Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1064

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Cultivators of the Grandmaster Realm were already terrifying to begin with, not to mention those who
were armed to the teeth.

At that moment, over two hundred werewolves of the Grandmaster Realm came rushing over. Like
raging bulls, they charged straight toward the Eastern Allied Army’s line of heavy artillery.

Clink! Clank!

A hail of bullets pelted the bodies of the Grandmaster Realm cultivators, and sparks were produced
from the friction as the bullets bounced off the armor.

Those armors were so heavy that it would be difficult for tanks to carry them, let alone mortal human

However, that clearly didn’t apply to the Grandmaster Realm cultivators before them who were close to
achieving immortality.


Following a howl, Remdik’s Wolver Army finally came face to face with Beshya’s army which was led
by Hades and Hayes.

“The downside of such highly-defensive armor is that their movements will be hampered considerably!
Everyone, prepare for battle!” Hayes roared. He wielded an enormous sword that was almost as wide
as a door in his hands. Following that, he and Hades were the first to advance.

The remaining warriors couldn’t possibly hold back or shy away from the battle when their commanders
had already advanced.

“There’s no turning back! Let’s fight to our deaths!”


“Kill the filthy wolves!”

“We’ll protect the land of Chanaea with our lives!”

At that moment, countless battle cries suffused the air.

About two hundred werewolf cultivators led the assault, and over two thousand Superior Realm
cultivators from eight military regions boldly engaged them in battle. They formed a tidal wave that
represented the rage of Chanaeans as they charged ahead.


The sword in Hayes’ hand cut through the air fiercely and came slashing down on a werewolf cultivator
who stood before him.

Although the werewolf cultivator’s armor provided incredible defensive power, it did nothing to protect
him from the sword.

The broad, door-like weapon was no ordinary sword. Rather than a sword, it resembled an enormous
bat and sent the werewolf cultivator flying upon impact.

Countless howls of agony resounded across the battlefield.

The mortal soldiers that were a step behind could not help but shudder in fear upon witnessing the
intense, gory battle that played out before them.

As soldiers, they relied heavily on the weapons that they held.

However, the courage and marksmanship they were proud of posed no threat to their enemies.

To them, the fact that their weapons served no purpose during battle meant that their opponents were
too powerful for them to beat.

Just then, a figure sped toward them, and the soldiers stared at the person who had suddenly
appeared before them in a daze.

Climbing on top of the tallest armored car, one of the officers announced, “Everyone, listen up! I am the
interim commander of Beshya’s defense line. Now that we have engaged in combat with cultivators, all
mortals should fall back. All cultivators of the allied army will gather according to their cultivation level
and form a line of defense. If Superior Realm cultivators fall, Postcelestial Realm cultivators will take
over. If Postcelestial Realm cultivators, too, fall, Precelestial Realm cultivators will step forward. No
mortal soldier will be harmed before all the cultivators are wiped out! Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir!” the soldiers answered in unison.

Soon, figures darted out and about. They swiftly occupied the positions where the mortal soldiers had
set up their defenses and took over their guns.

The soldiers on the outer perimeter stared at the cultivators who were replacing them. Although the
new arrivals were cultivators, their faces were strangely familiar.

These were their comrades who had just begun to trod on the path of cultivation after joining Asura’s

A few months ago, none of them were cultivators. Since they had just begun cultivating, their cultivation
level was merely Herald Stage at most.

Although their reaction speed and physical strength were significantly boosted by their current
cultivation level, it was not something to write home about.

The difference between them and mortal soldiers was, at most, like that of a professional athlete and
an ordinary person.

Although they were definitely stronger, the difference was not vast.

Despite so, the new cultivators were currently forced to face such formidable monsters on behalf of the
mortal soldiers just because of their slight difference in strength. They were even prepared to die for
the mortals.

One of the Precelestial Realm cultivators patted a stunned soldier on the shoulder. “Comrade, I’ll be
taking over here. Hurry and retreat to the rear,” the Precelestial Realm cultivator said as he reached for
the gun the soldier held in his hands.

However, the gun did not budge no matter how hard the cultivator tried prying it from the soldier’s
hands. The latter held onto it firmly, refusing to let go.


Puzzled, the Precelestial Realm cultivator glanced at the soldier, meeting the latter’s bloodshot eyes.
Staring at the mortal soldier who refused to let go of the gun, the Precelestial Realm cultivator gasped
in astonishment. “L-Lieutenant?”

They weren’t only acquainted with each other. In fact, the mortal soldier had been the Precelestial
Realm cultivator’s former squad leader.

The cultivator had been recruited and groomed after showing a talent for cultivation.

Verily, he had not expected them to be reunited in such a way.

“Get lost!” the mortal soldier growled through gritted teeth.

“Lieutenant, this is a military order. As a cultivator, I am duty-bound to—”

“I said, get lost!” The mortal soldier lifted his leg and kicked the cultivator.

The surrounding soldiers who were rapidly getting into position all turned to look at them.

Several cultivators who were clad in military clothing also came over to ascertain the situation.

In the meantime, the mortal soldier pointed at the cultivator and yelled, “Who do you think you are?
You’re just a sh*tty cultivator! Just because you’re a little stronger and can run a little faster than me,
does that give you the right to die before me? In fact, I was the one who trained you! You’re supposed
to address me as your higher-up for the rest of your life! I don’t need you to teach me about military
pride. So, you think you can die here, but I can’t? F*ck off! No one’s going to be replacing me unless I
drop dead! I’m going to ensure that the enemy eats my bullets! My life is equal to yours. I will remain in
this defensive position!”

The mortal soldier’s words weighed down on everyone’s hearts like a heavy boulder.

Yeah, that’s right! Why do the cultivators have to die before us? Why do we have to be the ones who
retreat? Why should we let others give up their hope of living to us?

“We’re all soldiers! Why should we run?”

“I refuse to be humiliated like this!”

“Those who have balls should stay! We’re going to hold our ground against the enemy!”

The old lieutenant’s words were like a flame that ignited a powder keg, kindling the fighting spirit within
the soldiers around them.

Like a plague, the morale spread across the area.

Soon, countless soldiers who had withdrawn from the defensive line turned around and returned to
their original positions.

That’s right. We’re all soldiers, and each one of us only has one chance at life. There’s no reason for
someone else to give up their life in our place.

Not only was it cowardly to let someone else die in their place, but it was also humiliating, and it
trampled on their pride.

One by one, the soldiers took up their guns. Not a single one of them faltered.

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