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The Legendary Man Chapter 1056

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-“Stop advancing? Are you kidding me?”

Aidan carefully glanced at Ivanov in front of him while shouting loudly into the communication device.

“Keep moving forward. You’re cultivators, so your speed is fast enough to reach a safe position before
the landmines explode! Have the modified warriors spread out in formation. Don’t follow each other too
closely to avoid injuring those behind.”

Aidan’s mind was racing.

The strategic plan of Eastern Army had been prepared for over a year.

If the modified warrior troop were blocked just after crossing River Onxy, it would completely disrupt the
subsequent arrangements.

After all, using the modified warriors to tear apart the entire Eastern Allied Army was the most crucial
part of the plan.

If these modified warriors couldn’t enter the main battlefield as originally planned, all the werewolf
warriors leisurely strolling in Chanaea’s Eshistan would be in great danger of being slain by the
cultivators of Eastern Army.

According to estimates, even though Eastern Army’s Grandmaster Realm cultivators couldn’t compete
against Remdik’s Wolver Army, they had more than enough power to deal with the modified warriors
sent for infiltration.

Just as the commander on the other end of the communication device was preparing to adjust the
Wolver Army’s advancing formation, Ivanov spoke up calmly.

“Aidan, are you actually proposing the use of a human wave attack by sending our highly trained
werewolf warriors directly into the minefields and sacrificing them?”


Aidan was startled by the sudden question.

He knew that Ivanov was about to make a move against him.

If he couldn’t command this battle successfully, at the very least, he would be stripped of his position as
the chief of Medved Army.

If he made a significant mistake, Ivanov might even take disciplinary action against him.

“Mr. Ivanov, how could I have such thoughts? I simply have faith in our warriors…”

Before Aidan could finish his words, Ivanov shifted his gaze to Avery in the corner.

“Avery, you’ve rarely expressed your opinions on this strategy. As a commander personally promoted
by the tsar, your commanding skills are exceptional. Just now, you even predicted Eastern Army’s
defensive measures accurately. I believe you already have countermeasures in mind. Why not share
them with us?”

As Ivanov spoke, all the cultivators in the meeting room turned their eyes toward Avery.

Avery had been casually peeling a fig, preparing to witness Aidan making a fool of himself.

But he didn’t expect Ivanov to suddenly turn the tables on him with just a few words.

Unlike Aidan, Avery was brave but reckless. He often acted impulsively.

He was lucky that he was living in the military society of Remdik. If he were in Chanaea, he would not
be able to become a King of War even if he was a God Realm cultivator. Instead, he could only achieve
the level of a high-level fighter at most.

As everyone’s gaze fell upon Avery, he glanced at Ivanov, who appeared composed. After a brief
thought, he understood Ivanov’s intentions.

Ivanov wasn’t targeting him; he was using him against Aidan!

Being a pawn deployed in Eastern War Zone by the tsar, Avery naturally grasped the situation.

Although Aidan lacked competence, he was extremely loyal to Ivanov.

While Ivanov might have targeted Aidan because of the incident involving Antoine, taking direct action
against Aidan would unquestionably shock and upset those who support him.

But Avery, who didn’t belong to Ivanov’s faction at all, was perfect for this role.

He could elevate himself, undermine Aidan, and then seize any excuse available to eliminate the latter.

Ivanov’s group of God Realm cultivators could then blame Aidan’s downfall entirely to him.

Well, well, well, this old geezer’s move is quite clever.

Despite understanding Ivanov’s motive, Avery had no option but to go along with it.

After all, he was already a misfit in Eastern War Zone where he was completely different from these

Avery was caught up in the heat of the moment when he unintentionally revealed Eastern Army’s
defensive strategy while rebutting Aidan. If he couldn’t come up with a solution now, Ivanov would
undoubtedly use it against him.

Even if he genuinely had no solution, saying so would make matters worse.

Once Ivanov went to the tsar and claimed that Avery had a solution but kept it to himself to protect his
influence, the tsar wouldn’t be lenient toward Avery even if there was no evidence.

After all, regardless of which war zone these werewolf warriors belonged to, they still served Remdik
and the tsar.

Avery couldn’t simply watch as the werewolf warriors perished on the battlefield. Moreover, the tsar
wouldn’t let him off the hook.

Lost in his thoughts, Avery’s face reflected deep regret and dejection.

Despite knowing it was a trap, he had no choice but to step into it.

Placing the fig he had been holding on the table, Avery looked at Aidan with cold eyes.

“The method you mentioned is completely impractical,” he said to Aidan faintly, his tone filled with

Aidan angrily kicked his chair and strode toward Avery.

This battle was of utmost importance to Aidan.

If he managed to crush Eastern Army according to the planned strategy, he would become a hero.

Ivanov wouldn’t likely pursue Antoine’s matter further with him then.

Aidan believed that if he demonstrated loyalty, Ivanov would probably spare him.

However, it had only been a little over two hours since the war had begun, and Avery had repeatedly
challenged Aidan’s strategy.

In Aidan’s view, Avery was clearly trying to sabotage him and push him to his demise.

“Avery! I know we’ve never gotten along and have always fought with each other. But this is war! Let
me ask you, which part of my strategy do you think won’t work? We all came from Grandmaster Realm.
Don’t you know whether a Grandmaster Realm cultivator can evade a triggered mine before it
explodes? If you can’t point out which part of my plan won’t work today, I’ll kill you even in the presence
of Mr. Ivanov!”

Aidan’s anger had reached its peak, and if it hadn’t been for Ivanov sitting nearby, he would have likely
attacked Avery already.

Seeing Aidan in such an agitated state, Avery extended his hand to lightly touch Aidan’s chest, pushing
him aside.

“There’s no need to speak so loudly; I’m not deaf,” Avery remarked, wiping off the specks of saliva that
Aidan had inadvertently sprayed on his cheek. Then, with disdain, he wiped his hand clean.

“Just as you said, we’ve all come from Grandmaster Realm, so we know just how fast Grandmaster
Realm cultivators can be. But have you ever considered that maybe others also know what you know?
Do you think Eastern Army’s commander across the river has no idea that the triggered mines won’t kill
the werewolf warriors? What do you think is in his mind? Do you think his mind is filled with nothing but
rubbish like yours?”

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