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-Following Hayes’ command, the entire Eclipse Army proceeded to
make rapid adjustments, and its strategy department continuously gathered information on the
locations of a series of targets from the Intelligence Bureau.

As a missile unit capable of carrying out strikes with utmost precision and accuracy, they had never
received such an easy mission.

During the confrontation between Hayes and Avery, the skies above Remdik’s army and Eastern Army
were strangely quiet. Instead, it was the already dangerous area spanning fifty kilometers that became
a veritable hell on earth.

Data on the battle was transmitted back to the Remdikian army’s combat command headquarters in
real time.

They had completed their first wave of carpet bombing. According to their plan, the werewolves should
have followed the trail of destruction and advanced toward Eastern Allied Army.

However, they saw that Eastern Army had started bombarding their own landmines as though in a
frenzy. On top of that, Hayes had also marked out Wolver Army’s predicted location based on
information he had gathered previously, and it was now Eclipse Army’s primary point of attack.

This time, Remdik had mobilized close to four hundred werewolves. Although that was a large number,
the distance of the buffer zone between the two opposing military forces was at least a hundred and
fifty miles. Hence, releasing four hundred people into such a large expanse was akin to dropping a
grain of sand into the ocean, and therein lay the problem.

If they were to split up Wolver Army and allow them to roam freely, it would mean missing an
opportunity to attack. However, the werewolves could move about in smaller groups, thus making it
harder for Eastern Army to plan their defense.

In the end, even a meticulous commander like Avery could not escape the Remdikian military’s habit of
employing flexible battle tactics.

Instead of instructing the werewolves to try and dodge the bombardment, he had them wait at River
Onxy’s northern bank until the missile attacks ceased before launching a large-scale invasion.

Unfortunately, one point of consideration slipped his mind, which was that Eastern Army’s missile unit
was not only capable of defense.

Since the purpose of Remdik’s carpet bombing strategy was to ensure Wolver Army could pass
through safely, naturally, that meant the werewolves had to be on the edge of the line of fire. In doing
so, they had clearly given away Wolver Army’s location to Hayes and the others.

In fact, it did not even matter if Hayes and the others were unsure of Wolver Army’s exact location.
Since they had enough ammunition, they could take a leaf out of the Remdikian military’s book and
blow up the entire stretch from the Onxy’s northern bank of River Onxy to where Remdik’s army was

Hence, things appeared bleak for Wolver Army.

To the average human or even ordinary cultivators, the werewolves were practically invincible.
However, up against the terrifying destructive power of short-range missiles, the werewolves’ spirit
shields and so-called mighty physique were as fragile as glass.

By the time Remdik’s radar system detected the missiles’ real targets, it was too late for the
werewolves to run.

If it were only one missile, they could have dodged it if they moved quickly enough. However, what
were they supposed to do when everywhere within a radius of several dozen miles was being bombed?

None of their cultivation levels mattered at such a time as the dense shower of bombs that fell easily
ripped apart everything on the ground.

After that first round of bombing, Remdik’s headquarters received the first batch of reports on their
casualties—ninety-eight confirmed werewolf deaths while another thirty were missing or incapacitated.

Just like that, the nearly four-hundred-strong troop lost over a hundred and forty of its warriors before it
had even stepped foot into Chanaea.

The fact that they were all Grandmaster Realm cultivators made such a loss incredibly devastating, to
say the least.

Aidan gave a cold snort and asked Avery, “So, this is what you intended with that strategy of yours?”

Avery did not appear the least bit flustered. “What’s that? Are you saying the Chanaeans wouldn’t have
dropped a barrage of missiles if we stuck to your aggressive method of attack?”

“You…” Aidan was rendered speechless by Avery’s reply. He opened his mouth but could not think of a
good comeback.

Shooting Aidan a contemptuous glance, Avery continued, “Shut it, you brainless monkey. I’m taking
over the mess you created and picking up after you. This method has kept the extent of our losses to a
minimum. Had we used your method, it’d have been a miracle if even a hundred out of the four
hundred of them managed to survive.”

In truth, Avery was holding back his true thoughts with that response. The deaths of over a hundred
werewolf warriors were because he had grossly underestimated Chanaea. After all, it had been ages
since any country or force had taken the initiative to launch an attack on the behemoth power that was

Staring at the various markers on the screen, he uttered coldly, “Send word that all the werewolves in
Doveston are to head toward the rear of Eastern Army and gather there at all costs. Eastern Army has
stationed its main force in the north, so there can’t be many of them guarding Eclipse Army. Moreover,
Eclipse Army can’t possibly keep up an endless artillery barrage. They’ll surely give up after three
rounds of carpet bombing at most. After all, only we have the data on our casualties. Chanaea may
have their predictions, but they don’t know whether their attacks are actually effective. Since it’d be
meaningless to continue striking blindly, they’ll definitely stop their attacks temporarily.”

Sweat beaded Avery’s forehead. I’m now Remdik’s commander-in-chief. If I make an error in judgment,
I’ll risk endangering the lives of the three hundred werewolf warriors in Doveston and the other two
hundred werewolves attacking at the front. No commander could possibly bear the responsibility of
having the blood of nearly seven hundred Grandmasters on their hands.

As he continued to issue commands, more and more information was relayed to their headquarters.

Finally, after about an hour, they received another alert from the radar monitoring system.

Eastern Army’s missiles had switched direction, but their target was still the Remdikian troops!

Upon hearing that, Avery slammed his hands on the table and sprang to his feet. “I knew it! They’re
unaware of the extent of our casualties and have shifted their focus to attack the troops we assembled.
Notify Wolver Army to move out in full force and attack both flanks from the north and south. They are
to do whatever it takes to destroy Eastern Allied Army!”

After he gave that command, werewolves started emerging quietly from the ground along River Onxy’s
northern bank.

Although no anti-aircraft fortifications had been built, with their skills as Grandmaster Realm warriors,
digging a thirty-meter-deep hole to take cover in could not have been easier.

In the remaining darkness before dawn, the werewolf warriors activated their spirit shields and started
heading toward the southern side of the riverbank again.

Meanwhile, looming figures also moved through the streets of Kransbay without a sound, running
swiftly northward.

They were the werewolves who had infiltrated Eshistan, and their only goal for the second stage of
their attack was to obliterate Eclipse Army’s missile launch base, which was also the location of the
army’s base camp!

One after another, the werewolves made their way silently through the city like Grim Reapers.

Kransbay and River Onxy were only seven hundred miles apart, and such a distance was even more
insignificant in a war.

The citizens stayed up all night, standing at their windows and looking to the north.

Many of them caught sight of the werewolves’ silhouettes slipping by under the streetlights, but all they
could do was watch.

As for the werewolves, they did not even linger for a moment. After all, those ordinary mortals were as
insignificant as ants in their eyes. As long as they defeated Eastern Allied Army, the mortals would not
be a threat to them, regardless of their numbers.

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