Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1063

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Although the missiles were intimidating, their effect was minimal on the Wolver Army, who had come

As the morning sun ascended, huge, ferocious figures overflowing with spiritual energy appeared on
the opposite ridge one after the other.

While a dozen werewolves standing there might not seem much, the sight of over a hundred
werewolves howling constantly would send a chill down one’s spine. One had to be there to experience
that in person to know how scary it was.

Standing at the frontline, Zachary gazed at the werewolves on the opposite mountain ridge.


At his command, a series of shots sounded from the Kransbay base at the foot of the mountain behind

Missiles pierced across the sky and zoomed toward the opposite mountain.

The smoke trailing behind the missiles in the sky seemed to herald the start of the battle. The
werewolves of Remdik came charging down the mountain like an unstoppable flood.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Consecutive explosions resonated across the valley between the two mountains.

Watching the werewolves rushing down the mountain crazily, Zachary and the rest took out a device
that looked like a remote control.

“Keep an eye on your explosion site!” yelled Zachary. “Let’s blow these b*stards up!”

Nevertheless, the steep, undulating mountain slopes could still act as their very first barricade.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, the explosion sounded from the sides of the mountains.

The Kransbay base was located in the heart of the mountain range, and the mountains surrounding
them were the perfect shield provided by nature, making it difficult for them to launch attacks.

However, that only applied to mortal armies. To cultivators at the Grandmaster Realm, the mountains
did not pose a significant challenge.

When discussing the defense strategies, Andy proposed a crazy suggestion to blow up the mountains.

During the previous ten days, Zachary and the rest gathered around two hundred explosive experts in
the army. Through some calculations, they created over ten thousand explosive sites on the mountain.

Logically speaking, every single one of those explosive sites would result in a large-scale mountain

Now that the werewolves were sprinting down the mountain, it was the perfect time to trigger the

The current operation was different from before. Excessive gunpowder was used as they were going all
out to make sure they would blow up the entire mountain range.

At that moment, over ten thousand explosive sites blew up at the same time. Smoke billowed over the
mountains while numerous stones were sent flying in all four directions, accompanying the deafening
sound of explosions.

Huge boulders weighing ten thousand tons fell from the mountain cliff, crashing straight down onto the
werewolves’ heads.

Under such dire circumstances, the shields they wielded were as useless as foam despite how sturdy
they were.

Shrieks of agony echoed across the valley while countless werewolves ended up buried underneath
the debris forever.

However, more werewolves charged through the billowing smoke and continued advancing upward.

Meanwhile, on the ridge, Zachary and the rest each tossed down a massive oil tank that was taller than
the height of an average human.

The tanks were not filled with gasoline, but rather combustible gel found in napalm bombs.

Before the Wolver Army could react, Rebecca and the others at the second line of defense had already
pulled the trigger and fired the missiles.

When the missiles and oil tanks collided, they burst into flames that spread downward.

Within a few seconds, the entire valley was engulfed in flames.

“I’ll burn you b*stards to death!” roared Kane with a grin.

However, immediately after he spoke, numerous figures leaped out of the fire constantly.

“The werewolves have spirit shields, so it’s not so easy to deal with them. Retreat to the second line of

Once Zachary gave the command, everyone turned around and left without any hesitation.

While a ferocious battle was happening at the Kransbay base, a similar situation played out at River

After three rounds of exchanging missiles, the minefield that Hayes laid out had already been
completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Allied Army had finally come face to face in battle with the Wolver Army from

Over two hundred werewolves zoomed across the ground so quickly that they only appeared as

“Traces of the enemy’s movement detected around twenty kilometers away from us.”

“The Kransbay base has been attacked by werewolves. The garrison is battling them now.”

“We’ve failed to locate the target from a distance away. Please provide a more accurate location.”

“The enemy is moving too quickly. There’s no point in launching missiles at them. Prepare for a fight!”

Message after message that reached the military command center was eventually presented to Hades
and Hayes after bouts of filtration.

Hayes gazed at the land in front of him, which had been bombarded by artillery.

“Soldiers at the first line of defense of Beshya, take notice. Prepare for battle in one minute.”

At Hayes’ command, the soldiers at the anti-aircraft unit jumped to their feet and rushed to their battle

At the crack of dawn, the battlefield was deadly silent. Everyone was waiting solemnly for the Wolver
Army to arrive.

Gunshots sounded continuously while Hayes and Hades also unsheathed their weapons.

Snipers and heavy firearms comprised the first line of defense between the Wolver Army and the
Eastern Allied Army. It was also the most important line of defense.

The mission given to Tiger and the other cultivators was to protect the soldiers’ safety as much as

“Transfer the commanding authority to Yosef Kelley from the Eastern Allied Army.”

“Roger!” A hoarse voice sounded through the communication device. “I’m Yosef Kelly, deputy
commander of the Eastern Allied Army. I will be commanding now. Heed my orders! All members of the
Eastern Allied Army, prepare for battle!”


Immediately after Yosef gave his command, a sniper beside Hayes pulled the trigger.

With that, the entire battlefield had sprung to life.

Gunshots resounded across the battlefield constantly. The Eastern Allied Army had gathered almost
two thousand sniper experts from Asura’s Office’s eight military troops.

This meant that each of the Wolver Army’s troops would be attacked by at least five snipers as soon as
they emerged.

Logically speaking, a line of defense that was formed by this many snipers was more than enough to
eliminate all those werewolves.

However, Remdik had been planning this war for years.

As such, there was no way they would come unprepared when their opponent was Chanaea, a country
with formidable military strength.

“Sir!” yelled a sniper as he pulled the trigger. “The bullets are ineffective against the enemy cultivators.
They are all heavy calvary!”

Heavy calvary?

Hayes grabbed his binoculars and peered at the Wolver Army, which had already reached a thousand
meters away from them.

To his surprise, he saw that all of them were wearing thick steel armor.

Those armors had evidently been painstakingly designed. The strange curvatures on the armors
deflected the bullets.

Moreover, it was so tough that even if one of the werewolves was hit squarely in the chest and
collapsed to the ground, he was still able to climb back to his feet and continue charging forward.

Remdik had specifically developed these armors to counter Chanaea’s sniper rifles.

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