants on the battlefield just
because of his erroneous commands.

The silver gadgets that had been thrown at them weren’t landmines.

They were electromagnetic pulse dispersers.

While such devices were useless to human beings, they proved to have an immense effect on any and
all things electronic.

In layman’s terms, their only function was to render all electronics useless.

Every electronic device within the range of the electromagnetic pulse dispersers, be it warfare
computers or communication devices, malfunctioned completely amidst the faint buzzing noises.

The anti-aircraft turrets also crashed along with those devices.

In other words, all air defense systems had been disabled the moment the dispersers kicked into

More and more members of the Eastern Allied Army were exposed on Remdik’s radar, which left them
vulnerable to missile attacks.

There was no way for them to escape.

A single round of concentrated bombardment was all that Remdik needed to reduce the Eastern Allied
Army’s forces from four hundred thousand to barely a hundred and fifty thousand.

Since Remdik had such a plan drawn out, the first stage of the strategy had already commenced when
the werewolves tossed out the first disperser.

The Eastern Allied Army was done for.

Hades stood in the middle of the battlefield dejectedly, looking as if he had lost his soul.

“This shouldn’t have happened. How did they invent the electromagnetic pulse dispersers so quickly?
Remdik shouldn’t have such high-technology weapons…” Hades murmured to himself like a lunatic,

seemingly on the verge of losing his mind.

In the very next second, scarlet blood spurted out of his chest.

The blinding pain pulled Hades back to reality as he realized a werewolf was stepping on his chest,
looking down at him.

The werewolf glared at Hades with utter disdain before lifting his claw in preparation to literally slap the
life out of him.

However, just seconds before the werewolf’s razor-sharp claws could pierce Hades’ skull, his head
exploded into a bloody cloud as the rest of him collapsed next to Hades.


The shot of a sniper rifle rang out across the battlefield.

Two figures approached rapidly from the east following the gunshot.

The powerful gust of spiritual energy that surged forth cleared Hades’ mind, and he felt life course
through his veins again.

He struggled to get up and turned in the direction of the energy, eager to know who had come to his

That was when a clear, somber voice rang out, “Release of Seized Vita!”

All the spiritual energy within a radius of a few miles began to converge and rush toward the owner of
the voice.

Glowing spirit warriors landed one after another on the ground from mid-air before charging ahead.

“Joshua?” Hades said, his eyes widened in disbelief.

The two newcomers were none other than Hayden and Joshua who happened to disrupt Remdik’s
battle strategies back in Jussipi.

Hayden landed next to Hades and bent down to help the latter to his feet.

“So you’re Hades, huh? I finally meet you in person!”

Hayden was hidden by his family since he was young and was never allowed to roam around freely in
order to conceal his cultivation level.

During his years of being oppressed by the Osborne family, watching the interesting news about
Chanaea was his favorite thing to do in between cultivation breaks.

Hence, as soon as Asura’s Office emerged, Hayden was immediately captivated by this new
organization that was rapidly expanding.

Their action of bringing peace through war and going against the eight respectable families were only a
few among the countless remarkable feats that they accomplished within a span of three years.

Afterward, the selection of the Eight Kings of War by Jonathan invoked excitement in Hayden, who was
a hot-blooded young man aspiring to become a superhero.

He admired the outstanding and honorable Asura’s Office members and wished to become one of

Hayden was currently working under Joshua while Jonathan had formed an alliance with the Osborne
family, which meant they were not on the same side, but Hayden still held a deep respect for the
warriors who courageously confronted the eight respectable families.

Seeing Hades in real life was just like seeing his favorite comic book superhero come to life in front of
him. He simply couldn’t contain his excitement.

Meanwhile, Hades looked at Hayden in confusion and wondered if this young God Realm cultivator
was another one of the Whitley family’s hidden trump cards.

Two werewolves suddenly rushed in Hayden’s direction. Effortlessly, Hayden lifted his gun and pulled
the trigger, taking one of them down.

Before the second werewolf could even come close, Hayden tossed a knife in his direction and slit his

To Hades, a God Realm cultivator like Hayden certainly lived up to the word “God” in his title.

“The werewolves with glowing lights on them are on our side!” Hades shouted hoarsely at Joshua.

Hayden waved his hand casually. “Don’t worry. We already knew that after observing the targets of
your soldiers’ attacks. My only question is which side that black-haired werewolf is on. Honestly, it looks
like he’s just killing whoever that gets in his way.”

Hades looked in the direction Hayden was pointing in and saw Hayes, who had already entered a
frenzied state.

“That’s the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Allied Army. He’s gone into a frenzy when fighting
Remdik’s Wolver Army. Please help him.”

“The commander-in-chief?” Hayden was stunned for a moment before charging toward Hayes.

“Devil Begone!” he shouted as he smacked Hayes on the chest firmly.

Hayes grunted in pain and was sent flying before landing heavily right next to Hades.

He had completely passed out after being struck by Hayden.

Hades looked at Hayes, who was lying on the ground and slowly reverting back to normal, and heaved
a sigh of relief.

If it hadn’t been for Hayden and Joshua’s appearance, Hayes would have died from exhaustion.

The Remdik army’s whole plan centered around breaching the Eastern Army’s air defense.

In order to ensure the plan’s success, Remdik’s Beta Warrior abandoned the remaining two hundred or
so Alpha Warriors to engage Eastern Army’s werewolf warriors in battle and keep them occupied.

However, Joshua’s sudden appearance tilted the situation back in the Eastern Army’s favor.

The werewolf warriors had been commanded to fight to the death. Despite the odds no longer being in
their favor, not a single one of them fled.

To Hayden and Joshua, they were nothing more than simple-minded killing machines.

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