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The Legendary Man Chapter 1054

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-His eyes lost focus.

The military intelligence officer, enveloped by spiritual energy, stood there and passed away.

He had the simplest wish, and that was to return home, yet that could never be realized now.

Looking at the intelligence officer’s young countenance, Hayes reckoned he was at most twenty-three
or twenty-four years old. To be exposed to such high-level intelligence at that young age and be able to
converse directly with me, he could’ve been the top student who had just graduated from a military
academy. Moreover, he must come from an honorable family. His parents might’ve even been part of
the original team that followed the Eight Kings of War. This is Asura’s Office’s rule. After all, even the
slightest delay in relaying such crucial intelligence can affect the entire course of the battle. In other
words, such a person was part of Asura’s Office’s most trustworthy new generation, yet he has been
sacrificed here just like that.

Hayes’ spiritual energy continued to surge as the cold glint in his eyes intensified.

Suddenly, someone placed a hand on Hayes’ shoulder and squeezed hard.

Only after sensing the pain did Hayes regain his senses from being overwhelmed by rage.

“Hades, he’s only in his early twenties. What did he do wrong?” Hayes uttered indifferently.

Hades patted Hayes’ shoulder forcefully. “Is this your first day on the battlefield? There is no right or
wrong on the battlefield, only life and death. We’ve all survived countless wars and witnessed the most
horrible deaths. Don’t make me look down on you. If you are so emotional, I, as Asura’s Office’s person
in charge, will immediately revoke your appointment as Prince of Diyouli.”

Hearing that, Hayes waved his hand. Then, he retrieved the tablet the intelligence officer had been
grasping even until the latter’s death. “Don’t worry. I know how to be a commander, and I know how to

kill these b*stards and let their bodies sink into River Onyx!”

As Hayes spoke, he took a deep breath and put on the communicator.

“Attention, all Eastern Allied Army headquarters. All cultivators, heavy artillery operators, and snipers
are to move to the positions specified in Plan Eight. Detonation teams, prepare to execute the
supplementary strategy in Plan Eight. Every corps prepare to counter the assault of high-level
Remdikian cultivators. All team leaders of Wolver Army, order your werewolf warrior subordinates to
activate the signal markers on them. Everyone must remember the identification markers. Those with
green lights flashing on both shoulders are our allies. If the light is not observable, shoot at sight, even
if the other parties wear our uniform. Executive my orders at once!”

After Hayes relayed the instructions, the entire Eastern Allied Army began operating in haste.

The werewolf warriors were initially deployed to defend against the bombs that penetrated the air
defense network.

However, upon receiving Hayes’ orders, they turned and left without hesitation.

Even with bombs falling above their heads, they wouldn’t spare a glance at the incoming threats.

Obeying orders was every soldier’s duty. Those emotionless Alpha Warriors had perfected that form of

That was also why Remdik required only Alpha Warriors and no longer provided Charleigh with
experimental subjects.

Around two hundred remaining werewolves were gathered at the allied army’s northernmost part outer
defense line, awaiting orders.

Receiving the commands from Beta Warriors, those werewolf warriors tapped the napes of their necks
one after the other.

Subsequently, the two small but bright green lights on both sides of their shoulders lit up.

Those were warning lights connected to the werewolves’ circulatory systems, a masterpiece of

Chanaea only had four hundred werewolf warriors, while Remdik possessed at least two thousand.

Defensively, Chanaea could’ve relied on their saturated coverage of firepower to eliminate Remdik’s
werewolf warriors effectively, but once both sides’ werewolf cultivators became entangled, it would be
impossible to tell which ones were their fighters.

Not only that but even giving orders to those werewolf warriors would also be problematic.

Alpha Warriors lacked subjective cognition. Hence, if they were given orders to kill Remdikian
werewolves, they couldn’t distinguish their targets.

After all, they had merely been transformed into werewolves in appearance, not truly turning into

They couldn’t differentiate between all werewolves by the subtle dissimilarities in their furs.

Therefore, Charleigh created those two disposable identification lights in order to better distinguish the
werewolves and refine the commanding process.

The lights had a unique program setting. Once it couldn’t detect the werewolf warrior’s heartbeat, it
would automatically self-destruct. That way, they could eliminate the possibility of those indicators
being worn by Remdikian werewolves.

Behind the row of green flashing lights, a group of snipers, carefully selected from the eight major
military bases, quickly arrived at their designated areas.

The sniper rifles they carried were all high-powered heavy firearms, having an effective range of one
thousand five hundred to two thousand meters.

The sniper rifles could penetrate even a standard light armored vehicle not to mention a werewolf’s

Moving in between the snipers and werewolf warriors were heavy machine gunners.

That was the last long-range defense line when Remdikian werewolf warriors got close.

Those heavy firearms might not be as powerful as sniper rifles, but their astonishing firing speed could
tear apart everything at close range in a short period.

If one bullet couldn’t get the job done, then one could try a hundred or even a thousand bullets.

The piles of bullets beneath the gunners’ feet and the two assistants assigned to each gunner ensured
all the machine guns could be fired continuously.

At that moment, Hades and Hayes had also arrived at the frontline.

“Once the enemy’s modified soldiers cross River Onxy, the aerial bombardment will become even more
intense to create an optimal offensive condition for them.” Hades frowned at Hayes. “Can your air
defense network hold up?”

“Rest assured,” Hayes replied solemnly. “After two hours of shelling, all the places out of the air
defense network have been demolished. They won’t accomplish much even if they launch a
cannonade. Besides, don’t forget that we still have underground fortifications.”

Hades nodded slightly after hearing that.

“It’s fine as long as you know what you’re doing. The distance between here and River Onyx is merely
a hundred kilometers. Those werewolves are all cultivators in Grandmaster Realm. The first batch of
werewolves should reach here no later than twenty minutes from now.” Hades shut his eyes and

Hayes stood at one side, the ferocity in his eyes peaking. “Come on! Cross River Onxy, and I shall let
them enjoy my hospitality!”

Fifty kilometers north of River Onxy, in the southern part of Redlington, all the core figures of the
eastern warzone, led by Ivanov, were gathered inside a cozy wooden house.

Everyone was staring at the large screen on the wall, which was showing hundreds of blinking red dots
rapidly moving southward, about to cross River Onxy’s boundary.

“Attention, all werewolf officers. As soon as you enter Chanaea’s territory, you must activate defensive
measures!” Aidan instructed his subordinates sternly. “Our first target is Eclipse Army’s missile launch

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