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The Legendary Man Chapter 1060

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-Those commoners, shrouded in the trauma of war, hid behind the
windows fearfully after seeing the werewolves.

All they could do was to pray.

As the closest city to the battlefield, Kransbay was now fully under military control.

During the night curfew, there would be mortal soldiers standing guard at the important passages into
the city.

However, their mission was only to report any incidents and refrain from engaging in battle.

This was not an act of tolerance toward Wolver Army. Rather, it was an act of responsibility for the
entire city.

Cultivators at Grandmaster Realm were already far beyond the scope of a normal cultivator. In fact,
those in Superior Realm and beyond were already completely different from ordinary humans.

If the soldiers still engaged in a fight to the end, the most likely outcome would be to anger Wolver
Army completely, provoking them to kill all the soldiers.

In fact, the commoners might even be implicated, leading to a widespread massacre.

At that moment, the best choice was to remain calm and let Wolver Army roam freely.

The soldiers, all heavily armed, either stood at the sides of the road or at the rooftops of the high-rise

While everyone stared at the ferocious beasts zooming across the streets against the dim sky, all they
could feel was utter humiliation.

This was the biggest humiliation they had ever faced.

Despite knowing very well that these beasts were the murderers of their fellow people, and the source
of destruction of their homeland, they were helpless to do anything but watch.

In fact, they were opening up the paths for these murderers. They were clearing the streets so that
those beasts could pass freely toward Eclipse Army’s base.

This was excruciating to the soldiers guarding Kransbay, who felt like they had been crucified over a

On the top of a tall building, a soldier’s fingers were wrapped tightly against his gun. He was using so
much force that the tips of his fingers turned white.

He lifted the gun and aimed at the target.

These actions had been ingrained as part of his muscle memory over his years of being a soldier.
However, the moment his fingers landed on the trigger, a burly man behind him kicked his hips.

“What are you doing, Darius?” roared the burly man as he grabbed Darius’ collar.

Darius glared at him with bloodshot eyes. “This is too frustrating, Commander! Let me shoot them!

I’m going to kill these wolf b*stards! As a soldier for seven years, my mission is to kill the enemies on
the battlefield when a war breaks out. Let me shoot them, Commander! I don’t care even if I die! We
can’t just watch as these b*stards walk out of Kransbay like they are just having a stroll in the park…”


A crisp slap landed on Darius’ cheek, sending him collapsing onto the ground.

“F*ck you!”

The burly man pulled Darius up from the collar again.

“You’re a soldier, Darius! Don’t you know that you must obey orders?”

“I don’t!” said Darius, choking on his tears. This was his first time disobeying his superior. “Commander,
hundreds of thousands of people are risking their lives at the frontlines of River Onxy. Meanwhile, we
just watch as Wolver Army saunter around right under our noses…”

Before Darius could finish his sentence, the commander pressed his forehead against Darius and
interrupted him, “F*ck you! Tell me which man in Eastern Army isn’t a tough one? Are you the only one
with all the rage within you? Are you the only one who doesn’t fear death? Ask in the f*cking general
channel which soldier is afraid of dying! Do you want to pretend to be a hero? You want to shoot, huh?
Do you think that you’re the only f*cking one who feels frustrated? I’m even more frustrated that you!
“But what do you want to do? Do you want all the soldiers in the garrison and everyone in Kransbay to
accompany you to your grave? Can you only prove your determination and dignity by destroying this
entire city?”

The man tossed Darius, who was sobbing his heart out, onto the icy ground of the rooftop.

Choking through his tears, the man instructed via the communication device, “Everyone, listen up!
Manage your soldiers well. Our mission is to stop Wolver Army from attacking the commoners. As long
as those b*stards don’t touch them, you’re not allowed to shoot even if they bump into you. I know that
all of you don’t admit defeat! None of us in the garrison does. But you must be discerning of our reality.
Once we anger those cultivators from Grandmaster Realm, it’ll be impossible for us to stop them from
harming the commoners. You can see this mission as eating a fly. No matter how disgusting it is or how
reluctant you are, you must force yourself to swallow it! In war, there is no space for an individual’s
heroism. What’s important is the outcome!”

Although no one responded to him via the communication device, he knew that all of his subordinates
had heard him.

Faced with a task like this, no one could shout that they had received the order, nor could they respond
in any other way. They did not have the confidence to do so. Perhaps, they also did not wish to take on
such a task.

However, since they were soldiers, all they could do was carry out the orders.

Standing at the top of the building, the man glanced at the brightening sky in the eastern direction. He
toggled the channels on the communication device.

“Commander, the first batch of Wolver Army has passed through the main city area of Kransbay.
Please prepare all the relevant defenses.”

“Got it. All of you are doing a good job. Continue defending the city!”

A cold voice sounded through the communication device before silence ensued.

Eclipse Army’s missile base was located in a forest a hundred kilometers north of Kransbay.

Eclipse Army was a modern missile unit that could engage in battle in many different ways.

However, it contained many missiles that could not be transported alongside the main army. Some
strategic missiles had to stay dormant in launching sites.

The base at Kransbay was one of the main bases of Eclipse Army.

During a normal war, Eclipse Army could easily become a mobile artillery troop at the back, making it
impossible for the enemy to ascertain its location.

However, faced with Wolver Army from Remdik, it would be harder to defend Eclipse Army if it were to
transform into a mobile artillery troop.

No matter how fast the vehicles could go, they would only become the enemy’s prey when confronted
by Wolver Army, whose cultivation in Grandmaster Realm allowed them to move rapidly.

In such a situation, Hayes’ strategic arrangement was to tighten defenses and leverage the artillery for

On the top of a mountain near Eclipse Army base at Kransbay, a man with a gruesome scar on his
neck looked into a pair of binoculars.

The person was none other than Zachary, the general of Guardian Army and a cultivator at the middle
phase of Grandmaster Realm.

Meanwhile, a smaller figure was hugging a rifle and resting beside Zachary.

“Someone’s coming, Rebecca,” informed Zachary calmly as he peered through the binoculars.

As a member of Xiara, who was consistently ranked ninth in the Dark Web’s ranking of assassins,
Rebecca had never stopped her daily cultivation even after pledging loyalty to Jonathan.

After all, she had a lot of cultivation resources after the Blackwood family managed to get its hands on
a thousand and five hundred tons of broken spirit stones.

As a mortal, Rebecca still managed to become a cultivator with Zachary’s help.

Although Rebecca was only at her natural cultivation level, the additional spiritual energy was able to
significantly amplify her assassination technique.

She whirled around, grabbed her rifle, and peered through the scope calmly.

“Distance is two thousand and five hundred meters away. The wind is blowing in the northwest
direction. The speed’s three-and-a-half meters every second. Thirty degrees away. Snow’s falling. Five-
point adjustment downward. Three-point adjustment to the left.”

She held her breath.


As the first rays of the sun appeared, the sounds of the rifle resonated across the mountains.

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