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-Hayes had spent three months meticulously devising a plan for a
one-hundred-meter area, much like a skilled fisherman preparing to reel in a big catch.

However, to his dismay, the fish—in this case, the Remdikian cultivators—suddenly changed their
course, rendering all his efforts futile.

One could imagine how disappointed he was.

Hades furrowed his brows as he stared at the monitor.

“Are they afraid because of the casualties and chose to use a different route instead?” he asked.

Hearing his question, Hayes shook his head. “That’s highly unlikely. Even if the enemies chose to
bypass the fifty-mile landmine area, they would have to traverse through swamps and other natural
hazards, which would add to their time in the battle. And even if the cultivators were capable of ignoring
the risk, it would still delay their arrival at the battlefield. In that case, the previous plan of bombing
everything in sight would lose its meaning. We could’ve used the extra time to raid the cultivators who
sneaked into Eshistan. But that isn’t what Remdik wants to see since it’s not easy to send so many
men to the battlefield.”

Hayes scrunched up his brows and turned to look at the screen.

“This isn’t right. The Remdikian cultivators shouldn’t be retreating at this moment!” He sounded

During the course of the battle, Eastern Army held multiple meetings before settling on its current
defense strategy.

In terms of both the number of cultivators and soldiers, Eastern Army was inferior to Remdik.

Therefore, Asura’s Office deemed this defense battle as crucial and placed great importance on it.

The situation on the battlefield was always changing and unpredictable, and it was impossible to follow
the prepared plan entirely.

However, at the very least, there should be a general logic behind the plan.

For instance, it would be illogical to send mortal soldiers to the front lines as that would be putting them
in harm’s way. Therefore, it was clear that Wolver Army would be the ones at the forefront of the battle.

However, the front-line troops of Wolver Army suddenly halted their charge, leaving Eastern Army’s
tactic useless. It was unclear what their enemy was planning.

Naturally, Hayes was flustered.

Hades’ expression was grim as he racked his brains, trying to figure out the Remdikian army’s next
move. Right then, a machine gunner raised his head in confusion.

“Eh? Why isn’t it booming anymore?”

Hayes turned to look at him. “What do you mean by that?”

Hearing that, the machine gunner quickly got up and saluted Hayes.

“Sir! I was trying to convey that it looked like Remdik has reduced the frequency of their missile


Both Hayes and Hades shared a look before looking up at the night sky behind them.

After getting attacked for over two hours, they had already gotten used to the thunderous booms in the
sky above them.

Now, the continuous booming sounds had died down, and even the air defense network wasn’t making
any sounds.

The online-controlled air defense network was capable of detecting missiles in the air and intercepting
them by firing at them.

The calmness on the battlefield and the absence of significant casualties suggested only one possibility
—Remdik had halted their attacks.

“What the h*ll is Remdik up to?” Hayes was utterly confused.

Before he could realize what was going on, a huge red exclamation mark appeared on the screen of
his laptop.

At the same time, the detectors on the map started to go out.

“Sir!” A Superior Realm military intelligence officer landed on the ground in front of them.

“Sir, we detected Remdik’s missiles attacking our defense area…”

As he spoke, he ran to them and clicked on the screen quickly.

Shortly thereafter, both men observed numerous red dots that symbolized missiles flying over River
Onxy and into Chanaea’s territory.

This time, the enemy wasn’t aiming at the Eastern Allied Army’s base; rather, they were targeting the
fifty-mile-wide defensive region.

“They are clearing out the landmine area!” Hades declared icily.

Something occurred to him as he quickly said, “Hayes, please inform everyone at the northern defense
line to take shelter in the underground bunker we dug earlier. They could be in danger of a carpet

Hayes quickly snapped back to his senses and relayed the order to his soldiers.

Since the enemy’s objective was to clear a path using missiles, they wouldn’t create a narrow path as
that would put Wolver Army at risk of being targeted by Eastern Army.

Instead, they would likely launch a carpet bombing near the northern defense line to eliminate all the
landmines and allow Wolver Army to do what they do best.

That region was situated at the border of Eastern Allied Army, and although it was within the air
defense network’s range, it might not be able to withstand a massive attack.

Everyone had to conceal themselves.

Following Hayes’ order, every unit at the northern border quickly retreated south.

The remaining troops which were designated to be on the front-line sought shelter in the recently
constructed underground bunker.

Five minutes later, the alarm rang once more.

Numerous explosions reverberated, and it seemed as though the ground was on the verge of being

In the narrow underground passage, Hayes brushed off the dust that fell on his head.

“D*mn it! Remdik must’ve gotten themselves a new commander. Aidan isn’t smart enough to do this!”
he declared.

Hayes was not just spouting nonsense out of anger. Prior to their strategic meetings, they conducted
an analysis not only of the military officials and weapons of both sides but also of the enemy
commander’s personality and battle style. Furthermore, they also considered the enemy commander’s
favorite food, drinks, and preferred type of women.

It was clear that Aidan wasn’t smart enough to devise such a smart plan.

“Let’s just wait,” Hades said calmly as he shut his eyes.

“They are using missiles to advance into our territory, which means that their front-line troops are still
Wolver Army. Our arrangements were correct. I don’t believe they will continue the carpet bombing
once Wolver Army arrives. As long as they stop firing, we will return to our base. We will be back to
square one, the only difference being that the landmines won’t cause severe injuries to Wolver Army.”

Right after he spoke, Hayes picked up his communication device.

“F*ck it! There isn’t any difference! They changed the target of their missiles, right? I can also do the
same thing!

He roared, “Attention Eclipse Army! This is Hayes Yeager, commander-in-chief of Eastern Allied Army. I
am ordering you to redirect your fire. Work with the information department and target the landmine
area in front of me. Conduct a carpet-bombing operation in the area that spans fifty miles wide and one
hundred miles long!”

After receiving their acknowledgment, Hayes glanced at the laptop in his hands, clenching his jaw

“D*mn it! Come on, then. No one will get to leave this area alive!”

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