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The Legendary Man Chapter 1057

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-Avery’s voice was loud.

He was prepared to be used by Ivanov and stopped holding back.

Aidan’s eyes twitched when he heard Avery’s words, but he soon let out an icy snort.

“Realizing it is one thing, but could they really place highly sensitive landmines across a one-hundred-
kilometer radius?”

Avery sneered, “Why bother with expensive, highly sensitive landmines? If their goal is to target
Grandmaster Realm cultivators, they can simply set up a chain explosion. If one cultivator triggers a
landmine, multiple landmines will be detonated too. No matter how fast our warriors are, they won’t be
able to escape a hundred-kilometer radius in the blink of an eye.”

Hearing that, Aidan, Vicador, and the rest gasped in horror.

Indeed, landmines could be used for vastly different purposes.

There was no need to place them close to each other. One would only have to calculate the distance
traveled by cultivators and place them around thirty to forty meters apart.

Once a cultivator steps on a landmine, the rest of the landmines in the vicinity of several dozen meters
would detonate simultaneously. This could potentially result in other cultivators being caught in the

Remdik boasted itself as the world’s leading military power, with its weapons and cultivators ranking
among the best in the world.

The most terrifying aspect was that even the ordinary cultivators, whether strong or weak, would obey
the tsar’s commands during critical moments.

No other country in the world could achieve that.

Jetroina’s government and their Saint Emperor were affiliated with different factions, whereas the
religious faction in the West Region consisted mostly of high-level cultivators.

Even in Anglandur, which was known as the most inclusive and hopeful country in the world, each state
practiced its own set of laws.

The countries in the West Epea Alliance were often divided and lacked unity as each nation was
primarily concerned with their individual interests and gains.

Chanaea might be feared by the world for its power, but the eight respectable families and secret sects
didn’t even bother sending their cultivators to fight in the battle of River Onxy.

Wilbur’s seven hundred thousand soldiers remained at Yaleview and stopped Asura’s Office’s soldiers
from providing assistance.

In contrast, the soldiers of Remdik were disciplined and fierce, having extensive experience in combat
with their adversaries.

They didn’t bother preparing elaborate plans as they were certain that they would be able to defeat
their enemies as long as their formations were in place.

Placing a series of landmines was a simple and effective way. Despite being aware of this plan, they
had never given it any serious consideration.

Everyone fell silent upon hearing Avery’s words.

Perhaps due to their long-standing dominance in the military field, they might have overlooked many
battle tactics.

Chanaea was now reminding them that this battle was entirely different.

“Avery, I must say that I admire your military skills.” Ivanov eventually spoke up as the silence lingered.

Avery gazed at Ivanov, recognizing the glimmer in the latter’s eyes. He understood that Ivanov was
being truthful and genuine in his admiration for him.

However, Avery also knew that Ivanov wouldn’t spare his life.

He couldn’t help but wish that he were part of Ivanov’s faction.

They exchanged a look and immediately recognized each other’s intent.

Ivanov spoke again. “You’ve made some valid points, but what is your plan? We cannot forget that it’s
not just a battle between the Eastern War Zone and Chanaea but between Remdik and Chanaea. We
cannot afford to lose, understand?”

Avery shot Ivanov a firm nod.

He paused for a moment, considering his response. “After the battle at River Onxy seven years ago,
Medved Army and Eastern Army upgraded their air defense network. So if our enemy uses
cannonballs, they won’t be able to cause many casualties. Similarly, I believe our missiles won’t be
able to cause many casualties to Eastern Army too. My suggestion is for Wolver Army to retreat to the
north of River Onxy and for the missile team to stop bombing Eastern Army. Instead, we should focus
on receding attacks targeting the north of River Onxy. Using our cannonballs, we can create a path for
Wolver Army to advance. This will be cheaper than using modified soldiers to create their own path,
and the path should be heading south in a cone shape.”

As Avery spoke, he completely dismissed the gap between both the eastern and western war zones,
including his own army.

Right now, he was a core commander of Remdik.

Getting to his feet, Avery went to the huge screen and drew a cone shape south of River Onxy.

“Chanaea’s army will attempt to eliminate Wolver Army from afar. Typically, a sniper rifle can accurately
shoot up to two thousand and five hundred meters, but we should factor in some additional range in
case Eastern Army has surprises in store. Eastern Army’s defense line is located a hundred miles to
the south. We’ll cut our way through their army for the initial eighty miles and then use artillery fire in all
directions to eliminate any remaining traps for the last twenty miles. The success of our plan will
depend on the skills of our modified soldiers.”

After revealing his plan with a frown, Avery turned to look at Ivanov.

“Sir, at this moment, this is the best plan I can present to you. I am unable to devise any other tactics
as I don’t have the necessary feedback information from the frontline,” he added.

“That’s good enough.” Ivanov gave him a pleased nod before turning to look at the rest.

“I have an announcement to make. From now on, Avery will replace Aidan as the commander-in-chief
of the battle. Aidan, you’ll be assisting Avery in carrying out his commands. Don’t cause any trouble for
me, get it?”

Aidan was naturally pissed to hear that the new commander-in-chief was now Avery.

He wanted to protest, but Ivanov’s gaze told him that he had lost the right to negotiate his terms.

Ivanov was prepared to get rid of him.

However, Aidan had no other choice. Ivanov held significant power in Remdik, second only to the tsar
himself. The forces that stood behind him, coupled with his cultivation level in Divine Realm, made him

a force to be reckoned with.

Aidan gazed at Avery and quietly sat aside, taking out his communication device.

“Attention, everyone. Avery is now the new commander-in-chief. Please cooperate with him fully.
Anyone who disobeys his orders will be considered a traitor.”

At the northern defense line of the United Legion of River Onxy, Hades and Hayes were staring at a
map in their hands as they paid full attention to the battle ahead of them.

As Avery had suspected, Hayes had ordered the placement of landmines across several hundred
meters of land to the south of River Onxy.

In addition, he had deployed thousands of detectors to track the movement of the Remdikian cultivators
once they crossed the river.

Now, the little red dots that represented the Remdikian cultivators were disappearing quickly and
retreating to the north of River Onxy.

The sight of Wolver Army disappearing caused a flicker of anxiety to appear in Hayes’ eyes.

“What the h*ll are they up to?”

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