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The Legendary Man Chapter 1061

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-Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of sniper rifle shots rang out continuously around Rebecca.

Those were the first batch of special forces Rebecca had personally trained after she teamed up with

Among the top ten assassins, besides the ninth-ranked Xiara, the other nine members were cultivators.

In the organization, Xiara, Rebecca played the role of a leader.

One could say that Rebecca and her party of ordinary people from Paradise Island were using mortal
means to pave a blood path among the mighty cultivators.

Hence, one could only imagine how formidable Rebecca and the other assassins’ skills were.

Meanwhile, those who trained under her were originally powerful elite warriors of Guardian Army in the
first place.

A few years ago, they could’ve been selected to enter the Valley of Elites.

Now, after receiving guidance from Rebecca, a near-radical teacher, those people were no longer mere
warriors. In Rebecca’s words, they had evolved into humanoid weapons.

Even if Superior Realm cultivators were to challenge them one-on-one, those people still had a fifty
percent chance of winning using their various techniques.

One could only imagine how terrifying their tactics were to be able to match up against Superior Realm
cultivators by relying only on mortal bodies.

Two thousand meters away, more than a dozen werewolves were shot down.

Seeing that, the remaining werewolves summoned shields to protect themselves, changing their
method of advancing from charging headlong to zigzagging between covers.

A figure landed beside Zachary. Blue electric arcs flickered on that newcomer’s body.

“Terrific, Zachary. Your wife’s marksmanship is impressive. Her disciples are also amazing. This feat of
shooting down enemies over two thousand meters away must’ve broken Asura’s Office’s sniping
record, right?”

Zachary looked up at Kane, who was grinning, before turning to gaze at Rebecca who was standing
beside him.

“Don’t talk nonsense. We’re not married yet. I won’t be able to stop her if she beats you up.”

“What’s the big deal?”

Kane laughed and said to Rebecca, “You two are deeply in love with one another. I heard tales about
your relationship even at Huxville. How I envy you two. What’s the matter? I heard you proposed but
got rejected because of the child—”

Before Kane could finish his sentence, he saw the dark muzzle of a gun aimed at his face.

Having been trained on Paradise Island since childhood to become a killing machine, her uterus was
wholly removed in her teens, entirely shattering her hopes of ever becoming a mother.

That was the most profound regret and pain that would haunt her for the rest of her life, as well as the
root cause of why she rejected Zachary.

At that moment, hearing Kane talking about her sore spot, she naturally wouldn’t show any mercy.

“Rebecca!” Noticing Rebecca getting infuriated, Zachary hurriedly uttered to her, “Kane doesn’t think
before he speaks. Don’t take it to heart.”

Kane raised his hands to surrender. “I didn’t mean to hurt you with my words, so don’t be mad. I can
help you solve this problem. If you like children, I can find you a well-educated mixed-race girl to be the
surrogate for you and Zachary’s child. Jason is adept at this. The process involves in vitro fertilization

“Get lost!” Rebecca interrupted Kane with a curse before turning around and jogging down the hill.
“Whoever missed their target earlier will go back and train shooting for the whole day!”

Taking in Rebecca’s enraged demeanor, Zachary glared at Kane. “Must you make things
uncomfortable between me and Rebecca, you motormouth?”

Kane patted Zachary’s shoulder. “You’re still single even in your thirties because you’re too serious.
Rebecca likes you, but because of her own flaws and past experiences, she feels inferior. She’s like a
rabbit. No matter how gently you treat her, she will still run away from you in fear. I’m just trying to help
you, mentioning her sore spot in front of you to let her know you can accept her as she is. Only then
will she be convinced to get close to you. Without destruction, there can be no construction. You should
learn more about how to pick up girls.”

With that, Kane let out a strange laugh and charged down the mountain.

A distance of two thousand meters wasn’t a significant distance for those werewolves in Grandmaster
Realm. At that moment, they had reached the foot of the mountain.

Zachary took a deep breath, looking at Rebecca’s figure, which was moving toward the second
defensive line.

“Rebecca, you heard it too. Kane is actually a good person.”

The connection between Zachary and Rebecca’s communicators was on all along, so she could
actually listen to everything Kane had said to Zachary earlier, even from far away.

Rebecca’s indifferent voice could be heard from the communicating device. “Kane is a lunatic. I won’t
take anything he says to heart. That guy dares to charge into the werewolf crowd because of his
special spiritual energy. Don’t you ever try something as foolish as that! Be careful and stay safe.
That’s all I have to say.”

With that, Rebecca switched off the communicator. On the other hand, Zachary was overjoyed and
grinning like a fool.

Although he and Rebecca had harbored mutual feelings for one another for a long time, she
deliberately kept a safe distance between them.

Therefore, Zachary couldn’t help but be elated about the rare concern she had shown him.

Subsequently, a middle-aged man with a cigarette between his lips strode over and booted Zachary’s

“Zachary, Hades didn’t assign us here to flirt with women. Quit displaying your affection publicly here.
Go back to Harfush if that’s what you want to do.”

As Andy spoke, he spat out his cigarette and dashed down the mountain to join Kane.

Zachary watched the duo at the foot of the mountain with a wry smile. “I wonder how long these two
had been yearning to get involved in a fight.”

Zachary extended his arm and waved his hand forcefully. “Members of Wolver Army, follow me!”

Following Zachary’s command, several figures atop the mountain let out a long howl.

In just a few seconds, they transformed into peculiar, burly creatures with wolf heads and human

Blood-stained fur grew out on their skin and fluttered in the wind like banners bathed in the sunlight
during a cold winter.

Without hesitation, more than fifty werewolf warriors charged toward the bottom of the mountain.

Zachary, Vanquisher King of War of Guardian Army.

Andy, Sanguine King of War from Yalegard Legion.

Kane, Shusonna Army’s Thunder King of War.

The three Kings of War, including the core soldiers of their three armies, were deployed by Hades to
Eclipse Army’s base at Kransbay. They, along with fifty werewolf warriors, formed Kransbay’s base’s
first line of defense.

On the mountain’s peak, where the second line of defense was located, Rebecca and her thirty-plus
subordinates moved swiftly to find new positions.

On the other side of the mountain, around a hundred Precelestial Realm cultivators sprinted around
with broken spirit stones, burying them in the ground.

Outside Kransbay base, an army of thirty thousand soldiers equipping heavy firearms surrounded and
guarded the facility.

All their efforts were to safeguard the base behind them.

That was a stronghold they couldn’t lose.

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