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The Legendary Man Chapter 1051

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-“Hayes?” Joshua was startled upon hearing Hayes’ voice. “Isn’t
Prince of Diyouli Karl?”

“Karl was executed by Asura because of what happened in Mysonna,” answered Hayes plainly. “Now,
I’m in charge of everything in Eastern Army.”

Joshua was shocked to learn Karl was executed. Even a Grandmaster Realm cultivator is a precious,
vital member of an organization. Additionally, Jonathan and Karl are the only God Realm cultivators in
the entire Asura’s Office. If it were up to me, there’s no way I would’ve executed him for any
wrongdoing because of how powerful he is. I would’ve found a way to make him submit to me so I
could use him. Yet, Jonathan killed him. I know there’s no way he executed Karl impulsively. After all,
he’s the man who built the strongest organization in Chanaea in three years, capable of putting up a
fight against the eight respectable families. There’s no doubt he must’ve weighed the pros and cons of
doing so beforehand. I must admit, this new information has increased my admiration for him.

He didn’t spend too much time dwelling on that matter. Instead, he directly explained Remdik’s battle
plan to Hayes in detail.

As Hayes stared at the organized intel on the table, he gritted his teeth. “We know about these already.
What I don’t understand is why they haven’t launched a large-scale attack if they’ve already begun their
destruction. After all, if both of their forces had attacked at the same time, we wouldn’t be able to stop

Joshua was slightly taken aback before he asked anxiously, “How many locations that you know of
have been taken by Remdik?”

“Three states and key transportation hubs in twenty-four urban areas. In total, over a hundred…”
Furrowing his eyebrows, Hayes read the information in his hand.

Hades, who was standing at the side, had also fallen into deep thought. After listening to what Joshua
said on the call, I thought of many possibilities. Joshua might’ve planned the destruction of the
infrastructure or he had always been in contact with Tiger. However, based on their current
conversation, there’s no way Joshua had any connection to what happened or have anything to do with
Eastern Army. In that case, what we need to figure out right now is Remdik’s intentions as soon as

After Hayes shared some intel with Joshua, the latter remained silent.

It wasn’t until more than ten seconds later that Joshua spoke again anxiously. “More than one hundred
and ten… How many people have you sent to investigate those locations, Hayes?”

His words were like a lightning bolt striking Hayes’ and Hades’ minds.

“Crap! It’s a diversion tactic!” Hayes slapped his head, grabbed the communication device sitting next
to him, and roared into it. “I want everyone who was sent out back to the base right now! Summon all of
them back! The war’s about to start!”

The Remdikian’s plan was so simple that even a ten-year-old could figure it out. Yet, it slipped past
Hayes’ and Hades’ attention because of how elementary it was.

Their plan to infiltrate the enemy’s state and destroy the infrastructure was an apparent scheme to
isolate Eastern Army, preventing it from receiving any reinforcements or supplies.

However, if that were truly the case, then it would’ve been better for Remdik to launch a large-scale
invasion at the same time. That way, Eastern Army would be stuck fighting an uphill battle.

With Eastern Army’s supply route severed, all Remdik needed to do was win the battle of attrition.

As mighty as Eastern Army was, they could only wait for their deaths to arrive once their food and
ammunition ran out.

Even though soldiers without bullets and food were still soldiers, they would only become pointless
sacrifices in the age of firearms.

There was no way their fists could protect themselves from Remdik cannons, after all.

However, in that scenario, Remdik would still suffer significant losses before Eastern Army was
thoroughly defeated.

After all, both forces fought an even match in the battle of River Onxy seven years ago.

In Remdik, Eastern Army was known as the Chanaea wolf.

They knew a creature like that would resort to desperate measures to survive if driven to a corner.

Therefore, cutting off Eastern Army’s supply routes was never Remdik’s true intention.

Instead, what they wanted was to bait Eastern Army to send out Grandmaster Realm cultivators to
restore peace in the other areas. That way, there would be fewer Grandmaster Realm cultivators
stationed in Eastern Army.

At that moment, Hayes had sent out nearly three hundred of the four hundred-plus Alpha Warriors.
Each team was led by a Beta Warrior to help restore order in those areas.

It wosn’t until more thon ten seconds loter thot Joshuo spoke ogoin onxiously. “More thon one hundred
ond ten… How mony people hove you sent to investigote those locotions, Hoyes?”

His words were like o lightning bolt striking Hoyes’ ond Hodes’ minds.

“Crop! It’s o diversion toctic!” Hoyes slopped his heod, grobbed the communicotion device sitting next
to him, ond roored into it. “I wont everyone who wos sent out bock to the bose right now! Summon oll of
them bock! The wor’s obout to stort!”

The Remdikion’s plon wos so simple thot even o ten-yeor-old could figure it out. Yet, it slipped post
Hoyes’ ond Hodes’ ottention becouse of how elementory it wos.

Their plon to infiltrote the enemy’s stote ond destroy the infrostructure wos on opporent scheme to
isolote Eostern Army, preventing it from receiving ony reinforcements or supplies.

However, if thot were truly the cose, then it would’ve been better for Remdik to lounch o lorge-scole
invosion ot the some time. Thot woy, Eostern Army would be stuck fighting on uphill bottle.

With Eostern Army’s supply route severed, oll Remdik needed to do wos win the bottle of ottrition.

As mighty os Eostern Army wos, they could only woit for their deoths to orrive once their food ond
ommunition ron out.

Even though soldiers without bullets ond food were still soldiers, they would only become pointless
socrifices in the oge of fireorms.

There wos no woy their fists could protect themselves from Remdik connons, ofter oll.

However, in thot scenorio, Remdik would still suffer significont losses before Eostern Army wos
thoroughly defeoted.

After oll, both forces fought on even motch in the bottle of River Onxy seven yeors ogo.

In Remdik, Eostern Army wos known os the Chonoeo wolf.

They knew o creoture like thot would resort to desperote meosures to survive if driven to o corner.

Therefore, cutting off Eostern Army’s supply routes wos never Remdik’s true intention.

Insteod, whot they wonted wos to boit Eostern Army to send out Grondmoster Reolm cultivotors to
restore peoce in the other oreos. Thot woy, there would be fewer Grondmoster Reolm cultivotors
stotioned in Eostern Army.

At thot moment, Hoyes hod sent out neorly three hundred of the four hundred-plus Alpho Worriors.
Eoch teom wos led by o Beto Worrior to help restore order in those oreos.

It wasn’t until more than ten seconds later that Joshua spoke again anxiously. “More than one hundred
and ten… How many people have you sent to investigate those locations, Hayes?”

That was Remdik’s true plan.

Once both sides launched short-range missiles, all ordinary soldiers must hide under the air defense

The only people who could move freely during that period were high-level cultivators.

Therefore, if Remdikian cultivators launched an assault while Eastern Army’s cultivators were sent
away during the missile strike…

The outcome was easy to imagine.

At that moment, Hayes paled terribly. I can only hope our Grandmaster Realm cultivators will make it
back before Remdik launches their attack.

Naturally, Remdik wasn’t going to let Hayes resolve the issue that easily after setting up such a
massive scheme.

A few minutes after Hayes issued the order to recall all Grandmaster Realm warriors, an ear-splitting
siren reverberated in the night sky.

“It’s an air strike!” an adjutant shouted as he rushed into the tent.

“Freeze!” Hades affixed the adjutant in the air with spiritual energy.

“Don’t panic!” Hayes roared into the communication device in his hand. “I’m Hayes Yeager, Prince of
Diyouli and the commander-in-chief of Eastern Allied Army! Everyone, follow the protocols and prepare
the air-defense network! Commanding officers, bring your subordinates to the appropriate shelters! Kill
anyone who dares to disobey or intentionally create chaos! Eclipse Army! The target is the Remdikian
army north of River Onxy! Fight back!”

Right after he relayed his order, Eastern Allied Army’s nearly five hundred thousand men began
operating like sophisticated machines to complete their respective tasks.

The intelligence adjutant sat before a computer and began monitoring the real-time radar signals.
“There are ten seconds left until the missiles strike! Nine, eight, seven, six, five…”

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Ear-piercing sounds were heard above the base as Eclipse Army’s missiles flew across the night sky
before Remdik’s arrived.

Soon, the air-defense cannons installed on top of the control tower began firing at the missiles.

At that moment, the sky lit up like a Christmas tree.

Fireworks of death exploded in midair before dawn.

The war had begun.

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