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The Legendary Man Chapter 1055

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-Aidan bellowed his orders at his subordinates.

As an old rival of Eastern Army, Aidan was reluctant to do so, but Eastern Army had instilled a deep
fear in him.

The similar loss of over thirty thousand people in just three days seven years ago had caused him and
Karl different kinds of troubles.

Chanaea’s population was over one billion four hundred million, while Remdik, despite having the
world’s largest land area, had less than one hundred fifty million people.

The difference was especially palpable on the Eastern Epea battlefield created deliberately by the
Anglandur and Western Epea alliance.

Although there had been no major action on the Eastern Epea battlefield for so many years, it was
constantly consuming Remdik’s warriors.

It took Aidan three years to replenish the loss of over thirty thousand people, while Eastern Army was
able to do so in just one month!

Such terrifying speed was difficult for any country in the world to achieve.

The only way to prevent history from repeating itself was to completely destroy the missile launch base
of Eclipse Army that was under the command of Eastern Army.

According to Aidan’s assessment, as long as Eclipse Army could not launch their missiles and had to
rely on ground combat, Remdik’s Eastern Allied Army which consisted of nearly a thousand werewolf
cultivators could easily crush Eastern Army.

At this moment, not only were the werewolf warriors located north of the River Onxy visible on the
screen but also hundreds of red dots that were swiftly advancing northward on the southern front of

These were the werewolf soldiers who were previously sent to block the Eshistan supply network. Their
mission was completed, and they were now turning around to execute the second phase of the

The second phase required them to sneak into Eastern Army’s rear and find the missile base to destroy

Watching the red dots on the strategic map constantly moving, Aidan smiled.

He turned to Ivanov and grinned while saying, “Mr. Ivanov, now that Jonathan’s Cor has been broken,
Asura’s Office no longer poses any threat. Even if Charleigh is still alive, they cannot form a new
Wolver Army that can fight us in such a short amount of time. As long as we take out Eastern Army’s
missile base, we can completely crush them with our werewolf warriors.”

Aidan’s words and expression at the moment were as if he had already seen the victory of the Remdik
army in his mind.

This immediately drew a sneer from Avery next to him.

As the commander of Arctic Army, Avery was the only misfit in the entire Eastern War Zone.

Unlike others, he openly declared himself as a confidant of the tsar faction and did not belong to
Ivanov’s group.

Ivanov couldn’t take any action against Avery as he lacked the ability to compete with the tsar faction.

He dared to keep Avery idle and assign the latter to guard the uneventful Arctic Army base, but he
didn’t dare use an excuse to refuse Avery’s entry into Eastern War Zone.

Avery’s role was like a symbolic challenge in human form.

Even though Ivanov knew the tsar had sent this man to monitor and vex him, he could only indulge
Avery with good food and drinks to display loyalty toward the tsar.

However, the death of his grandson, Antoine, in the previous incident had completely enraged Ivanov.

The Collins family now knew about this matter and had sent people to investigate Ivanov’s family.

But Ivanov knew that Avery was likely the cause of Antoine’s death.

If it weren’t for Avery and Aidan’s clash that day, they could have easily saved Antoine before Jonathan

Ivanov initially wanted to kill Avery to vent his anger, but he understood that Avery was just a pawn.

Avery wouldn’t dare to act this way without the tsar’s orders.

So, Ivanov had no choice but to exercise restraint.

Aidan noticed the displeasure in his immediate superior and coldly snorted while casting a glance at

“Avery, for heaven’s sake, stop being so difficult. Is there anything I said that was incorrect? Or do you
believe that our forces have no hope of prevailing against Eastern Army?”

Avery disdainfully tossed the sausage he was holding onto the table and nonchalantly clapped his

“Aidan, I’ve told you countless times that you lack common sense but you are not convinced. Since you
acknowledge that Charleigh is likely still alive, don’t you think the people of Chanaea are also aware of
the werewolf warriors’ nature? Do you assume that cultivators possess limitless capabilities? Just take
a look at your troop deployment. You’re asking the werewolf warriors to charge across River Onxy. Do
you genuinely believe it will make them look more powerful and impressive? No, you’re simply inviting

As Avery spoke, he pointed toward the southern direction of River Onxy.

“The terrain gradually opens up south of River Onxy. If I were in a defensive position, I would
strategically place landmines along the werewolf warriors’ anticipated path. These werewolf soldiers
are nothing more than unwitting machines marching toward their demise. At least half of the warriors
will be obliterated even before they reach Eastern Army!”

Upon hearing Avery’s derisive comments, Aidan abruptly rose from his seat while slamming his hands
on the table.

“Avery! Quit talking nonsense…”

Before Aidan could finish his sentence, a cold snort emanated from the front.

Looking up, he saw it was Ivanov who had expressed his disapproval.

“Sir, he…” Aidan attempted to continue, but Ivanov’s piercing gaze left him speechless.

Ever since Aidan failed to save Antoine, Ivanov had been keeping a vigilant eye on him.

Even though they hadn’t made a move against him so far, Aidan understood that the day would
eventually come.

That was why he took advantage of every opportunity that came his way to prove himself with the hope
of minimizing any future negative consequences.

Ivanov revealed a slight smile and looked at Avery with a gentle expression.

“Avery, I must say, your ideas are quite insightful. But you have to understand that it is now winter. The
Eastern Army will not only be defending a few kilometers of frontline but an area that spans tens of
kilometers in width and hundreds of kilometers in length. Do you think they have the ability to lay mines
across such a vast area in a matter of months?”

Avery glanced at Ivanov.

Ever since Antoine’s death, there had been no possibility of reconciliation between them.

Previously, their different affiliations hadn’t mattered much to Ivanov and he had closed an eye to
Avery’s actions, but now Avery realized that if the tsar didn’t destroy Ivanov’s family in time, he would
be the first one to die by Ivanov’s hands.

Although both of them knew this deep down, they still maintained a superior-subordinate relationship
on the surface.

Now that Ivanov was questioning him, Avery had to respond even though he was displeased.

Taking a deep breath, Avery calmly said, “I believe they can. Don’t forget that fifty years ago, several
small countries from South Aploth launched an invasion against Chanaea. The minefields on that
border had been laid for fifty years and still hadn’t been cleared.”

Right at that moment, the communication device in front of Aidan chimed as if it was validating Avery’s

“Report to the commander! We’ve crossed the Chanaean border. It’s a minefield, and we have only
traveled less than a kilometer, but nine modified warriors had already been killed! I’ve issued orders to
halt the advance. Should we still continue to advance? We’ll wait for further instructions from the

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